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Must Read: Frenemies – Episode 5

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Author Bella©






Chapter Five






✨Gabriella’s Pov✨


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His hands were fixed on my arm and he just wouldn’t let go,it was starting to hurt pretty badly.


“Ethan please,you’re hurting me…I cried out in pain as he soften his grip.


“I have my reasons Gabriella,you can’t fall in love with him…He said staring at me


“Tell me what those reasons are and I’ll consider it…I said as he groaned.


“Don’t be stubborn just don’t do this.



“Sorry Ethan,I want to find true love and if I’m gonna make Aiden fall for me,I might as well make it as believable as possible that I’m in love with him too.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Don’t Gabi.


“Only friends get to call me that.

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“So am what!your enemy.


“You’re not a friend,you’re not an enemy.


“That what am I?.


“I don’t know just keep to the agreement.


“I mean it Gabi.


“Tell me freaking why!…I screamed.


“Because he’s your step brother!..He exclaimed with my tone.


“What!…I exclaimed gulping.


“My last name is Alejandro,he’s is Lucas…I said softly.


“Remember when we would talk online,you told me about your father and I did some digging,I found your dad arrived here 8 years ago and he changed his name got married to Aiden’s mum.


“But what about Aiden?.


“Your dad isn’t Aiden’s dad but they are married,that makes you two related in some way.


“You sick bastard!…I exclaimed angrily.


“How could you not tell me that!.



“You had me making out with my step brother,suggesting I had sex with him,how could you!..I sad on the brink of tears.


“I wanted him to fall for you.


“Hell no!… I’m getting out of this bet first thing tomorrow.


“Gabriella don’t think about Spain.


“I don’t give a about Spain,I feel like a slut,I feel dirty ,I feel so stupid…Aiden’s my step brother…I thought shivering.


“Maybe not by blood but my dad is married to his mum,gosh…I thought nearly crying.


“Mark my words Ethan,you’ll pay I hate you!…I screamed walking out.


“Gabriella ! please…He screamed after me as I walked into my own room ,falling to the floor letting the tears fall.


“I feel dirty,I’m so stupid.


“Stupid…I repeated angrily.


“I’m so stupid ..I said sobbing unable to control myself.


“I’ve did terrible things but I never thought I’d do this,I’m so stupid…I said crying hard as I rushed to the bathroom washing my mouth as images of Aiden kissing me flooded my memories.


“God no…I screamed washing my mouth but I still felt his lips on mine.


“No,no no!…I thought crashing to the floor.


“I need to get out of this bet,I can’t do it anymore …I thought trying to clean the tears from my eyes.



My phone started ringing as I reached over to grab it seeing it was mamá calling. I checked the time and it was 3am here in California which meant it was 11am in spain right now which explains why she was calling.


“Buenos días mamá{Good morning mum}…I said softly sniffling.


“Gabriella are you okay?.


“Yes mamá…I’m fine.


“lo siento{I’m sorry} my dear…She said softly.


“I shouldn’t have sent you away,I want you to know I was never tired of you my dear…She said as I sniffled beginning around round of tears.


“I know mamá…I said thinking if I should tell her about papa.


“I just want you to be successful promise me you’ll study hard and be successful…She said as I nodded even if she couldn’t see me.


“I’ll make you proud mamá…I said softly.


“Adios my hija,te quiero{Goodbye my daughter,I love you}.


“Yo también te queiro mamá{I love you too mum}.


“Adios…I said hanging up taking a deep breathe feeling better.


“I better get some rest since I have classes tomorrow…I thought getting into bed trying hard not to think about what I just did on my first time.






My alarm beeped rapidly as I yawned getting out of bed.



I set the alarm for thirty minutes before classes so I’d have enough time to get myself ready .I jumped out of bed taking my clothes over putting them in the laundry basket,I tied my towel opening my closet searching for what to wear.


Since it was my first day going to class,I picked a simple white shirt and a black trouser.


I set them on my bed,getting into the bathroom as I took a quick shower.


I got out of the bathroom,putting on the clothes as I planned in my head how I would tell Aiden I planned to back out of the bet.


I couldn’t tell him he was my step brother because I wanted to forget he was my step brother too.


I had no idea how to tell him I wanted to back out,I couldn’t even tell him it was Ethan’s doing because they’re best friend and no matter how demented Ethan is I cannot and will not ruin their friendship.


I needed to come up with a way to tell him and fast because it has to be today,I won’t go another day feeling like a complete slut.


