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Chapter 7.






Flora’s POV.


“We’re starting with Tissues and supporting system” I began.




He said nothing.


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“What’s a Tissue? ”


“An absorbent paper used as Tissue paper or rather Toilet paper”He replied innocently with both hands on his cheek while he stared at me, probably reading my lips.


“What? “I exclaimed staring at him with Are_you_kidding_me_? look. “You see Peter, not that type of Tissue i’m talking about ” I said. “Really? ”


“Yeah…You didn’t tell me what Tissue means biologically”I briefly explained. “Do tell me”


“Don’t tell me you don’t know”


“I really do not, i tried cramming but i’m not good at cramming”He said.


“I won’t encourage you to cram though but i think that’s necessary for a situation


like now”I said and sighed gently.


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He was quiet as he listen attentively.


Awwwn, he is such a good listener.


“Tissue…. “I resumed but he interrupted collecting the pen from me.


“I’ll do the jotting”He said.


Quite nice.


“Tissue is a group of similar cells that function together to do a specific job”I said


and watched him jot it in a note.


“That’s direct”He said.


“Taken? ”




“Did you just say it’s direct? “I asked although i heard him well.


“I did”


“Good”I collected the jotting note from him.


“Why? “He asked kinda confused.


“What tissue?” I asked.


“Tissue is an absorbent used as…. ”




I interrupted him; “Are you…..”I paused.


“I’m very sorry,i give that definition when i don’t remember the biological definition”He said wanting to recieve the note from me. “I thought you said it was direct,didn’t you? “I said.


He was dumbfounded.


“Repeat after me”I said returning th jotting note but closed.


“Tissue is a group of similar cells performing a specific job simultaneously”I said.


“It’s a group of similar cells… “He paused.


I stared at him expecting him to continue.


“I don’t remember”He said feeling kinda ashamed.


Wait, is he supposed to be?


“..perfoming a specific job simultaneously”I added.


“Yeah, Tissue is group of cells performing a specific job simultaneously”He said


smiling since he got it…


“Ohh my!”I exclaimed.


“What? ”


“You Omitted a key word. So repeat that definition again”I ordered.


“Tissue is… “He paused; “Tissue is a group of cells performing… ”


I cut in sharply.


“There”I said.


“I didn’t omit any word”He argued.



“You Omitted the word ‘Similar’,listen, Tissue is a group of similar cells…not just any cell but similar cells,same cells…”I explained. “Taken? ”


He nodded in affirmation smiling.


“So what’s a Tissue? ”


“A Tissue is a group of same cells performing a specific job simultaneously”


He said and i applauded.


“Very correct”I said.


“It’s still direct afterall”He said.


“There you go again”I scorned at him.


“Tissue is a group of similar or same cells performing a specific job simultaneously”


He repeated although i didn’t ask him too.


“Hmmn,I predict you’re a slow learner but a very fast listener… “I said.


He smiled.


“You jot very fast as well” I added.


“You know what Flora, you’ll be a very good lecturer in one of those big schools”He said.


“Hey,that’s not my dream”I frowned at him.


“What is it? “He asked.


I ignored that question but instead, i cleared my throat and then continued;


“The supporting system…”






Peter’s POV.


..Then… My phone rang.


“Just a minute”I took an excuse then picked the call.


“Monica”I muttered.


“Hello sweetheart”She responded.


“How are you doing? ” I asked.


“I’m good but…. ” She paused.


“But? ” I asked.


“I’m not doing good as well”She replied.


“Anything wrong? ”


“Yeah, but maybe you should just forget about it”She said:” ..by the ways, are you studying well now? ”


“Oh, very well now”I told her.


“Really? ” She exclaimed.


“Yeah, i got no problem with it anymore” I added. “That’s so nice to hear,I should just tell you then” “Tell me…. besides what? ”


“Peter, i’m really not coping anymore.I mean, i’m fed up.. i really cannot study all alone but now you already said you got no problems with it..maybe i should perhaps come over there and…. ”


I interrupted her almost immediately.


“No Monica”


I stared at Flora who already had her gaze on me as if she could listen to our




“Why? “She asked.


“Err… Monica, i’m kinda busy now, i wanna take a nap and then… “I summoned up lies.


“C’mon, I’m not coming right now” She said.


“When? ”


“Probably Tomorrow”


“I’ll be going out”


“To where? ”


“Err… ” I was speechless.


“Peter, are you there? ”


I still kept mute.


“Or i shouldn’t come meet you? “She said.More interesting stories




Flora was still staring at me, i took a permission then left.


I took a permission to leave my room?


“I really don’t mean that.Ok fine, I’ve got no problems with reading anymore ‘cos my housemaid is tutoring me”I opened up to her finally. “Pardon”


“Listen Monica,don’t downgrade her,she’s more than what you’re thinking,I swear


Monica, she is almost unbelievable…”


“Spare me all of that”She cut in sharply.


“I’m not actually persuading you to come here”I said. …”And not too”I added. “Listen to yourself peter, how could you let your housemaid to coach you, that gold digger… she’s just a worthless trash… ”


“Will you just stop it already Monica?” I fired back.


She kept quiet.


“Bye”I hung the call.




I returned to my room.


“A minute is not gone already right? “Flora rhetorically asked.


“I’m so sorry”I apologised.


“You should be”


“So can we continue now?”I asked.


“I don’t think so”


“Why? ”


Is she Upset?


“I wanna make you lunch”She said.


“I didn’t ask you to besides i didn’t complain of Hunger….. ” I was interrupted by a


loud rumbling coming from my stomach.


I was indeed hungry but wanted to pretend like i wasn’t.


She chuckled.


“Your tummy has been rumbling”She said.


“Alright fine!Just go prepare lunch then we can continue later”


Awwn, She won.












Author:Wunmi Ijaola


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