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Chapter 19






Monica’s POV.






“Oh Kate, I’m missing you. How are you doing over there? How are you siblings, your parents? Awesome, that’s super good to hear…Really?tell me..Is he cute? Waoh, i’m happy for you. Oh yeah,Peter’s fine too, of course, he’s mine finally… ”


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Someone knocked on the door


“Hold on Kate, Just a minute…Who’s that? ”


The bang became louder and more aggressive.


“I’ll call you later dear”


I disconnected the call and rushed to open the door.


Surprisingly it was Peter.


“Oh my, what a surprise visit.Come in and make your self very comfortable..” I gestured but he interrupted.


“Monica whatever is between both of us, let’s end it now..i mean right now” He closed the door himself and came closer.


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“I.. I don’t understand” I stammered moving backward.


“I hope you’ll understand” He said.


“Wh.. What? ”


“I don’t love you”


I was dumbfounded.I wanted to cry but oh no, not in front of him.


“I don’t like you either”




“Now you understand,don’t you ? ”


I nodded gently.


“It’s over between us” He screamed at me..


“Pe’.. Peter” I stammered but he took his phone which only vibrated then he said “Hello”




Peter’s POV


“You mean Vincent has a crush on Monica? ” Francis asked.


“I don’t mean to betray Vincent. It only happened that way..” I said.


“I understand.Monica has always been desperate to have you” He said “by all


means” he added.




“I think the very best thing for you is tobreak up with Monica soon”


“I already did that, i broke up with her just as soon as Vincent misunderstood me yesterday”


“I guess that fair enough. So ever then,have you contacted Vincent? ”


“I tried to, but he wouldn’t listen.. He didn’t give me a chance to apologize too”


“I can be of help. At least, he’s not gonna snub me.. ”


“I need to take my leave now. You know….”


Francis giggled: “I know”










Flora’s POV






Someone knocked on the door.


I wanted to exclaim Peter’s name.. but he already warned me to keep quiet when someone knocks.


The knock came again…


I tip-toped and peeped through the window….Christ!




Why is she here?


Jeeez, she saw me.


“Hey,Flora open the door” She shouted.


I hesitated not to open the door but i finally did hoping she probably came for good.


Unfortunately,she welcomed with a dirty slap on my right cheeks.


“You idiot!”She insulted me.




“You fool,No doubt you’re a bastard”Monica said and drag me by the ears and squeezed them then landed another slap on my back. I struggled in pains.


“Who the hell are you? Why are you treating me this way? ” I screamed.


“Tell me, why won’t i? “she pulled my hairs and swung me.


“You’re hurting me”I complained.


“You know what,can you do me a favour?” She asked.


Arrrrgh,what does she want to request for?


“LEAVE!!!” Monica emphasized.






Suddenly, Peter opened the door.


“Flora” He rushed in then pushed Monica away then he hugged me. “Hey Monica”


“Peter why? Why do you have to hurt me so much? ” Monica said and began to weep.


“Are you Okay? ” Peter faced me instead.


“You came just in time” I replied.


He hugged me again and then kissed my forehead.


“Peter,i loved you for three years. Is this the only way to pay me back? ” She said really weeping soberly.


“Have i ever told you this?” Peter said..




“What” Monica muttered.


“I hate you” Peter said.


“Hey Peter, that’s too harsh. It’s enough” I said halting the hug.




He interrupted her.


“Now leave”He said.


“I’m very sorry Peter, i didn’t mean to hurt Flora….I…I. ”


“Leave” Peter screamed.












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