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Chapter Four






✨Gabriella’s Pov✨


I walked towards Aiden taking in his features and he was georgous I had to admit,he had blonde hair and his features struck me as a total bad boy.


Ruth said he was a renowned player and from the looks of things this would be very hard to achieve.


I mean how am I gonna get him to make a bet with me that I can make him fall in love with him and as for Ethan how am I actually supposed to make him fall in love with me.

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“Hey…I said staring at him as he shamelessly checked me out.


With the way his eyes were moving up and down my body,I could tell he was mentally undressing me and imagining me na.ked or something.


“Hey princess,I haven’t see you around and trust me I’ve seen alot girls..He said grinning as I moved closer.


“First day…I said grabbing the cup of drink he was holding.


“How do you like the school so far.


“It’s okay but I’m yet to see someone who’ll amaze me…I said batting my lashes.


“You haven’t met me yet.


“And you are?.

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“Aiden Lucas…He said still grinning.


“Gabriella Alejandro…I said as he grabbed my hand placing a small kiss there.


“Well Gabriella,how would you like to dance with me…He said as I smirked.


“I’ll pass…I said drinking the cup walking away.


“Guys love it when girls play hard to get which is why he’ll follow…I thought smirking as I swayed my hips,so sure he was watching.


I took a seat at the bar ,pouring myself a shot of tequila.


“No one tells me no…He growled behind me.


“I’m not no one…I said turning to face him our lips inches apart ad his eyes flickered to stare at them.


He leaned in to kiss me as I raised my hand slapping my hard across the face.


“I have no idea what you take me for,I don’t kiss strangers…I said drinking my shot walking away as he pulled my arm.


“You’re feisty…He said pulling my close to him


“I like that…He whispered directly into my ears sucking lightly.


I stomped hard on his feet,he growled in pain as I took that chance to walk away.


I was sure he’d follow me and everything was going just the way I wanted it.


“You must be the first girl to say no to me…Aiden said walking behind me holding my waist.


“You give yourself too much credit Aiden.


“Actually I don’t,Girls worship the ground I walk on.



“Like I said am a girl,I’m not girls…I said with a smirk.


“So you’re not in any way attracted to me.


“I’m not,but you just can’t stay away…I said turning around placing my hands on his neck.


“You’re sexy ,feisty …How can I?…He whispered huskily.


“So you believe you can tame me right…I asked as his eyes were fixed on mine.


“Hell yeah…He said leaning in one more time as I turned my face away.


“I believe I can tame you…I said sucking on his ear lobes.


“Not possible like I said love is for the weak.


“Is that a dare?…I asked removing my hands.


“Yes it’s a dare…He said smirking.


“Alright then,trust me when I say I can make you fall head over heels in love with me.


“Not possible.


“Wanna bet on it…I said smirking.


“Yes I do…He said as I giggled.


“Mission accomplished…I thought placing my hands back.


“I bet I can make you fall for me under a month.


“Princess,if anyone’s gonna be falling,it’s you …He said as I scoffed.


“Alright then it’s a bet.


“No backing out…He warned as I nodded.


“Good let’s seal it with a kiss then…He said crashing his lips on mine taking me by surprise.


I kissed him back fiercely and I had to admit,he was an amazing kisser,no wonder he was so cocky that girls would fall at his feet.


He trailed kisses from my lips down to my jaw line,my neck and back up to my lips again as I moaned in sheer pleasure.


“That’s enough…I said pulling away as he grinned.


“Let’s go dance…I said as his grip on my waist tightened,I led the way to the dance floor swaying my hips along.






After dancing for minutes with Aiden,we left the dance floor heading outside as his lips were fixed on my neck.


His hands were moving upwards from my waist,I used my hands to carefully remove them as I turned to face him.


“If you think I’m getting in your bed to night, you’re mistaken.


“A guy can only dream…He said as I chuckled.


“Why are you doing this anyways.


“Doing what?.

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“Trying to make me fall for you?.


“Boredom…I said chirply.



“You know two years ago when I was still in high school I actually wanted this,I waited for my one true love.


“Really?…I asked surprised.




