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The morning sickness set in immediately Farida found out she was pregnant. She was past the first trimester so she wondered why. Maami made her try different foods before she discovered what she could tolerate. Maami stock up her fridge and pantry with enough of the things she could each. She also had to take her medications.


Maami was to leave in a few days. She was worried about leaving Farida alone in the UK all by herself. She thought of what she could do to help her daughter. She



was tempted to ask her to give up her Master’s degree and come home so she will be better taken care of.


Farida’s school was to resume in a week’s time and maami was leaving in two days. She couldn’t talk to Wale about it. She didn’t tell her sons either; she felt Farida should be the one to tell them. So, what was she to do? She took a decision. She made a call and as soon as she asked the person, the person was on a flight to them.


There was a knock on their door. Farida wondered who it was as they hardly received visitors. Maami went to open the door. Stepping into her home was no other person than her friend Monica. Farida had never been this happy to see anyone. They ran into each other arms in tears. Farida had missed her friend and Monica had missed Farida.


Stepping back to look at her friend she was very happy. Monica had lost a considerable amount of weight. She wasn’t at her starting point yet but she looked a lot better and her shape was back. Farida watched the glow on her friend. She had gotten her confidence back. She was glad to have her around.

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Monica told Farida maami called her telling her she needed her help. She told her about the pregnancy and how it was affecting Farida. She didn’t need to be pressured to come. She packed her bags, asked for a month’s leave from her stepfather for something urgent. She came down. Farida appreciated maami the more.


After maami left for Nigeria, Farida and Monica were able to discuss. They caught up on what had happened in their lives. Monica confided in her that Sam has another family. She only found out after she left village for Lagos. Her mother let it slip when she told her what transpired in the village. She was so disappointed at Sam.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Farida told her she was aware, she saw them the day Sam sneaked them away from the compound. She told her friend that was why she came for her Master’s; to get away from all the hurt and betrayal she had experienced.



“And now you are pregnant for Sam. Sam will fight for you to come back. To be honest and from what I am told is going on there, Sam doesn’t love the lady. They are always at loggerheads that now Sam has turned her to a punching bag”


“Why would he treat her like that? If he is no longer interested in the marriage, he should allow her leave”


“She has refused to leave. She wants to be Sam’s wife. Sam wants her in the background and you in the forefront but you are not interested in being with him anymore and it drives him mad. She brought prayer warriors to the house to cleanse the house from diabolic spirit holding Sam down. This is a graduate with Masters’degree from a university here. That’s what Sam can turn someone to. How you managed him, I don’t know or maybe he had a soft spot for you knowing you rocked his world in the other aspect”


“Which aspect?”

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“You were blowing his mind with your acrobatics in bed. He would do anything to maintain that. It doesn’t mean he will be faithful but to know he owns the person and can have it anytime he wants it is the main reason”


“I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t genuinely love me, who would betray me for his political gains, who will deceive and stand against my progress. I loved Sam. He wasn’t easy to live with but he was someone I could love easily because my opinion mattered to him. If only he reciprocated the love. Now I have moved on and I am now saddled with an unwanted pregnancy”


“This pregnancy is a blessing. Sam would want to blackmail you to come back using the babies. Just let him know you want a divorce and remain here. He can’t visit without your permission if not you call the police on him. I insist that you divorce him. Don’t allow him sweet talk you into going back. I will never forgive you if you do”


“I am not going back. The woman with him now deserves to be treated right. If he is treating her this way because he wants me back then he will do worse to her when I come back. I will do as you all have said; I will never go back”


“Is Wale aware of the pregnancy?”


“No, I haven’t told him yet”




“I don’t know”


“You think I don’t?”


“Know what?”


“That you ran to him when you found out Sam was cheating” “Did he tell you?”


“He didn’t but I knew. He didn’t call me back to know if you were back or have been found. I put 2 and 2 together and I got 4”


Farida was quiet. Monica was very smart after all. She figured it out. “Are you guys an item? Is this Sam or Wale’s baby?” “Monica!”


“I know. It is Sam’s. I just wanted to be sure you haven’t gone rogue”


“I won’t do that. I won’t have sex with another man while still married. I won’t do it”


“Fine. You need to tell Wale. He needs to know. He shouldn’t hear it from someone else ”


“I will tell him when I am ready. I am not ready now”


“He speaks to you everyday and you won’t tell him? I thing you should”



Wale was fighting his own demons. After Farida left, Tomiwa wanted a steady relationship. She refused to leave until he insisted. Then she dropped in at will to see him not giving him any breathing space. It was cute initially but it became annoying. She was becoming too demanding of his time and attention. She left for Lagos to attend a family member’s wedding. Wale took a breather.


What broke the camel’s back was her unauthorized visit to his mother in Lagos. His mother called him telling him about her visit and giving her blessing to the relationship. She had started planning the aso ebi for the engagement and wedding. He told his mother he had no plans of marrying her. She laughed and said, “We shall see”.


