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I don’t want popularity


A short story


Author Sherry






Episode 10



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#Sun_Nim’s POV






Oppa is following me but why?


Maybe he came to do something very important here and I’m just exaggerating. He sat down on a chair behind Do Kyung while facing me. “So what do you think about it Sun Nim?” He asked.


“I think it’s great Do Kyung but you need to give me some time to think about it” I said while still looking at Shin Park who looks restless.


We talked for a while before we decided to leave, I lied to him that I was going somewhere. I started walking alone, it’s so hard to get a cab around here.

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A car stopped in front of me, I looked and saw Oppa, he has even removed his mask.


“Get in” he ordered in a hoarse voice.


I slowly opened the car door and got in quietly, “What were thinking going home on foot?”


I feel so nervous, maybe because his face is dead serious and stern. “That Oppa… I actually wanted to walk a little before getting a taxi”


He kept silent throughout the whole ride, he took me to my house and stopped the car.


I bowed, “Thanks… Good night”


He didn’t say anything, is he mad at me? Please don’t be mad at me.


I got down and bowed again, he opened the door and came out also. He came


towards me, “Let’s go together”




“I want to meet your family, so let’s go” he said.




“You’re not deaf Sun Nim Aish… ” he dragged me right inside the house. My family were about setting dinner and everything was destroyed when we entered, my mother fainted so embarrassing, I palmed my face as my sisters screamed. Shin Park took a long time in calming my family down, he finally managed to explain to them that he’s my boyfriend. More interesting stories




I waved to him as he drove us and went back in, my sisters almost killed me I had to run to my room and shut myself inside.


I can’t stop smiling or daydreaming, I’m Oppa’s official girlfriend. It’s so nice. I’m just scared that his parents will not accept me, I hope they do although this still feels like a dream.


Aish I’m so happy.






#Shin_Park’s POV






I can’t believe I asked her to be my girlfriend for real, I just couldn’t relax knowing that the guy might ask her to be his girlfriend.


I am falling in love with her I’m admitting it, I don’t know how I did it also.


I waited patiently at the living room, soon she came out looking so beautiful. She bowed with a smile even though I can tell she is nervous.


“You look cute” I said, she blushed and looked away.


I held her hand and led her to the car, I’m driving myself to avoid unwanted attention.


After a long while we got to my fathers estate, I drove into our mansion and stopped. I got down and opened the door for her to come down, I can tell she’s really scared and nervous now.



“Hey stop shaking… I’m here so you shouldn’t be scared of anything, I will protect you” I assured her and kissed her, she smiled a little relaxed.


I went inside with her and got a very welcoming hug from my mom, I missed her so much.


“Shin Park my baby boy” she said hugging me, almost choking me.


“Ummm… Mom I’m not a baby” I said disengaging.


She looked over at Sun Nim who bowed, “She’s the one?” “Yes mom”


She smiled and hugged Sun Nim, “Welcome my dear, you’re so pretty” Sun Nim smiled and bowed, my mom is very nice my dad is just the issue. “Come… your father is waiting for us at the dining” she said dragging Sun Nim instead of me.


We got to the dining, my dad was already seated there reading a book. We bowed as soon as he looked up and he gestured is to sit.


He didn’t say much as the maid started serving us, “I heard your father is a fisherman and your mother is a fish trader is that true?”


Sun Nim bowed and nods, who the hell told my father that?


“I also heard you’re bad at keeping secrets and you’re mouth runs a lot…” I dropped my fork.


“Dad who is feeding you with lies?” I asked.


“She didn’t deny it Shin Park, your girlfriend dies and the next person you think of is a poor commoner and home wrecker? When there’s a perfect beautiful woman waiting for you?” Dad said, I looked over at Sun Nim and she has stopped eating with her face down probably crying.


“Shin Woo That’s fine” Mom said.


“No it’s not, think about what the whole world will say about us. Think of how low they’ll speak of us, you want the reputation I’ve been building for years to go into waste? Just because my only son decides to marry a commoner and home wrecker at that?!” Dad yelled.


“I better leave” Sun Nim said and run out, I chased after her and stopped her. “Where do you think you’re going to?”


She’s already crying and it breaks my heart, “You heard him, I shouldn’t be with someone like you. You deserve a better and rich person as the president son… I’m sorry I ever bothered you” she said and ran out ignoring my calls.


I stormed back inside, “Dad you just chased yet another girl from my life, you’re the one who pushed Meera to me and made my girlfriend commit suicide. If she doesn’t come back to me dad, I promise you I’ll be the one to commit suicide now”


“No Shin Park don’t say that” mom begged.


“Since you already have another son mom, then forget about me. I will never come back here if she doesn’t come back to me” I yelled and went out.


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Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



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