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{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}






Author Bella©





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Chapter One






✨Gabriella’s Pov✨


Buenos Tarde señor!{Good afternoon sir}…I greeted walking home full of smiles like my mother hadn’t just ruined my life


“Buenos Tarde Mi hija{my daughter}…Papa Tony said as I entered the house,I pecked his cheeks smiling.


“I can’t believe you’re leaving today….He said smiling sadly.


“Papa Tony was mum’s husband but he wasn’t my father,my dad left us a long time ago for reasons best none to him,I guess he just got tired of me packed up and left us to die,mamá net Papa Tony when I was 15 and he’s been with us ever since.

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“You know I don’t want to go,if it were up to me I’ll stay in spain forever,its my


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“Mamá said you have to go…mother said as she walked in folding her arms.


“Mamá…I said pecking her cheeks.



“Go easy on the Spanish dear,it’s American you need to speak English…She warned as I groaned.


“Uf, pero por qué…..I said angrily as she stared disapprovingly.


“Ugh,but why!…I translated as she smiled.


“Because dear,you’re sweet and intelligent which is why you’re getting


transferred…She said pecking my forehead,something she’s grown used to over the years.


“No am getting transferred because you put me in the transfer programme.


“But I don’t wanna go!…I explained as Papa Tony shook his head.


“Am 20 years old mum,I have no idea why you won’t let me make my own choices!.


“Because the choice you’re gonna make isn’t what’s best for you.


“You don’t know that!you don’t know what’s best for you,that’s probably why my father left you…I spat out as she gasped.




“I don’t wanna go to American mum ,I would rather die than get on that plane,I don’t wanna go!.


“I know my dear you’ll be fine…She said as I walked out stomping my feet.




“I need to go back my things…I’m probably gonna die there abyways…I said spitefully, walking out.


Hey I’m Gabriella Alejandro and two weeks ago I had the perfect life,my dad left us when I turned 12 ,he and mum always argued and sometimes he would hit her



even, he called me a curse bad luck,he said his problems with my mum started after I was born,he said he wanted nothing to do with and I’m not his daughter ,he said it to my twelve year old face.


Two weeks ago I was still a student of the university of malagá,Spain.


My teachers always hinted that I was smart and bright but I wished they didn’t because my mum signed me up for the transfer programme and as bad luck would have it just like my father said,I got accepted to be a transfer student of the university of Davis,California as in America.


It would be an understatement to say I hated Americans,ironic because the closest thing I had to a friend was an American,I have no idea why I was close to him but I just was,we would talk online for hours none stop and he lived in California.


I hated Americans because my father was an American and he was a drunk, irresponsible and cold .


I know it’s wrong to judge a while country because of one man but it was easy to hate them than to admit the fact that I missed my father,the fact that maybe my dad was right about me I just wasn’t good enough to make him stay.


Growing up Papa Tony tried to make me feel the impact of a father,he did well but I still needed my dad but he was gone.


America was the worse choice for me,my life was here in spain I had everything I ever wanted ,I didn’t need nor want to move to America but I just have.


“Alguien está de mal humor.


“Apparently I’m not allowed to speak Spanish anymore don’t rub it in…I said huffing in anger.


“Someone’s in a bad mood…Miguel translated in English as he pinched my cheeks.


“Yes am in a bad mood because my plane leaves in one hour but I don’t wanna leave in one hour or never….I said resting on my bed.


“Why,American seems great…He said bitting an apple.


“Seriously Miguel?.


“You wanna be a doctor,you wanna save lives and American is the best option for it.



“But what if I get tempted to find him,I know he’s there ..I said referring to my father.


“Even better Gabi…Miguel said as I hugged him.


“I’m gonna miss you..I said as he chuckled.


“Just don’t forget me,we can video call any time you want…He said pecking my cheeks lightly.


“Miguel was my ex,we dated for barely 6 months before we broke up because we both decided we were better of as friends.


“I’ve been on a quest to find love for 2 years now,I’ve dated dozens of guys,kissed alot but something just doesn’t feel fight,call me a helpless romantic but I’m waiting for the ONE….That’s a long story for another day though.


“Gabi,I need to tell you something…Miguel said as I dropped my suit case.


“Sure Miguel,I mean you might not see me for years …I said grinning,brushing the hair off my face.


“When we broke up ,I did it because you wanted to but Gabi I never stopped loving you and I never will…He said holding my hands as I exhaled.




“I know you’re leaving in a few hours and this is stupid but I just need to tell you.


“Miguel,I don’t know…


“Just promise me something.


“What’s that?.



“Promise me you’ll give a chance when you get back,promise me no one would take my place…He said staring hard.


“Miguel I …


“Please Gabi.

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“I’m leaving,you’ll probably fall for someone in the university.


“I won’t ,promise me you won’t too Gabi,I’ll wait for you and you’ll do same.