He wanted to break it off with her when she came back. She waited for him to return from work at the estate gate as he had given them instruction not to let her into the estate. She drove behind his car to his house. She went in to help prepare a meal for him but he stopped her. He didn’t want food. He told her he was no longer interested in the relationship and asked her to leave. She cried and begged but he wouldn’t budge.


“Wale, you are the best lover I have ever had. You treat me with respect. I know your annoyance is me meeting your mother. It was a chance meeting. My aunt is her friend and we were going to a party together with your mother. We went to pick her so we will go together. When I found out she was your mother, I told her I knew you. She probed and I confessed we had something. Nothing more. I love you Wale. Don’t do this to me”


“It is not because of my mother. I have someone I am involved with who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to deceive you. Nothing can come out of this. Even my mother knows nothing can come out of this”


“Isn’t she Farida? She is married now. Why would you want to marry a married woman? Why do you want a second hand wife?”


“What’s difference between you and Farida? You have had sex with several men including me but she has been with only one man for seven years. I would rather be with her than with someone who has had many lovers”



Tomiwa was silent. She wasn’t getting what she wanted. She sat down and began to cry. She cried silently and then increased the tempo. She didn’t move from where she was. Wale ignored her at first. He brought out what he intended to have as dinner and put in the microwave. When it was ready, he offered her but she didn’t answer him. He ate his dinner.


He came back to the sitting room and asked her if she was leaving that night. She ignored him. He went into his bedroom and locked himself in his room. About an hour later, he heard a loud knock on his door. He didn’t respond expecting her to leave. Then she banged on the door continuously. It was so irritating he had to answer the door.


“I asked you if you were leaving, you ignored me. Why are you here?”


“I want to sleep”


“You can sleep in any other room apart from this. I want my privacy”


“Wale, so I am someone you can discard like a used rag? I love you with all my heart. You have been good to me. If you say you do not want me anymore at least let me spend the last night with you. Let me enjoy your body for the last time. I won’t bother you again after tonight unless you come looking for me”


“I don’t think it’s a good idea”


“Won’t you miss me?” Tomiwa asked as she took off her skirt to reveal her hips. She turned around to show him her rear view “Won’t you miss this?” she jiggled them a bit before she continued “my body misses you. It longs for you. It yearns for you. I know you love another but she is not available yet. Make me happy tonight. I don’t mind being your booty call as long as you love me right”

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Wale looked at all her offerings. He was enticed by them but he was ready to resist the temptation they offered. Tomiwa could see he was struggling to decide; she took advantage of it and launched forward. She threw herself at him and went for his weakness. She knew how to handle him for him to succumb. She put her best act into play that night. It was the night of her survival. She had to get this right. He melted within minutes. She didn’t give him room for foreplay. She directed him



inside her. Then, she came on top. At that moment, he wasn’t thinking straight. All he could think about was the pleasure he was getting. He fell for their ploy. When he wanted to ejaculate, she stayed still for him to cum inside her. He would have withdrawn but she wouldn’t let him come out. It would have spoilt the plan.


After he rested for a couple of minutes, he was ready again. This time he went all the way. They had fun and he pulled out the two times they went again. He was satisfied and so was she.


The next morning, he talked to her about understanding his decision to end the relationship. She cried some more while he saw her to her car. She hugged him tightly and whispered to him “Call me when you need me”. He promised to but never called her again until he was summoned home.


He had plans of travelling to see Farida after she had settled down to her studies. He wanted to surprise her by visiting in October. She had mentioned Monica was there with her. Monica had gotten a research job which paid very well so she decided to stay longer with Farida as she would need all the help she can get. Wale was happy Monica was with her. If they were alone, anything could happen. Farida hadn’t filed for divorce yet and Wale didn’t want to push her. He was afraid she was developing cold feet but she sounded optimistic she would do it. Monica supported her. He was convinced now.


His mother asked him to come to Lagos urgently towards the end of September. She sounded like it was a serious matter. He called his father who asked him to come so they discuss.


On getting to the house, he met his father in his mother’s flat. He knew it was serious. He hoped no one died or is dying. He was worried and scared. He greeted them and asked again what happened that he was summoned.


“Wale do you know any girl by the name Tomiwa?”


“Yes father. She’s a girl I used to know”


“Did you have an affair with her?”


“Well, yes”


“She came to tell us that she is pregnant”


“Pregnant? For who?”


‘For you. She is pregnant for you” his mother answered.


“She must be joking. How did she get pregnant for me? When was the last time I saw her? And if she was pregnant why come to you? Why didn’t she tell me so we sort it out?”


“So you will drag her to terminate the pregnancy? It will not appen. She is having the baby” his mother announced.


“I didn’t see Tomiwa as someone who would want to be a single mother. I thought she was smarter than that but I was mistaken. Good luck to her”


“You will marry her. You must marry her kpakpa” his mother added.


“Who will force me to marry her? You? You can’t. I am not marrying her. I don’t love hee and will never love her”


“Is it because of dat girl dat broke your art(heart) and married anoder man? You want to marry er? You cannot marry her wen you are not a bastard. Woman dat as married anoder man? Lailai. She didn’t even have a sild. You cannot marry her. I ave said my own” his mother concluded.


