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Fast forward




Peter’s POV.


“Dude,What’s the use of a scalpel? ” Vincent asked.


“Dissection. Meet Tyler, he will explain better” I replied.


“Why? Are you going somewhere? ” He asked.

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“Yeah” I answered while taking few books off the table.


“You wanna see some babes”


“Shut it” I fired back.


“I’ll like to come along, I might be of help you know? ” He teased.


“Darn it, take care of yours first”


“And when will you get one? ” Vincent asked.


I smirked.


“Listen Dude, I’m hungry” I said.

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“While I just had my lunch”


“See yah later then” I said and left.








Finally, I was able to study my dream course with ease. All thanks to the best Housemaid.


It’s been a year now, I saw Flora.


The following week Flora had left the house. Mom returned with Dad. Atlas, they found out that Flora did not lose her memory, I confessed.


One more thing, I and Vincent are in good terms now.


Monica finally gave Vincent a chance. It wasn’t easy though ‘cos I’ve never thought Monica will give up on me..I mean, I didn’t know Monica could turn a new leaf. .




I’m very hungry. We spent more than the usual duration at the Lab. Nevertheless, I won’t skip lunch.



I walked very fast but careful. Yet, some girl bumped into me or did I bumped into her? Never!


“Tell me, Are you blind? ” I fired.


Arrrgh, but I’m not the kinda guy that do insult.


She bent and picked up my books.


“I’m sorry” She said.


Now, I saw her face and recognized it immediately.




“Flora? ” I called her name.


“Pe.. Peter” She called mine.


“What are you doing here? /Why are you here? ” We asked simultaneously.


“You go first” I permitted.


“My institution” She replied.


“How come we’ve not met since all this while? ” I said.


“How come I didn’t know you were here? ” Flora said.


“Come” He pulled me..


“You’re fond of pulling me this way, you know? ” Flora said.


Wait, I hope she’s still the same Flora.


Hope she hasn’t changed?


I smiled and stopped pulling her.












We got to a restaurant.


Although, I was hungry, I couldn’t even concentrate on my meal.


“Errr… So how have you been doing? ” I broke the silence.


“Good though and you? “She asked smiling.


“Errr, Well… ” I scratched my head… ;”Flora, you know… ”


She interrupted.


“How is Monica? ”


“She’s doing fine with Vincent”I replied.


“Your Mom, How is she? ”


“She is… ” I paused. “She’s sorry” I said.


She didn’t say anything.


“Flora.. ”


She stood up, came closer to hug me.


“I missed you Peter” She muttered.


I felt warm drop of liquid on my back.


She was weeping!


“I missed you very much too” I replied trying not to weep too.


She stopped.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise.


It only happened unexpectedly…” Flora briefly explained and I helped in wiping her tears.


“So.. ” I stammered.


“Good thing, Everyone is fine and everything is fine” She said now smiling. I’ve really missed that beautiful smile.


“Did..you.. ” I stammered holding her hands.


“What? ” She asked.


“Did you find a new boyfriend?”I finally asked.


She kept mute.


“Oh sure, You would have gotten a new one already.I guess he’ll give you the happiness I couldn’t give you… He must be a….” I said sarcastically. She interrupted me.


“Peter, I didn’t date anyone else” She said.


“C’mon, I mean… You must have found someone better than me or you must have


liked someone. Didn’t you? ” I asked.


“Peter” She muttered staring at me.


Oh she actually fell in love with someone else?


“Don’t you love a guy now? ” I asked,yet..


“I do” She replied.




Obviously,My mood changed.


I waited, what else?


I should’nt have waited.


“I really love him” She said.


Hey, You’re hurting me.


I can go ahead and beat up whoever the guy is.


“Are you sure he loves you too? ” I asked.


“I don’t know” She replied.


“Wh… Who is he? Is he someone I know?


You can introduce him to me, you know? ” I said but within, I’m depressed,


disappointed, heartbroken..




