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Sam contested and won the Local Government Chairmanship.




His father initially didn’t buy into the idea but when he went through the entire plan, he agreed to support him but told him it was only for one term as he would be going into the House of Rep.




Sam relocated to the village for months leading to the election and interacted with the people. He went for his campaign himself and talked to the people in his language. He was so glad he could speak his local dialect as his father had made it mandatory for him to visit the village every Christmas and made him learn the


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language. Now it paid off. The villagers came out enmass chanting his name while casting their votes. He won with a landslide.




Sam invited Farida before the election to join him since it was her idea. She refused to come but when he insisted and threatened to come to her house in Lagos to bundle her, she got on the flight to Akwa Ibom. He was at the airport to meet her.




“We are really doing this” he said to her.




“Yes, it’s the beginning of great things”



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“Let’s make history together”




Sam wanted Farida to stay in Monica’s room but she declined and insisted on staying in a hotel nearby. Farida didn’t want his father or stepmother to know she was around. He suggested he smuggles her upstairs. Farida didn’t like it at all and mentioned it to him. In his defence he told her he needed her support more than anyone’s. Once she was with him there; he was sure to win. She stayed in the hotel and he won.




The celebration was never ending in the compound. People trooped in to congratulate the young man who was bent on making a difference in his community. His cousins who returned to support him were also there to jubilate with him. All that was on Sam’s mind was Farida. He sent her series of messages asking her to be patient with him as he would join her soon.




Finally, he went to meet her. She was already asleep when he came in. He knocked on her door and she opened up for him. In his excitement he hugged her and said,



“I couldn’t have done this without you. You are the best thing to happen to me. Without lobbying or bribing anyone, I won the election. You are so smart, Farida”




“Congratulations. I am happy for you” Farida replied while wriggling out of the embrace.




“What’s the next thing I need to do?”




“Be the best Chairman the community has ever had or seen. Make remarkable impact. Win the hearts of the people even more by your good deeds. It looks like a low position but watch and see how you would use that position to perform wonders. Once you have the heart of the people; you have the heart of God”




Sam was quiet. She had a point. The people were all he needed. Farida was a strategist and he needed her in his team especially in the future. How would he achieve that?




Farida refused the relationship advancing which he found strange. Most ladies would have fallen at three weeks maximum but she was still very cautious with him and digressed when he brings up the relationship. If she was not sure of what she wanted, he was. He wanted her. She was a wife material and he would do anything to have her. Imagine being beautiful, intelligent and smart at the same time. He decided he would discuss it with her that night whether she liked it or not.




“Farida, we have been dating for some time now. I have enjoyed the times I have spent with you thus far. I have also gotten to know you and I must confess; I admire the real you. That said, Farida, I will like to make our relationship official. I want to tell my father about our relationship. I am not proposing yet but I want you to know my genuine intentions. I want you to be mine and mine alone”



Farida looked at Sam as though he was mad. How would he tell his family he was in a relationship with her? Monica will definitely find out and she didn’t want that. She refused for now until they knew where it was headed.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Farida liked Sam. There was something about him that attracted her to him. She suspects it was his confidence. He was so confident that it showed in all he did. Also, he was a handsome guy with class. Anywhere they went, the ladies stared at him. He was also a go getter. Once she gives him an idea, he expands on it and starts work immediately. He listens to everything she says to him. He compliments her every minute. The compliments made her feel wonderful and appreciated. Whenever he talked to her, he was happy and she was glad. She never saw him with another lady whenever they were together. He never spoke strangely on the phone. He was just focused on her, work and his campaign. She was beginning to nurse the idea of a future together.




Sam spent the night in the hotel room with her. He fell asleep as they talked. He slept of on the bed while she took the couch. She didn’t sleep until the next morning, she didn’t want to be caught unawares. She didn’t need to worry as Sam was completely fagged out. She had dozed off at a point and woke up at that time.She woke up and had her bath at about 6am. She packed her things and set them for the airport.




Sam finally woke up at 9am. His phone persistently ringing woke him up. When he picked up, it was his father. They conversed in his language before he stood up.




“Good morning. I can see you are set for the airport. Have breakfast and I will join in the next hour. I’ve told my father my girlfriend is around and I can only meet people by 12 noon. So, I will freshen up, have breakfast with my father and then take you to the airport. Is that ok?”




“It’s fine”



Sam was back by 11am to take her to the airport. At the airport, he gave her a hug and allowed her leave. Immediately she landed Lagos, he was the first to call her. A car was waiting to take her home. When she protested about the car, he told her, “You are my good luck charm and my treasure. I will always take care of you” This brought a smile to Farida’s face.




Eight months into his tenure as the Chairman of the Local Government, there was a visible difference in the community. He was familiar with the Governor and fought for his LG’s allocation. All the projects slated to be done by the government were followed up and contractors were forced to walk according to his standard. Sam was well known. He got his family members to help raise funds to improve he standard of the schools and hospitals in the LG. He built platforms at the waterfront to make it safer for fishermen and their customers.




