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Iya Farida knew Farida would not tell Wale about the pregnancy but will either abort it or wait for him to find out. She didn’t want that. Now the divorce was final, it was time for Farida to get her life on track. Iya Farida wanted their wedding done quickly before Farida began to show; the talk will be too much. She had planned a lowkey wedding in her head and had plans on what she will do about naysayers. She wanted her daughter to be happy and she knew right from day one Wale would make her happy.


Farida shelved the idea of aborting the babies in her womb. She was back to her old confident self after full recovery. Probably the boost was the way the divorce went without any effort from her. She was very happy she was finally free from Sam and all his troubles. She could bring her children to visit Nigeria now since she had full custody. She had shared the good news with Monica and they celebrated. She was back to finishing the photography studio. Thankfully, the workers continued while she was away.


She was surprised when Hugh told her Monica had travelled unexpectedly. She told him she had to get to Germany. She called Monica but she didn’t pick up. She



had lost Papi’s number over the years. She sent her messages but didn’t get any in return. She waited patiently for her return.

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Wale arrived Northampton on a Sunday morning. He got to the house and observed the locks had been changed. He rang the bell and Kufre answered it. She was surprised and also happy to see him. He came in, dropped his bags and asked to see Farida. He was told she was in the barn working. He dashed upstairs to see the children. His Morenike had grown bigger from the last time he saw her that it brought tears to his eyes how well she looked. She agreed to hug him because Eni and Dayo ran to meet him. He could see there was no discrimination amongst them. They were treated equally. Only a woman with a good heart can do this. His mother, through his sisters, claimed Farida would be mean to Morenike. He knew it wasn’t their genuine thinking. He took pictures of the children and sent to his siblings to see.


He left his bag downstairs and went to the barn to see Farida. It was beyond his imagination. It was lovely. She was alone working on her laptop when he came. She was shocked to see him. He smiled at her but she didn’t return the smile instead she asked,

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“What are you doing here?” Farida asked.


“I came to see you. I felt you have something to tell. Actually, I was in the London and decided to be with my family”


“I don’t believe you. Was it Monica that told you? She swore she wouldn’t so why did she do this?”


“She wouldn’t tell me what? I haven’t been able to reach Monica for a week now. What’s happening Farida? Is something the matter?”


“Nothing is wrong. So nobody told you anything that made you come here?”




“The divorce has been finalized”



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“Are you speaking the truth? The court granted you a divorce from Sam? This is unbelievable! How did it happen?”


“It just happened. I don’t know how. My lawyers called giving me the good news. I didn’t believe it until I got the certificate of dissolution and the divorce decree. I have full custody of the children without visiting rights from Sam. He is to pay me child support which I do not need. I was happy”


“And you didn’t call me to tell me?”


“I have been very busy”


“Farida, we went through tough times together and when joy showed up, you dumped me by the roadside. I have tried for us to hook up but you have been giving excuses. You told me you still loved me. What has changed?”


“I did wrong by not telling you but I had other things on my mind. Where are you staying?”


“Your divorce has been finalized, why can’t I stay with you?”


“Wale, I need time. I gave you time when you needed it. I want to wrap my head around what is going on with me. Just a little time”


“Should I go to a hotel or stay with Hugh then? I took some time off to hang with the kids. I will be out of your hairs if that’s what you want but I wasn’t expecting this from you. I thought you would be excited to see me but instead you were questioning me. I have asked what the problem is but you are not saying anything”


“I am sorry. I doubted your intentions for being here. I thought someone snitched. You can come to the house. The problem is the children are growing and have easy access to my room. I don’t want them to see what …….”


“You are giving excuses. I understand. I will go over to Monica’s house. Hugh will gladly accept me. I have spoken with him. I will just come around to pick the kids. I don’t know what you are hiding but I won’t let it bother me. I am here now and I will make the most of my time”



Farida felt bad. She wasn’t ready to tell him about the pregnancy yet. She missed him but she was scared. There was no way he would stay with her without requesting for sex. Even she had some sensations seeing him. Maybe she could claim to be adding weight when they get down to it. She missed him. Her body missed him and had a mind of its own. As he turned to leave, she stopped him. She apologized for her behavior.