His father cleared his throat and said to Wale, “Let’s go to your apartment and talk man to man”


They left together for his apartment. In there the father said to him.


“If you like this girl. I am not saying love but if you like her then you might have to marry her”



“Father, I am not marrying her. She wants to trap me with this pregnancy but I refuse to be trapped. Have you even confirmed she’s pregnant?”


“We have. She is pregnant. She was scared to tell you. Now you know, what do you want us to do about it?”


“Let her terminate it”


“You can’t force her to terminate. You had unprotected sex with her. What were you thinking would happen?”


“She played a fast one on me. She knows what she did. She seduced me and I fell for her plot. But, I will not want to marry such a deceitful person. She can have the baby but I want nothing to do with both mother and child”


“She will have the baby and we will either take the child from her or take care of her and the child”


“Father, I don’t want to ever see Tomiwa in live again. I don’t want to see either her or the baby. You can give her all she wants but she can never have me. I know what she did but she won’t win”


“How is Farida?”


“She is still in London”


“You are waiting for her? Are you sure you are doing the right thing? You can have both women. They both love you. You can take after me”


“It is so enticing dad but I have to decline. I can’t marry Tomiwa. I don’t love her and I have never loved her. She knows”


When it became clear to Tomiwa that Wale had no plans of marrying her, she became agitated. His mother asked her not to worry she would convince him but the pregnancy was going to ten weeks and there was no change at all. She had avoided meeting Wale one on one but it was looking like that was what was required. She had moved back to Lagos after her last encounter with Wale. Her



service year had ended so she had to go back home. Now, she had to see Wale again concerning this situation.


She waited for Wale at the estate gate. Wale saw her and drove past without stopping. She was shocked. She tried calling him severally but it wasn’t connecting. She left that night.


The next morning, she was in his office waiting for him. He came in at about 11am as he was busy in the other station. He should have warned them not to let her. He was worried she would create a scene so he allowed her come in.


“You are angry at us; what did we do?”


“Who are the we?”


“Your baby and I”


“Which baby? Tomiwa, go and terminate this pregnancy. It will not be your first time. You told me you aborted for your school boyfriend so why do you want to trap me now?”


“I can’t abort this pregnancy. This baby is our love child. We made it together”

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“In deceit, right? You rode me like your life depended on it and made me ejaculate inside of you. I remember how everything went down. I withdrew for the others. It was your plan; a well thought up plan. I should have insisted on you taking the morning after pill but I never suspected you to be so desperate at such a young age. Now, you will join the league of single mothers. Why you did this, I don’t know. You can redeem yourself by terminating”


“Did you ever love me? Was I worth anything to you beyond a sex thing? Why are you treating me this way? What’s my offence? I just love you. What is so difficult in loving me back?”


“You don’t love me. You don’t even know me Tomiwa. How can you love who you don’t know? You are in love with the idea of me. That’s a mistake. I told you I was in love with another and yet you lured me into having sex with you and getting



pregnant. If you decide to keep it, I don’t want to have anything to do with you or your baby”


“So you can be with Farida. You will deny my baby and I because of Farida. The hold she has on you is not ordinary and your mother agrees with me. How can you leave a pregnant young fertile single woman for a barren married woman? Reconsider your stand as my folks are asking questions. What do I tell them?”


“Tell them what I told you. I will choose the barren married woman over you any day and anytime. I don’t want to see you here again. Anything you need my folks will provide for you. You can’t parade yourself as my wife. I am not your husband and will never be”


“You can not dump me just like that. I will not agree. You will regret your decision. I will have this baby and you will never have children until you recognize this child as yours. You will go around the world looking for solution but you will not find. Let us bet it. I will join aje (witches) coven just to deal with you. I will go anywhere so you will be punished for ……”


Wale’s hysterical laughter cut her short. He laughed some more while she looked shocked at his behavior. Finally, he said to her, “The problem is that you are not smart and you have never been smart. Imagine your stupid utterances. Join all the covens in this world I don’t give a damn. If they are genuine they would ask you questions. Did you trick me into having sex with you on that day so you could get pregnant? Yes. Did I make it clear to you I was not in love with you? Yes. What’s my offence? Tell me what I did wrong. Cursing me won’t have any effect. Go to your coven I am waiting. Do you think my mother will sit still and watch you ruin her son’s life? That is when you will know how powerless you are. I don’t want to ever see you here again. I am going to the court and the police for a restraining order against you. I will take financial responsibility of the child but that is where it ends. You can’t determine the amount I will give you for the child, I will send what I want to. Challenge me in court and I will ask for custody but will never see the child. Every further discussion is with my parents. Leave here now”


Tomiwa couldn’t believe what was happening to her. How could she have made such a huge mistake by agreeing to the plan of getting pregnant for Wale? Now she was left alone to suffer the consequence. Farida is in London having the time of



her life while she is pregnant and rejected. She left Wale and headed for Lagos. She decided she would remain with Wale’s mother until she has the baby in America. She would remain there until Wale comes for her. She will make sure he comes begging her for mercy

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