He was an eligible bachelor so mothers both far and near brought their daughters to be considered as a wife for Sam. Sam thought it was a joke until it was becoming embarrassing. He was not interested in any of them. His father began to pester him to choose a wife quickly so he will be better respected.




Sam discussed his predicament with Farida. They hadn’t seen that often due to their jobs but they spoke at least five times in a day. Sam didn’t want anyone around Farida. He knew he wanted her for keeps but he was worried about some issues.




She is from Kwara state


She is Muslim


Her parents are divorced like his


She didn’t belong to their class


Monica would be against the union



The pressure from his family and community was getting too much. He had to confide in his father that he had someone but she wasn’t from his place.




“It would have been better you take someone from your community. But if I can meet the girl and check if she aligns with our plans. It will be difficult but bring her”




Sam came to Lagos. He picked Farida up as though they were going on a date. Then he brought her to the office. Farida wondered what was going on but he said his father had been asking after her so he promised to bring her to meet him.




His father was very happy to see Farida. It had been a while he saw her.




“Your friend accused me of not wanting her happiness and she left for Germany to work with her stepfather. I offered her a job in this company but she declined. She has refused to speak with me since then. I know her mother might be behind her decision to leave. One day she will realise her mistake and come back. I will be waiting”




They talked some more and when they were ready to leave, Sam took Farida to the secretary’s office and then went back to his father’s office.




“What do you think about Farida?”




“She is a nice girl”




‘She is the one dad”





“The one what?”




‘The one I want to marry”




His father sat back on his chair. He was speechless. How would he handle this? On one hand Farida would make a perfect daughter in law but on the other hand there were a lot of issues that would be raised. Why did Sam have to fall in love with her?




‘Dad, please say something”




“It will be a hard sell. A Yoruba girl who is a Muslim? A very hard sell. Why not someone else?”




“The idea of starting from the grassroot to do politics was her idea. The plan I have put in place is also hers. She is smart dad and I love her”




“How long has this been going on?”




“We just started dating. She is still very scared of Monica’s reaction so we decided to keep it quiet”




‘So, she is behind your transformation?”




“Yes dad. She will be a positive addition to my life and family if I marry her”




“You are right but it will still be difficult. Let me think about it”



Farida’s conscience was pricking her. She had hidden something so important from her mother in a bid to ensure she was doing the right thing. Sam became a regular in Lagos and wanted to spend more time with her. He begged her to come to Akwa Ibom on weekends when no one was around but she was scared. She didn’t want to be left alone with him. She didn’t trust him enough to let her guards down even though she liked him a lot.




He had demanded for a kiss which he didn’t give her the chance to accept or decline. Unlike the kiss she shared with Wale, Sam kiss always left her breathless and asking for more. His hands had started probing her body when they kissed which Farida pointed out to him, she didn’t like but he wouldn’t stop.




“I have no other girlfriend and I am not having sex with any other babe. If it is just kisses you would allow, then let me enjoy them. I won’t go beyond the boundaries you have set”




Farida found herself longing for the kisses and his touch. She had discovered her panties got very wet whenever they kissed and he touched her. She had to research on why she felt that way but she wasn’t getting the responses she needed. She asked Monica.


“Who is doing you Farida?” she asked jokingly.




“Doing me? How?”




“Who are you making out with?”




“I just asked a question and you are asking Jamb questions in return”




“Wale won’t be happy o. He is waiting to be your first”



“First what?”




“Your first now. The first guy that will break the hymen. I thought you enjoyed the kiss between both of you. The guy is in love, don’t break his heart”




“I told you I like Wale but I don’t see him as a lover but more like a brother. I reacted to the kiss because I have never been kissed like that before. But this kiss is different. It is deep, demanding, very erotic and sensual. My private part gets wet just thinking about it. I am trying to find out what is wrong with me but I still don’t know. How can another human’s touch turn me to jelly?”




“I think you have found true love as I found in Francis. Why are you hiding the guy from me? Or is he someone I know?”




“Let’s not talk about him. What’s up with you? How is work?”




“Work is fine. I am writing my ACA examinations now. Papi is treating me very well”




“Any guy?”



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“You know Germans don’t like fat women”




“You haven’t lost weight?”




“No. Francis likes me this way. I don’t want to look different when he comes. I have learnt how to carry my fat well”



“What of your health? Aren’t you worried about that?”




“When I see Francis that’s when we will decide what is to be done about it”




“Monica! Why should you love a guy more than yourself?”




“The guy messing with your body, don’t you love him? Farida, you pretend a lot. You have allowed a guy have access to your body and you are telling me that ordinary kiss is getting you wet. Am I a child?”




Farida was shocked at her response. “Monica, I could have sworn you knew me very well. Give a guy access to my body? We’ve only kissed. He hasn’t touched any sensitive part of my body. You know me and all I stand for”




‘I don’t know again o. I am trying to understand the fact that you have changed so much as to allow a guy kiss you. What happened to waiting until you get married? Anyway, as long as it is not Francis then it’s fine by me. Farida has a mystery lover. Ok o!”




“It is not Francis and you will know in due time”





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