“You took me by surprise. Come to the house, we will manage the children; that’s if you want to…”


“Let’s go to the house”


They went back together walking hand in hand. Kufre saw them from the window and was happy. Since she had been with Farida, she knew her only lover was Wale. She never went out with any other man. Her routine didn’t give room for dating. Wale was a nice guy. She received her monthly payment in Naira for caring for Morenike. Whenever he called, he spoke with all the children and told them he loved them. She believed he is a good man and will make a wonderful father. With the new baby coming it would be more exciting.


That night, as expected, Wale wanted to make out. Farida didn’t really want him to touch her entire body. She was scared he will fill her stomach and know. They kissed and Wale went about doing his magic which he got the desired reaction from her. He noticed her boobs were bigger but then he didn’t mind at all. It excited him when she moaned out loud while he worked with his tongue and his fingers.


When they had finished, they went into the bathroom together. He noticed some blood stain on his pe.nis. He asked her if she was on her period. She said no and asked why, he showed her the blood. Farida screamed and asked him to call the ambulance. He was asking what was wrong but she ignored him and called them herself. She quickly took a shower and noticed some traces of the blood. Wale was transfixed watching the drama until he heard the ambulance. He rushed and took a shower himself. He was dressed as she was headed downstairs. He went with her to the hospital.



At the emergency, they asked what happened. Wale explained to them he noticed she was bleeding after they had intercourse.


‘How many weeks gone are you?” the nurse asked Farida


“20 weeks”


“We will look at the cervix and then we will do a scan. Are you having contractions?”


“Slight pain”


“That’s good. We will stop it from advancing. I think your cervix opened with the intercourse which caused the bleeding since it is not much. But we will investigate”


Wale stood there wondering what was going on. The scan showed the babies were fine. They agreed they had to stitch her cervix as the womb carrying twins was too heavy for it. Wale was still confused when they sedated Farida to sleep and asked him to go home and come back in the morning.


When he got home, Kufre was waiting. She asked what happened but Wale was the one ready for questions.


“Please what happened to Farida?”


“She is fine. She was bleeding”


“Oga, you should have been gentle with her knowing her condition”


“What is her condition?”


“Are you not aware?”


‘Aware of what?”


“Don’t you know she is pregnant and hard sex can remove belle”



Wale was quiet. So, she was pregnant and hid it from him. 20 weeks gone and she kept mute. The only reason she would do that is if he wasn’t responsible. He believed she had another lover that would be the only reason she was hiding it.


“But sir, didn’t she tell you?”


“Maybe I am not the father” Wale blurted out.


Kufre laughed at his words. “Farida doesn’t do waka waka. She does not have any other man except you. Anybody that tells you she has another lover is lying. I live here with her. The only thing she does is work. She is a good woman”


Wale was quiet. It was supposed to be a good testament of her character. But he wondered if Sam lured her again and she didn’t care to mention it. All these were speculations; he would have to wait until she comes home.


Farida stayed in the hospital for a week. Wale never brought up the issue there and Farida was grateful for that. She could see he had questions which needed answers but she was scared to talk him now. She should have told him earlier. He acted normal but knew he would blow up when they get home.


He took her home. He put her in bed as she was on bedrest for the next two weeks after the Shirodkar was fixed. He attended to her but didn’t share a bed with her; he slept on a mattress on the floor so he could take her to the bathroom if she wanted to pee at night. He did this for three days and she couldn’t take the kindness anymore.


“You are the father” Farida finally said to him.


“How come?”


“December. Unprotected crazy sex”


“You didn’t take care of yourself?”



“I have never taken care of myself. I didn’t remember we had unprotected. I just found out just like the case of the twins. I am still seeing my period although it is almost gone. I didn’t plan it and it is all so confusing”


“And I am the last person you can share your problems with?”


“We didn’t plan the pregnancy. I was anaemic initially but I am much better. I wasn’t thinking straight. We are having twins. Are you sure you want this? I thought about the challenges ahead; your mother, your family, society, Sam and his family. How do I explain it? Pregnancy is the evidence of the adultery. I felt you wouldn’t want it. I’m still confused”


“I know you tried to abort this pregnancy. You didn’t want a child with me …..”


“Don’t say that. I didn’t want us to be saddled with something we were not prepared for”


“I know you Farida. You would have secretly flushed out the pregnancy. What happened? What made you change your mind?”


