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Chapter 20






Flora’s POV.


“Come here”Peter pulled me gently from the kitchen to his room.


“What? ” I asked when we got to the room.


“My exam is fast approaching”He said.


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“Really? That’s a good news. Isn’t it? ” I asked.


“Err.. Yeah, it is… But have got some difficulties again..” He said.


“C’mon don’t joke now”


“I’m not. It’s a minor one this time” He said.


“Alright. We’ll deal with it later”I said.


He smiled and pinched me lightly on the cheek.


“You’re awesome” “Maybe that’s why I can’t let go off you”


“Hey, You’re naughty. Oh now, you remind me.. ” I paused and stared at him.


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“Of what? ” He asked.


“I wanna go to my mom” I said.


“What? ”


“I won’t spend up to a week. Just for two days or probably three” I quickly said.


He drew me closer.


“Are–Are you trying to abscond?


You wanna run away..? ” He asked now with both hands on my shoulder.


“No.. Why would I? ” I kinda stammered.


“You wanna run away from Monica?


I promise, she won’t hurt you anymore.


I won’t let her come near you.. I.. ”


I interrupted him.


” I’ll return. I promise ” I muttered.


He began to weep..


Oh no.


I already promised I’m not running away.



“I’m just gonna miss you” He said and embraced me.


Awwn, it was a very tight but warm hug.


“I will, too” I muttered.


“So when are you leaving? ” He asked.


“Tomorrow”I replied.


“Tomorrow? ” He stopped hugging me immediately.




“Flora, you should have told me before now” He said.


“I wanted to…. ”


“Go visit your mom some other time” He said.


I shooked my head.


“Please” He pleaded.


“I really wanna visit her tomorrow. I’ll return before your mom returns.. ” “I
















“Yay Mom! ” I yelled just about to enter the house since it wasn’t locked. “Flora”Mom hollered… “Tell me, Is today what you meant by soonest? ” Mom said.


“An apology will do” I said.


“Not so soon. You should learn how to fulfill promises and not how to keep them”


“Fine! I’m sorry” I said.


“Don’t even.. ”


I cut in ; “I’m sorry, sorry and sorry” “Maybe you should try harder” Mom teased.


“C’mon Mom, Didn’t you hear my stomach rumbling? ”


“I’ll ignore it”



I frowned.


“You came just in time”


“What? ”


“Paulina, is coming to take you ” Mom said.


“Where? ”


“To where she stays of course”


“No mom, you didn’t tell me about this” I argued.


“And that’s why I am telling you now” Mom said.


I guess she was expecting me to be excited.


“I mean, I don’t wanna go to Aunt Paulina’s place”




You don’t wanna go to an higher institution? ”


“Aunt Paulina’s place is not an institution ” I said. I did not realize that I was shouting though.


“I’m sure you understand even better”


“No more registration” I said.


“You’ll take it next year. You know, you’ll live with her and… ”


“Hell no, No mom.., I still wanna earn much more”


“Paulina doesn’t want you to and she will be mad at me if I let you continue to work as a maid”


I bursted into tears.


“Please mom,Allow me to work there for a week, at least to complete a month, I will receive my final pay then I’ll think about staying with Aunt Paulina”


“She’s coming to take you today and I won’t let you return to the Bensons neither


will I let you out for a petty work”


“But mom”


“No buts. I thought you don’t wanna go to the Benson’s place from the onset. Why are you crying to return now? “Mom asked.


I quickly wiped my tears.


“I will go to Aunt Paulina’s place” I reluctantly agreed.


“Before you even say” Mom fired back.


Now, I’m regretting why I came.


Even if I didnt.. She will come for me.


But I already promised Peter


Bad thing, Aunt Paulina stays really far from The Bensons.


Perhaps, Mom was right.


My promises are too difficult to fulfill.










Peters POV.


Just the second day Flora had left and I’m becoming almost lifeless.


I swear down, Three days is equal to a century.




I don’t know where she stays, i can’t even call her with a cell phone. My bad, i didn’t buy her one, i promise i will get her one of the latest cell phones in town when she returns.


Darn it, I shouldn’t have let her go.


I should have at least asked for her address or I should have just followed her to visit her Mom then we can both return after three days. .






What am I even saying?



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