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Chapter 14.


***********Fast Forward***********


Flora’s POV.


Just like Mrs Benson said,she returned home two days before Peter’s birthday with her husband.


“What of my darl’?”Mrs benson asked while she turned down my greetings. “He’s in his room,i guess he has not slept yet.I think he’s working on his laptop” I answered.


“Too many answers for just a, question.I asked of where peter was and not what he was doing.Moreso,it’s none of your business….You are his housemaid and not his body guard OK?”Mrs benson warned.




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“Ok ma’am,I’m Sorry ma’am”I apologised.


She scorned.


“Be calm honey”Mr benson said.


“She’s a talkative and it’s frustrating”She replied.


I was expecting her husband to get mad at me at that moment but he wasn’t…He was just gentle. Now i see where Peter got his easy-going attitude from..


“Let’s relax. I drove a very long way”Mr Benson said then he held his wife’s hand.


“Wrap the gifts ” Mrs Benson instructed.




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The D-day.


Peter’s POV



Happy birthday to you


Happy birthday to you


Happy birthday to you our son


Happy birthday to you.


My parents sang.


Then,mom gave him a peck.


“Thank u mom,Thank u dad”I appreciated joyfully.


“We are not done yet”My dad said.



How old are u now?


How old are u now?


How old are u now Peter?


How old are u now? ” My Dad continue singing.


I cleared my throat.


“I’m 21 years today..


I’m 21 years old now


i’m 21 years old now sweet Dad


i’m 21 years today”


Now Mom and Dad sang simultaneously:


We wish u..


many happy returns of your day…


And long life and prosperity..


Hip Hip Hip!!!



“Hurrey! “I shouted.


“I’m very grateful”I appreciated.


“C’mon,go have your bath. The party would soon commence” My Dad said.


“Alright Daddy” I said getting off my bed.


“We expecting thousands of visitors you know? Your girlfriend is one of them” Mom said.






Peter’s POV.


“Happy birthday Heartbeat”Monica hugged me,then gave me a peck. She dare not kiss me..Besides,i won’t let her..


“Thanks dear”I said.


“You’re a year bigger now”She added.


“Of course”I replied.


“I got you something you gonna love”She said.




What’s that? ” I asked.


“I won’t tell you”She gave me a small portable box…”Here,open it when the party’s over”She ordered.


I stared at the box trying to guess what was in it.




I’ve forgotten someone… Flora!


I haven’t seen her today.


“I’ll be right back.. ” I took an excuse.


“I’ll come with you”


“You don’t have to” I said, then rushed into the house.










Monica ‘s POV


“Hey Monica “Vincent called.


At first,i scorned before coming to meet him.


“Hi” I muttered.


“Wh–where’s Peter?”He asked.


“I was with him few minutes ago,He’s inside now” I said.


“Ohh-alright. Thanks”He said staring at me while i wanted him to leave…,I’ll leave


since he’s not leaving.


I turned to go.


“Wait, Monica”He called.


I turned to face him.


“What?”I asked although i already knew what he was up to.


“Err.. Monica, About the last time we met… ”


I cut in..


“I’m in a relationship now,I have a boyfriend already” I told him.


“Who? ” He asked with his eyes widely open.


“Your friend”I told him..






“Monica, You’re kidding me right? “.


“Why would i? You can ask him yourself”I said then went away.






Vincent’s POV


No way!




Flora’s POV


I just had my bath.


No suitable dress to put on!


I cannot put on those aprons i normally wear…


I can’t join the party then..infact, i ought not to join.


I returned my unsuitable clothes into the wardrobe..They weren’t many though…


While i still arranging those clothes into their proper place.


I sighted a small bag.. Yeah, i’ve seen that bag somewhere before. That transparent bag which was revealing something in purple color.I brought it out..


Waoh, it was the dress i refused to collect from Peter… So he had secretly kept it here..?


I swear,This dress is so lovely.


I’ll rather put on this since there’s nothing suitable to wear..




Oh my, It looks so gorgeous on me.


It must have cost much.


I applied just the little make up i have..




I walked to my door and was about to turn the knob then i remember that i haven’t taken Peter’s birthday gift.


I brought it and admire it once more, i really hope he’ll appreciate it..I returned it into the little cover then kept it in my small bag


I opened the door now and i almost bumped into him.Peter!


“Happy birthday dear”I said.












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