“You. I needed to carry you along. I’m having twins, it is unsafe to abort twins. I was waiting for the right time to tell you. I was ready to take responsibility if you refuse”


“Farida, I wonder what I am still doing with you. I swear you charmed me. You are so childish and self centred. Everything is about what is comfortable or convenient for you. You never make sacrifice. What have you sacrificed for me that was not beneficial to you? You don’t love me; I am just convenient to have around. You didn’t tell me about Eni and Dayo’s pregnancy until I came to visit and found out but I came to tell you about Morenike’s immediately I had the chance. You have done the same with this pregnancy. I think I love you far more than you even like me. How could you find out you were pregnant for me and not tell me? I don’t get it. Is something wrong with you? Do you hate me that much?”


“I love you; I can never hate you. I agree I am self centred but I am only just realizing it. I have made sacrifice for you but I know you have made more. I have offended you once again and I am very sorry I did. I need you. I have just realized



that with you by my side I can sleep easy without worries. You do that to me. I just want to be perfect Wale. I have always wanted to be perfect. Sam was a big mistake in my life that disrupted my perfect life. You came along and our relationship was awesome but it was an abomination. In as much as I continued in it, my perfect life was destroyed. When people talk about me, they talk more about my failures than about my achievements. I want to be that Farida parents wanted their children to be. I wish everyday I could turn back the hands of time and make major changes. This is the vulnerable Farida pouring out her heart to you. The day Sam raped me; he broke something in me. He took away my dignity and pride. It died that day. I didn’t care anymore. Monica saw me completely na.ked for the first time. Strangers saw my privates. What was left? He had taken everything away. It took you leaving too for me to build myself up again. I was doing it. I achieving all my goals until we met December and now this pregnancy came along. I didn’t want to have another child yet. It would mean I have five children to raise. How can I raise five children? Your family would think I want to trap you with pregnancy just like Tomiwa. I didn’t. I honestly have never had unprotected sex that would require me taking any contraceptive except condoms which we had been using. Do you understand my fears? Loving you is not enough. What of your family? What will they say? Will we have their support?”

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Wale had calmed down. He could see the strain showing all over her. She had thought about this deeply. He picked his phone and called his father. He put it on speaker for Farida to hear. He picked on the third ring.


“Wale my son, how are doing? How is your break?”


“Dad, I have something to discuss with you”


“This sounds important; go ahead”


“Farida is pregnant”


“Wow! Congratulations son. I want to believe she is pregnant for you”


“Yes dad. What do I do? She is scared the family would believe she wanted to trap me with pregnancy and wants to abort it”


“Do you care what the family has to say? All that matters is her getting a divorce”


“The divorce has come through. She was given full custody of the twins”


“Then what are we waiting for. We should start the marriage preparations”


“Marriage? We are not getting married. We just want to cohabit and have children. We don’t want family having a say in anything we do. She is not under anyone’s control. They do not have a right to come to her house under the guise of their son’s house without prior notice. That’s what we want for now”


“There is no illegitimate child in Yorubaland. Whether you legalise the marriage or not, Farida is recognized as your wife while the children are recognized as your children and will get all their rights”


“She is worried about what people will say. She worried about society”


“She should concentrate on you and the children. She has nothing to worry about. You might need a bigger house though. You family is getting larger. You will have one more child soon”


“Actually two, dad; she’s having twins”


His father was silent for almost five minutes. He kept saying “hello” with no reply. Finally, he said, “I am here. She’s having twins. The first twins in the family. We have never had twins in our lineage. Wale, please marry her. I beg you my son, bring my daughter home. We have waited this long; it is time for her to be fully ours”


“There is no difference between Morenike and the twins. We are not getting married. It is only when Farida wants to get married, she will propose to me. Until then, we are doing it as we have planned. Please dad”


“Please take good care of Farida and the twins. Nothing must happen to them. She will give birth in America. I will take care of everything …..”



“I can take care of her dad. I will take care of everything. You have equipped me to be able to and I will. We still have five months to go”


“Wale, today is my happiest day. Thank Farida for me”


“I will dad. Thank you sir”


“I love you son” Wale was taken aback when he said that. He was never emotional with them.


“I love you too dad” Wale replied.


He turned to look at Farida and saw the tears in her eyes. She was emotional. He laid on the bed and cuddled her as the tears poured from her eyes. He rocked her gently until she finally fell asleep.

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