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Farida knew she needed someone with experience to talk to. She had to put aside her shyness and find a solution. She didn’t like the insinuations Sam dropped when he was talking to Monica. The marriage hadn’t started and they were already having problems. She stayed in the bathroom and called her mother. Iya Farida was excited to hear from her but when she heard the tone of Farida’s voice, she knew there was a problem. She asked Farida to tell her the problem. Farida told her everything.




“That’s a small problem. My mother would have a solution to this problem. Farida, your husband will fetch water from your well only. Don’t worry. Postpone your honeymoon by a week so we can get the items we will use”


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“Maami, are you sure?”


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“My daughter, I have never used it but maami boasts about it. My father didn’t marry another woman after he married her. He didn’t have concubines like most men. She suggested it for you but I declined thinking all will go well. I forgot you had no experience and wasn’t prepared for this. Don’t worry, we will sort this out”




Farida believed her mother. She didn’t actually have a choice but to hold firm to her words. She had to postpone the honeymoon otherwise it will be a disaster. She didn’t understand why people made so much fuss about sex; it wasn’t a very pleasant experience altogether. Initially, she enjoyed it but later she wondered what happened. She would go out of her way to make sure Sam was satisfied with her. He must not complain about anything. She became excited again but then she knew she had to devise a way to postpone the honeymoon by another week. She hatched a plan.




Sam came to her that night. She pretended to be asleep and he attempted to make out with her. She refused telling him she was tired and didn’t feel well. Sam was upset she refused his advances. He wanted to force himself on her saying, “Don’t you know you are my wife? I can have you anytime I want you”




“I will advise you not to try that. It wouldn’t be in your best interest” she answered.


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Sam was seeing a different person from the lady he was with earlier. She had a stern look and was quite assertive as she spoke. Even the tone was threatening. He asked, “What do you mean?”




“I am not having sex with you tonight or any other night soon. You have shown me disrespect by discussing our sexual and private matter with a third party. Don’t attempt to deny it; I heard you. Sam, did you ever ask me if I was a virgin? Did I ever tell you I was or I was not? If someone else gave you the impression, then why take it out on me? I would have preferred you spoke to me about it. I would have explained to you but for what you have done; I will never explain. That said, postpone our honeymoon for a week, I have somethings to do before we go. I have been transferred to Akwa Ibom so we will be residing here together”




“What the heck are you talking about?” Sam asked obviously irritated.




“Which of them ticked you off? My relocating here? I will be living with you as husband and wife. I will stay where my husband stays. I will not have a long distance relationship and then have a long distance marriage. We have to stay close enough to get to know each other better and intimately. We can’t do that if you are here and I am in Lagos. I thought you would be excited”




“Excited about what? You didn’t discuss with me before you took such a step. We agreed you would remain in Lagos while I stayed here until we relocate to Abuja when I win the House of reps election. Why then did you have to transfer down here? Are you suspecting me or something?”




“We are a newly married couple and we need to stay together. You told me you loved me and I love you too. I want to be with the love of my life always. When the opportunity was given to me, I took it. I thought you wanted the same thing so I decided to surprise you with it. Sam, I want to be with you every day and every night. That’s my heart desire. We need to make a few adjustments to this place though”




“We are moving to the other wing. It is like a duplex of its own. It is bigger than this place. Father insists we have our own private space”




‘Splendid! Our minds are working together. I will have to get an interior person to start work before we go on our honeymoon. It should be ready before we come back”




“Some work has already commenced there. If you are cancelling the first week of the honeymoon then we would only be there for a week. I have to resume work almost immediately”




Sam looked at his wife. She looked so innocent and sweet. Why did she have to listen in on their conversation? He really wanted to have a go so he could sleep calmly. He tried his luck again. “Baby, I’m sorry I talked about us to my sister. I had expectations that weren’t met. Now that is aside, come closer let me make love to you”




“Sam, I am not feeling good honestly. I need to take something” she then asked offhand, “Will you be coming with us to Lagos?”




“No. I’m staying back here since you cancelled the trip” he replied angrily.








The next morning, she went to inspect their new wing. It was a three bedroom duplex attached to the main building. It had its own entrance. It was much bigger and more spacious than the other wing. Some structural adjustments had been made to the Master bedroom. The sanitary wares had been replaced with modern ones. The kitchen cabinets were also being replaced. The painter was around when



she came inspecting. Farida chose the colours she wanted. She went through the magazines given to her to select everything she needed for the house. Sam had bought all the electronics the apartment needed himself. Farida had to attend to the furnishing and the kitchen fitting.




