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Must Read: Flora – Episode 17

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Author: Wunmi Ijaola


I’m In Love With An Housemaid






Chapter 17






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Monica’s POV.


“Hey dear” His mom beckoned me.


“Ma’am” I replied coming towards her.


“Monica, don’t you think Peter is behaving kinda strange”


I nodded in affirmation.


“I think he likes Flora.. ” She said.


I was dumbfounded.


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“Oh no dear,i mean he’s scared.He doesn’t wanna lose his housemaid” She said.


I kept mute.


“But dear, you know,this might be a very good opportunity” She said “i don’t understand” I replied kinda confused. “Peter will forget about Flora very soon”


“Err.. ” I stammered..”What if Flora suddenly regains her memory?”I asked.


“She’ll leave”Mrs Benson responded.


“No.. w? ”


“As soon as she regains her memory”


Peter came over or perhaps,he was just walking by and then he decided to stop…


“Monica, let’s talk” He held my hand and dragged me to a few distance away from his mom.


“What? ” I forcefully released my hand.


“I understand.It’s your wish. You wanted Mom to hurt Flora” He said. “Why would i? ”


“It’s obvious you hate Flora and you’ll do anything to get rid of her”


I scorned..Why not?


“I won’t do that,Tell me Peter, why are like this? ” I asked kinda caressing him.


He took my hands away and smirked.


“You knew Mom was drunk, i told you to take Mom away but you didn’t listen….”


I interrupted.


“Peter,are you stupid? ”


“Obviously,i’m not but definitely,you are”


Jeeeeez,I wish i could hit him on his head and i shouldn’t regret it..


“Why did you kiss your housemaid?


Your housemaid?


“I’m your girlfriend Peter,how dare you choose Flora over me?” I screamed at him.


“You wanna know? ” He stared at me with some sort of angry look.


“How dare you? ” I shouted at him.


He came closer and held my hand… like he was gonna fight me.


He smirked again.


“Stop all this peter” His mom walked towards us.


“Tell me mom,Monica called you after she caught Flora and I” He asked now


facing his mom and not me anymore.


I sighed.



“I.. I don’t know” Mrs Benson said.


Now, he continued to stared at me…. Arrrgh, that look is so scary.


“How could you kiss an housemaid? ” I yelled.


I moved backward slowly immediately after throwing that question..He came closer.


“Because i love her” He said…then stared at his Mom and scorned before he finally left.




Few days after,Flora was discharged from d hospital.




The Home alone stuff resumed to usual.


Flora’s POV.


“A favor..”


“It shouldn’t happen again” I warned him.


“What’s on ur mind?”He supiciously asked.


“You wanna kiss me again?” I guessed.


He smiled;


“Of course… ” He moved closer.


“Oh no peter, not again”


“Not” He added.


I sighed.


“C’mon move away”I pushed him to the floor.


“My chest”he held his cloth-chest firmly.


“Oh my, what have i done?


I’m so sorry” I apologise trying to raise him up.


Christ, His weight.


“C’mon Peter,I didn’t know it will hurt you”I began to weep profusely.


Peter was motionless.


“You know i won’t hurt you,what for” I placed my ear on his chest..


He was breathing slowly.


I guess he just fainted…


But, is that how people faint?




I was just about to dash to the kitchen to get water and then spinkle it on him.


“Flora”He pulled me back.


“Peter,are you okay? “I muttered.


He opened his eyes and stood up.


“What did you intend to do?”he asked.


“Hey Peter”


“I was just pretending”he said.


What an expensive one!


Why should he?


I was practically hopeless.


“Why?” I asked.


“Why do you have to pretend too? ”




I don’t get.


“Why are you acting like you’ve lost your memory?” He asked.


I was dumbfounded.


Doesn’t he understand?


It’s for his sake.


Jeez, i never knew he was such an ingrate.


“Ohh,right, i’ll just tell everyone that i didn’t lose my memory” I scorned at him.


“I’m…” I guess he wanted to apologise.


“Whatever,let me be” I yelled at him.












Author:Wunmi Ijaola

Please show love by clicking on the "YouTube" button below 😫 I need subscribers, help me reach my target before deadline, please

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