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Chapter 13.






Flora’s POV


I dropped the mug which contains hot coffee on the table,in front of him..


“Now tell me.. “Peter said.


“Tell–you what? ” I asked still avoiding his gaze.


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“Why are you avoiding me? “He asked.


“Avv…. Let me bring the milk… “I wanted to leave immediately but he held my


hand and drew me closer.


“Are you mad at me or is it… ?”


I interrupted him..He stared at me and this time, i had no option than to stare at him too.


“I’m sorry” I muttered.


He was still holding me…I tried to release my hand kinda forcefully but i couldn’t..


“You don’t want milk in the tea? ” I asked.


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He then let go of my hand and i hurried went to kitchen…,sighed,brought out the liquid milk from the fridge and returned to the dinning room.


“I still don’t understand why you apologised” He said as soon as i returned. Huh?


“I’m sorry, i avoided you for no reason” I replied.


“Ohhh,i thought you had a reason but you decided to keep it to yourself” He said. “Not at all” I smiled. I SMILED?


“I’m wondering…. “He paused.


“You’re wondering?”I asked.


“If you could go out with me? ”


“Go out with you?” I exclaimed.


“Err….I meant if we could have lunch together…” He stammered..”…


somewhere”He added.


I chuckled:”..A lunch date?” I asked.


“Er.. Something like that”He scratched his head and i’m quite sure it wasn’t itching.


” Peter, i’m still your maid” I reminded.


“I disagree,i don’t see you as my housemaid anymore but as an helper…”


“There you go again.. ”


“Just please”


“Fine, alright..Drink up your tea while it’s still hot” I said already leaving.


“Wait,i bought you a dress” He said.




“I’m very sure, it will look very good on you”He added.


I was dumbfounded.


“Just a second”


He exited and returned in jiffy with a small transparent bag.


I can see a purple dress through the bag.


“I’m not gonna receive that from you Peter”


“Why not? ”


‘cos i don’t want to” I said then left.






Flora’s POV.


We got to the restaurant exactly 2pm.


Peter ordered two Hamburgers.I ordered for a malt, he ordered for a coke. I sipped my malt gently without even touching that snacks… Ewwwww. “You haven’t taken a bite of the hamburger” Peter complained.


“I don’t want” “Why?”


“I have no idea of how it taste like” I said.


He giggled :” Don’t tell you haven’t eaten an hamburger before? ” I shooked my head gently.


“Anyway,there’s always a first attempt.Try it, it’s delicious” He said. Ewwwww…It looks like a dog mouth.


“I can’t ” I complained.


“Perhaps i should help you with it”He took the burger and then gently put into my mouth…I reluctantly took a bite..


“Uhm, it’s appetizing” I commented licking my upper lips. He smiled,i smiled too.


“Told ya”He said. “Thanks”I appreciated.


“I hope you’ve learnt how to trust me? “He asked. I nodded,still smiling…


Soon, we were silent..,all of a sudden,he cleared his throat.


Hmmn, he does that whenever he’s up to something or whenever he wanna say something.


“..The other time.. “He resumed.


I quickly sipped my malt unless, i might choke. “I asked if you’ll be my girlfriend..”


“Oh that.. “I pretended like i don’t remember. “You haven’t given me a reply.. ”


Oh My God.


I think i’m confused right now.


I would love to give a yes but I’m his housemaid for goodness sake…


If i tell him a No, then it’s the same as hurting myself ‘cos i really like him.


I was silent…i only stared at his handsome face.


“Flora? ” He called then he went on his knees again.


What? I felt so embarssed… maybe ‘cos we’re in the public.


“C’mon stand up Peter, please stand up”I pleaded trying to rise him up.


“No..”He refused.


“Alright, Yes.., i will be your girlfriend”I said..


He hugged me so passionately..


“But i’m still your housemaid..” I added.






























Peter’s POV.


I knocked on the door.


There was no response.


I knocked again,yet Flora did not open the door.


Is she sleeping?


I turned the knob, surprisingly,it opened.


“Flora”I called and dropped my laptop bag on the armchair and i quickly went to her room.


She wasn’t there.


“Flora” I continue yet no response.


I ran to the garden which was behind the house..She wasn’t there too.


“Flora!!! ” I screamed as i sweat profusely.


Has she gone?


“No Flora, come back” I began to sob.


Perhaps she left a note for me before leaving….


I hurriedly ran to my room, i checked my wardrobe,the bed and my reading table..


..I found no note/letter.


“Why Flora? Why did you leave without even informing me? ” I wept










Flora’s POV.


He should be back by now.


I opened the door and sighted his bag on the chair.Yes,he is back.


I went to the kitchen and dropped the basket i brought.


“Peter” I called, now on my way to his room.


“Flora” I heard him calling my name.. he opened his door when i was just about to.


Then he hugged me… Awwn.


“What’s wrong peter?” I was confused. “Flora”he stared at me and hugged me again. Ok,is he a coward?


Is he scared of staying alone?


Or did something scary appear?


Oh my, his body temperature is high school. I quickly halt hugging him.


“Are u ill?” I asked.


“Where have you been?” He asked instead. (Topster Stories)


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“i went to the supermarket” I replied.


“I… I.. I thought you left”He wiped his tears with his palm and i helped him to, too. “Why would i leave without telling you?” I asked.. Wait,so he was actually sobbing ‘cos he thought i left…


“Is..that why you’re crying? ” Yet, i asked.


“I’m afraid Flora.You might leave me one day” He said


Of course or Of course not.


I stared at him speechlessly.


“I don’t want you to leave me..”He said.


“I might.. I can’t be your housemaid forever” I said.


“You’re my girlfriend now, you’re no longer my housemaid..” He said.




“Trust me,we’ll end up together”He said..


I just stood still there confused..Then he hugged me tightly again.






Flora’s POV.


What does he likes most?


What’s d best present i should give him?


I bit my finger…It didn’t even hurt.


I really wanna get him a birthday gift.


What about a chain,a necklace?


Yeah, I’m quite sure he’ll love it.


But where will i get d money from?


I brought out my mini bag and counted the money which was just 250bucks.


“Opps, i need 250bucks more” I said most audibly.


“Did i hear you say you need 250bucks?”peter asked entering my room.


I didn’t know he was close/on his way to my room.


“Err…. Not really” I denied.


“Just take it, have it all”He said after dipping his hand into his butt-pocket. He brought out 500bucks.


“No” I didn’t want to collect the money.


“Hey,don’t hesitate” He said.


Arrgh, Now it’s same as buying him a present with his own money.


“Err.. Thanks..” I reluctantly collected the money from him.




Monica’s POV


What can i get him as a birthday present?


A surprise party?


Yes! He loves surprises..Therefore; A surprise party is good.


All of a sudden..


Oh no,i don’t think that’s good enough…I turned down the idea of setting up a surprise party.


“What about a wristwatch? Yeah, a Gold wristwatch..” I exclaimed then thought of it once more before concluding.


Let me get it now,what else is good?












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