As she was discussing with the workers, her father-in-law came in. She greeted him and he responded. He then said,




“This place would have been ready a long time ago but Sam insisted on getting his own place outside this compound which I objected to. He is my first son and he can’t live outside his ancestral home like a pauper. It took him time to agree. Don’t worry, the contractor is very good. Before you are back from your honeymoon, the place will be ready”




“Thank you sir”




‘Don’t call me sir; call me daddy”




“Thank you daddy”




“Sam told me you have been redeployed here. I was happy to hear that. That’s why this place must be ready before you get back. Select whatever you want here and it will be made available”




“Thank you sir”




‘May I ask why you moved the honeymoon by a week?”



“I have some work to do in Lagos which includes handing over. Once that is sorted, we can go”




“I hope Sam didn’t offend you. If he does please report him to me and I will handle him. Whatever it is, please let me know. This marriage cannot fail. I have told Sam the same thing”




“Sir, sorry dad, he didn’t offend me. I also want the marriage to work. We want it to work. Don’t worry about us”




“You are a wise girl. I never objected to you because I know you are capable of changing Sam. He is a difficult person but I know you have the capacity to manage him. We men have what we cannot do without from our woman. Find what Sam can’t do without, what another can not give him and you will have him for life”




Farida pondered on this thought for a long time. She didn’t know what Sam couldn’t do without concerning her. It can’t be sex; he says she is bad at it. Is it food? The women here can cook well. What could it be? She kept it in mind. She was determined to find out soon




On the flight to Lagos, Monica and Farida sat together and had a chat about Sam and Monica’s conversation.




“I would have sworn you were a virgin”




‘I was”




“So why didn’t he meet a barrier?”



“I don’t know”




“Farida you know but you don’t want to share. When you are ready you will tell me”




“He said I am very bad in bed. To be candid it wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t enjoy it as well”




“Babes talk about Sam’s prowess but you are claiming not to have enjoyed it. This is a first and it is his wife. You don’t have experience and Sam will not be patient to teach you”




“So, what do I do?”




“You have to learn to please him. Think more about his pleasures than yours for now. You should surrender to him anyhow he wants and anytime”




“See, marriage is just once for me. I told my mother about it and …..”




“How can you discuss sex with your mother? That’s too personal to share with her”




“She has more experience and she knows how to get a practical solution not your lecture”




‘If not that I am travelling tonight I would have loved to hear the practical solution”



Maami was happy to see her daughter. She had contacted people and they were sending down the remedy.




“Maami, I wonder how you allowed a man do that thing to you over and over when you weren’t enjoying it. I need help maami. I want him to have sex with me and enjoy it. Sam can cheat on me if I don’t get this right”




“Everything will be fine. Put your mind at rest. The only thing is that you have to obey instructions. I promise you; it won’t fail you. He will not think about another lady except you. They are bringing it from Kogi. I know it works. It takes three days to work according to her. You will take it three days before your trip. Once you leave for your honeymoon, it will start work.”




Farida spent her time researching. She believed her mother would help her out of this dilemma. There were many more rivers to cross and she knew it.



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Sam tried every way to have intercourse with Farida before their trip but she refused asking him to wait patiently. Sam was getting frustrated. Why was she hoarding it? Isn’t it what he will enjoy when they get to their destination? He refused to talk to her on the trip from Nigeria but she didn’t seem to care. She completely ignored him and focused on the task ahead, Sam wondered what kind of woman she was. He was going to tell her about her bad behavior of ignoring him when he ignores her. She was supposed to beg him and appeal to him to talk to her but she ignored him too.




On their arrival at the Paradise Island in the Bahamas, they were driven to a beautiful luxury private resort. Farida loved the place. The scenery was so appealing. They were taken to the honeymoon suite which had been prepared for them. Farida left him alone in the room and went for a walk around the resort. People stared at her as she walked around. Some took pictures of her and with her. She explored until almost nightfall when Sam came looking for her.



Sam couldn’t understand Farida. She left him unhappy and took off. When he was tired of sulking, he went looking for her. She smiled when she saw him which gladdened his heart but he was still upset with her. They had dinner before going back to the room. Farida took her night bag into the bathroom, she had her bath and dressed up before she came out. Sam watched her enter the room in a light blue lacy lingerie which her mother asked her to wear on the first night. Sam couldn’t take his eyes off her as she came into the room. She walked past him as she went to drop her night bag. Farida climbed the bed knowing his eyes were following her like a hawk waiting for its prey. She prayed it worked this time. Sam worked into the bathroom and was out in a jiffy. Farida was shy so she turned off her bed lamp.