“Yes? ”


“I still love you, I truly do” Flora said.


Oh, when and where did Flora learn how to tease people? It’s Unfair.


“You’d love to introduce him to me, wouldn’t you? ” I asked instead.


“Peter,don’t you understand? ”


“Yeah, Oh yeah, I do.. ” I stammered.


She kept mute.


“Are–Are you serious? ” I asked.


She nodded gently in affirmation.


“Flora, I.. I.. I love you too” I stammered kissing her palm.


I thought you would leave me for another guy..


“That’s one of the most difficult things I can never do.. ”


“Same here” I smiled.


“So is Monica really with Vincent? ” Flora asked.


“Oh yeah, It’s amazing isn’t it? ”


“Yeah, Almost unbelievable”


“Monica is a great friend,believe me, she has more good sides”


“She never showed it”


“You would have noticed if you were her intimate friend.. “I said.


“I tried to but she didn’t let me.. ” Flora replied.


Flora’s POV


“Hey there” A feminine voiced yelled.


“Mo.. nica” I stammered while I stood up, hoping she wasn’t listening to us “Flora” Suprisely, she hugged me.


“I thought Peter was actually with a new girl and he doesn’t want anyone to know.. I never knew you were the one. Wait, have you two been seeing secretly? ” Monica said now sitting and beckoning me to sit.


“C’mon Monica, I would have told you” Peter said.


“Why did you suddenly leave? “Monica asked now facing me;”You know, Peter almost committed Suicide, Good thing I was there” She added.


That’s weigh too impossible!


“I.. I didn’t plan to leave.. I.. ” I wanted to explain.


“No, let’s leave the explanation for a good day like today, not now” Monica said.


I disagree, This is not Monica.


Ok, maybe she only bears Monica too but not the one I knew a year ago.


“Did you just come to The Heir’s? ” She asked.


“I’m studying here, too”


“Really? ”


“Yeah” I nodded.


“Peter” She turned to Peter.


“Are you finally alright? “Monica asked and I chuckled.


“Are you kidding me? ” He said.


“Oh, should I tell Flora the funny ways you’ve been acting since she left? ” She said.


“With all pleasures, I’ll love to hear” I said smiling.


“Oh no, I can tell her myself but not just today” Peter pleaded.


“We were in the laboratory earlier and suddenly, he screamed your name” I laughed at her gesticulations too..


“Monica” Peter called but she played deaf.


“He was like, Flora don’t leave me.. Pls don’t, I’ve got you many novels, so please return” Monica gesticulated.


I never knew she was so funny.


I could not stop laughing, Peter himself laughed.


“Ok now, it’s enough” He said.


“I don’t think so”Monica fired back.


“Tell me, tell me” I said practically enjoying Monica’s company.


Just then she stared at her wirstwatch then she kinda frown.


“I’d love to but I have a date with someone now..Guess who? ” She asked me.


“Vincent” I exclaimed.


She turned to


You’ve told her already? ” she asked. “Why not? ” He replied smiling.


“Flora, I promise to tell you every acts Peter made when you were away” Monica said.


I guess that was a pay back.


I smiled.


“Incase I forget, please do remind me” She concluded then gave Peter a funny look, then she pecked me before picking her small pink purse. “Bye, I will see you both later, perhaps soon” She said and hurried left.


“At times, Monica can be crazy” Peter said. “Yes, she’s crazy but real” I replied smiling. “Huh? ”


“I never knew Monica could be so funny”


“Yeah, she’s funny. I’m sure you’ll like her and soon, you will let go of bygones,


won’t you? ” He asked.


“I don’t like her” I said.


“Why? ”


“I love her” I said smiling.


“C’mon, you’re silly too” I said.


“Remember, You were like;Please Flora, don’t go, don’t leave me” I said gesticulating just as the way Monica had gesticulated. .




Then we could not stop laughing.










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