“If I didn’t find it in highschool,I highly doubt I’d find it in college…He said shrugging.


“You might…I said grinning.


“Maybe …He said sneaking his hands to my waist,his face buried in my hair.


“I want you so badly right now…He said as I shivered probably from being drunk and the fact that our bodies were extremely close.


“You can’t have me…I said keeping my tone neutral.


“I will…He said confidently.


“Time will tell Aiden…I said as he let go of my waist.


“What do you wanna do right now.


“I don’t know…I said shrugging.


“Aiden…Ethan called out walking up to us as they hugged.


“Hey roomie…He said smirking.


“Ethan’s your roommate?.


“Yes he is…I said feeling uncomfortable.


“You two know each other?…I asked softly.


“Ethan’s my best friend…Aiden said as his hands made his way to my waist..


“What!…I exclaimed as Ethan glared at me.


“Yeah ,she’s mine Ethan so don’t get any stupid ideas …Aiden warned as he chuckled deeply.


“Actually I’d take very good care of Gabriella,just for you…Ethan said as I gulped.


“I’m heading home now,see you Aiden…Ethan said walking away .


“So where were we?…He asked as I forced a smile.


“Actually I need to head home too…I’ll see you…I said kissing him deeply as he hands refused to let go of my waist.


“I will have you Gabriella…He whispered huskily deepening the kiss.


“We’ll see…I said pulling away as he let me go.






I ran upstairs to search for Ruth since she was my ride and I needed a ride home,Ethan has some seriously explanation to do.


I caught her making out with Donnie as I gaged walking towards them.


“Ruth,I need a ride home.


“Ohh Gabriella,you can take my car I’m spending the night at Donnie’s anyways…She said as he held her for behind trailing kisses.


“Is sex what all college boys think about?…I thought grabbing the keys heading towards her car.


I got inside taking a deep breathe,trying to gather my thoughts.


If Ethan and Aiden were such close buddies why would he set me up with him?.



I can’t sleep with Aiden there has to be some other way and I can’t fall for him either I have to be platonic,I can’t think about him,I really have to stop kissing him too because he is extremely good.


“I’m supposed to play the player but what if I end up falling?…I thought starting the car.


“What if I want to fall for him…I thought as I drove back to the dorm.






I parked Ruth’s car as it was already 1am in the morning.


I stepped out of the car heading into the dorm back to my room .


It was dark and I couldn’t see properly so I had no idea which door I used,mine or Ethan’s.


I walked into our room trying to find a switch to turn on the lights .


“Why are you in my room?..Ethan asked behind me as I jumped in fright.


“I didn’t know it was your room…I said calming my breathing.


“You seemeed to be enjoying yourself making out with Aiden.


“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do.


“No you’re supposed to make him fall for you.


“Just don’t sleep with him…He added as I scoffed.


“You wanted me to,now you don’t anymore…I said glaring.


“Yeah because the chase keeps him interested so don’t sleep with him.


“I’ll try I really want to know how he is in bed…I said giggling.


“Why are you doing this anyways?…I asked as his countenance changed.


“You don’t need to know that.


“Yes I do Ethan,tell me.


“Just make him fall for you while I help fail you and you can go back to Spain.


“And then what happens to Aiden.


“That’s not your business.


“Well maybe I want to fall in love with him too.


“You don’t mean that…Ethan said walking towards me.


“On no account must you fall for Aiden Lucas…Gabriella…He said raising his voice.


“You don’t tell me what to do!…I exclaimed.


“You cannot and you will not fall for Aiden do you understand me Gabriella.


“No…I said angrily.


“I’m serious Gabriella…He screamed as I shuddered.


“Well guess what Ethan,that’s what I wanted all along to find true love so while I’m making Aiden fall for me,I’ll make sure I fall deeply in love with him!…I screamed walking out on him.


“You’ll do no such thing…He said grabbing my arm pulling my closer to him..


“I mean it Gabriella…He said his breathe fanning my face as I gulped trying to realise myself from his grip but he just wouldn’t bulge,he held on tightly staring at me with an expression I just couldn’t understand .




























To be continued












{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}

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