He joined her on the bed. He tried to kiss her but she moved away. He held her and dragged her closer. “Why are you doing this to me? Ok, I’m sorry. I want you. I desire you. I love you”




Before Farida could say anything, his lips were on hers. He kissed her. He tasted something fruity from her mouth and lips which were appealing to him and made him dive deeper into her mouth. His hand travelled around her body while he kissed. He stopped and helped her remove her lingerie. Her eyes were still closed. “She wasn’t a virgin so why was she shy?” Sam wondered. He kissed her breasts as he beheld them in his hands. When he found his way between her legs, she was soaking wet. Sam stroke her a bit more and the wetness was flowing, he had never had such experience before. He tried to hold back but he couldn’t. He penetrated her. The pleasure he felt as he thrust drove him crazy. He couldn’t believe the sweetness he was feeling. She had closed her eyes again and he didn’t like that. He stopped and turned her to the side to said, “Open your eyes. I want you to look at me as I do this” and he thrust into her again. It went on for a few more minutes before he was spent. Farida tried to stand up to go and clean up but he stopped her. He held her close to him which made her smile. She had gotten him where she wanted him. It was long after she felt something hard poking her back. She stood up. She told him she had to take a bath before he goes again. He was surprised but he agreed. For every time they had a round of sex, she took a bath immediately after. He later found out it was a Muslim thing. When she came back, she went on her knees. Sam was shocked to see her take that position, he didn’t allow it waste.



The spent the whole night taking different positions before they were exhausted and they finally fell asleep.




They woke up very late the next morning because of the activities of the night. Farida felt good. She could see and feel the satisfaction in her husband. She had a bath and dressed up before waking Sam up for breakfast. Breakfast was had by the pool side before they walked hand in hand along the shore of the sea. The strolled further to a quiet place where they sat down to talk.

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“Farida, I love you. Last night was amazing. So you had been reserving these skills until now. The first night is always the best night”




Farida was still uncomfortable talking about sex. She followed her mother’s instruction on how to take the herbs she brought. They were supposed to make her excited and make her private part satisfying to her husband that he would always come back for more. It happened just as she said it. She also cautioned her not to tell anyone. Farida, on her own, bought books on how to satisfy her husband. She also did more research online. She watched Karma sutra videos and put them to practice last night. Sam was talking all through their sexcapade. He kept saying he couldn’t have enough of her. He professed his love for her repeated last night. It made her understand what her mother said, good sex can hold a man,




“But there is something I don’t like about you” Sam added.




‘What is it?” Farida asked quite apprehensive.




“When I am upset with you and ignore you, you do not ask for forgiveness or ask what is wrong. Instead you ignore me also. Why do you do that?”



Farida relaxed and let out a chuckle. Then she said, “Sam, you are not a kid. I do not believe an adult should sulk just because he didn’t get what he wanted. I believe an adult should talk about issues and resolve them than throw tantrums or sulk. When my brothers behaved like that, my mother never entertained it. They were kids. Grown men shouldn’t behave like kids. What do you then teach the children?”




Sam felt like a little child while she spoke. He realized he would never win an argument with Farida. Her arguments were always constructive and intelligent. She was intelligent and a great lover, what more did he want?




The honeymoon week went so fast. Sam insisted they stayed in Lagos for another week before going back to their home. They lodged in a hotel and Sam was having the time of his life with his wife. He observed she was never tired. He was the one that was getting exhausted. But she never complained or agreed to talk about their sex life. She was always shy with him. She would shrink almost into the wall if he walked into the bathroom while she was taking a shower. She always dresses up in there too. The only time he saw her na.ked was in bed. He didn’t fuss; he liked it.




Their married life resumed when they got to their new home. The house was lovely and very homely just they way Farida wanted it. She left the sitting room for the bedroom. It was just the way she imagined it would be. The walls were painted a mix of silvery gray and peach. The bed was in the middle of the room. There was a long couch by the side, their wardrobe on one side of the wall leading to the bathroom. Her dresser was on the other side while her dressing table was beside it. There was a small rug in front of the bed.




Her kitchen was sizeable and spacious. The cabinets were finished wood. She had a large case cooker, brand new pots, pans, plates and every other kitchen utensil. Most of the utensils were from the wedding gifts given to her by her family. She was happy. She didn’t really have time to get acquainted with her new environment as she would be resuming work after the weekend.



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