I packed my bag with the books I would need for,since I had just three classes it won’t be that hard to get through the day.


I zipped the bag when I heard a knock from my side of the door.


“What Ethan…I said emotionless.


“Can we talk?.


“No am late for class,bye…I said firmly, wearing my bag walking out through my exit.






My phone beeped as I received a text from Ruth saying Donnie was going to drop her off to school and I could use her car.


I jingled the keys getting into her car as I drove to school.


I had to admit if I thought the dorm was big,the school was gigantic.


I checked the school map and I’m amazed,they had everything,a laboratory fir experiments , equipped classes better than what I had back in Spain.


I was at a cross road because I didn’t know if I should really fail myself and get sent back to Spain or give California a chance and graduate as a medical doctor. I parked the car at the parking lot ,stepping out taking a deep breathe.



“College…I whispered softly walking inside.






I had gotten through two classes today and I couldn’t stop smiling.


The teachers were amazing and the students were great,everyone contributed and it made it so much fun.


I knew I was gonna fail myself and get sent back but it was just my second day here and I couldn’t help but enjoy myself.


I checked the timetable for my last class and it was Bio 101.


Using the map,I located the class as others were settling in.


I took a seat at the fourth roll,setting my bag down.


“Hey…Ruth chirped beside me.


“Hey Ruth.


“I guess we have bio together…She said as I chuckled.


“Yeah…I said getting my laptop out.


“Good morning students…A middle aged man said walking in.


“For those of you who are new or those who love to skip classes alot I’m Mr Fred…He said as I smiled paying attention.


“Today is recap day which means I’m gonna be asking alot of questions and I expect answers…He said as I smiled.


“First question…He said facing the projector.




A layer of cells that makes xylem and phloem.




Carries sugar from leaves to stem and roots.




Carries water and minerals from roots through the stem to the leaves.




How a plant changes raw materials into food in the presence of sunlight.


I chuckled deeply because if he calls this bio 101 questions,he should be a stand up comedian.


They were too easy in fact in my sleep I would know the answer was “A”.


“No one?…He questioned as no one spoke up.


“A…Ruth said beside me as he smiled.


“That’s correct miss?.

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“Paul…She said as he smiled.


“Next question…He said as the projector showed another.


Cellular respiration.?




Carries water and minerals from roots through the stem to the leaves.




A layer of cells that makes xylem and phloem.




The release of energy from food.




Carries sugar from leaves to stem and roots.


“Is this dude for real?…I thought smirking.



“Obvious answer is C…I thought face palming myself.


“Any one?…He asked?.


“A sir…A make voice said.




“Anyone else?.


“C sir…A female voice said as he smiled.


“Good…He said .


“Now no option for the next question let’s see how smart you are…He said as the projector showed the next question.


“Why is ice less dense than water?…It read as I thought hard.


“This is hard…I thought until the answer snapped in.


“Hydrogen bond stabilize and keeps the molecules of ice further apart than the water molecules of liquid water….Someone said as I thought about it simultaneously.


“Who said that…Mr Fred asked .


“I did…Ethan said a I gulped.


“He’s smart…I thought unable to believe.


“That’s it guys,I’ll see you whenever…He said as people started grabbing their bags ready to leave.


“I’ll see you later Gabi…Ruth said as she walked away.



I walked out of class hoping Ethan wouldn’t follow me since I saw him leaving class after I did.


I heard footsteps behind me and I knew I was wrong.


I turned back abruptly angry at who ever was following me.


“What Ethan…I screamed in Aiden’s face.


“Ethan’s giving you problems?…He asked as I shrugged.


“Not really…I said sighing.


“So …He said trying to hold me as I moved away.


“Aiden last night,I was drunk I wasn’t serious about the bet and I would really like it if you stayed away from me…I said in one breath


“I can’t do that Gabi.




“Because you already made a bet and you can’t back out.


“Why can’t I?.


“Because you made the bet it’s the rules.


“I want to back out.


“Alright you have to do some things then.


“What things?.


“You have sex with three guys I choose…He stated as I gasped.


“You gat to be freaking kidding me.


“You wanna back out right you need to do those things.



“And that’s not all…He added as my eyes widen.


“What’s the other thing.


“You have to do a sex tape with me…He says smirking as I gulped.


“Never….I said firmly .


“Then you can’t back out.


“You can’t be serious Aiden.


“You should’ve thought about that before making a bet with me now choose ,either


you stay or are you ready to do all those things…He said leaving me utterly






































To be continued





{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}






Author Bella©

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