“I promise…I said sighing as he leaned in to kiss me,I couldn’t oppose I was leaving anyways.


“Goodbye Gabi…He said breaking the kiss.


“Te quiero {I love you}…He said softly .


“Goodbye Miguel…I replied smiling rolling my suit case walking out.


“Are you ready.


“If I say no would it change anything…I said angrily.


“One day Gabi you’ll realise coming to America is the best thing ever…Mamá said as I scoffed.


“Doubt it…I said smirking as I let my hair loose.


“I’m proud of you…She stated as I walked out heading towards her car as she got in seconds later.


“Adios España {Goodbye Spain}…I said trying not to cry while mamá drove off.



“Adios mi dulce niña{Goodbye my sweet girl }…Mum said hugging me as I boarded my flight.


“I have to now mum.




“You wanted me to be an American right,eat fries,watch movies,speak English you’ve got it mum…I said sarcastically.


“Please don’t hate me.


“Too late mum…I said holding my suit case tightly sounding numb.


“I’m doing this for your benefit…She said sniffling.


“No you’re doing this for yours,you’re sick of me I’m a burden ever since Papá left,I’m a constant reminder of him so this is the best way to let me go ,you have everyone convinced America is the best thing for me but it’s not ,I can make my own decision I don’t need you!.


“That’s not true.


“Yes it is mum,congrats I’m gone and the minute I step foot on American soil you’re dead to me…I spat out walking away.


“Gabriella!…mum screamed as I held myself from turning back.


“Adios mamá …I whispered slowly.






“Flight 23…This is your captain speaking we are now landing,feel free to look outside and enjoy the beautiful view which is California…I heard a voice say over the announcer as I stared out the window.



“Hermoso{Beautiful}…I cooed placing my hand on the glass window as my phone beeped.



By my calculations you just arrived in California right…Miguel.



Yeah it’s ugly…I lied as we landed.



I dropped my phone inside my bag boarding a cab to my university. Throughout the drive I had to admit California was beautiful,I couldn’t help but admire the scenerio.


I was given strick instructions to get in touch with the dean,get my room as classes begin the next day although I had no idea how I could possible catch up ,I’m gonna be the Spanish girl in an American school ,how could this get any worse. The cab took me straight to the university and it was huge .


“Tan hermosa{So beautiful}….I cooed.


“English Gabriella,English….I said hitting myself right on the face.


“Let’s just get this over with…I said slowly rolling my suitcase in.


“Buenas tardes señora…I said slapping my self again.


“Am sorry good afternoon ma’am…I said grinning.


“You must be the Spanish exchange student.


“Great Gabriella,you just gave yourself of.


“I am…I said with a small smile.


“Follow me,mr Ian has been expecting you…She said walking away as I walked behind me.


“This is his office…She said pointing to a four walking away as I knocked softly.


“Come in…A reply came from inside as I gulped ,walking into his office.



“And you are?.


“Gabriella Alejandro.


“Oh the Spanish exchange student…He said as I nodded.


“Welcome to the university of Davis,your reputation precedes you ,you’re very intelligent…He said as I smiled.


“Thank you sir.


“I don’t think we would have much of a problem,as long as you keep the grades up,I expect you to graduate with honours…He said as I smiled.


“What if I fail?…I asked as a plan popped in.


“I highly doubt that,I’ve seen your grades but in the event of that happening you’ll be sent back to Spain…He said as I smirked.


“Really…I said enthusiastically, Mr Ian stared at me weirdly .


“I mean darn…I said smiling.


“Well miss Alejandro welcome to California…he said handing me two slips and a key.


“One slip is your time table for the year and the other is a nap so you’ll know your way around including to the dorm ….He said with a smile.


“Thank you Mr.


“Oh and Gabriella,make your family proud…He said as I nodded walking out with my suitcase.


“New plan,fail badly so I’ll get sent home…I thought with a devilish smirk trying to locate my dorm room.



After hours of walking around,I finally stood in front of a huge building which was my door room and my key says I’m in room 56.


I walked in ,rolling my suit case as I went upstairs looking for room 56.


“Room 56!…I exclaimed seeing it boldly written on the door.


I placed the key in the lock ,opening it as I walked in.


“Hola{Hello}?…I asked softly wondering if I was alone.


“Oh Dios mío!{Oh my God}…I cursed staring at the na.ked guy in front of me.


“What the hell are you doing in my room…He thundered angrily still na.ked as I gulped turning around immediately.


“Oh mi{Oh my}…I thought my palms sweating.


“Who are you and what are you doing in my room!…He barked as my heart elevated.


“But this is room 56 ,I’m in room 56…I thought gasping for air .


“I so didn’t plan for this.


“I said who are you!…He thundered as I fell to the floor,passing out.






































{To be continued}.





{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}



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