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Must Read: Broken – Episode 8

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Episode 8






“What video does she want to release if you don’t follow her rules? It has to do with me right?”


“Yes, it’s your sex video” he replied


“My sex video?” I asked to be sure I heard right “Yes your sex video” he looked at me warily

“A sex video with you right?” I asked, quite unbelieving my ears


“Your sex video with another girl, the girl’s face wasn’t clear but it was definitely you with another girl”

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I looked at him n shocked confusion


“You know, you being a lesbian and stuff” he added “What!!!?” I screamed “lesbian??”


“I’m going to strangle that Jane of a devil when I set my eyes on her” Lily snarled beside me


“She told you I’m a lesbian? Is that why you broke up?” I asked


He looked guilty but nodded anyway


“I can’t believe this Kev, why didn’t you ask me? You were supposed to trust me more than anyone else Kev” I shook my head in disbelief


“I wish I can turn back the hands of time” he said softly


“What else did she tell you?”

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“She showed me screenshots of your nu.des you sent to a guy”


“I’ve never cheated on you Kev, I would never do that to you. I can’t believe you didn’t trust me”


“What was I supposed to do, I was very hurt and I didn’t want to hear you lie. She had all the proofs against you Tri, then I wanted to be with you after everything, but she threatened me with the video. She asked me to break up with you and I felt you reputation and career is important to me”


“Why’s Trish after me?” I lamented


“Are you seriously not a lez?”


“I said I’m not. I’m very straight” I snapped at him.


“Maybe she’s the lesbian” Lily said “but the question is how did you end up with a girl on bed and how did she get your nu.des?”


“I remember her in my room one day, I had just finished having my bath and I forget my towel in the room and she’s my best friend, I wasn’t shy about my nudity but I noticed she was with her phone.”


“That explains how she got the pictures” Lily clarified


“Whatever, I don’t care. I’m gonna start fashion designing” I replied


They both looked at me like I’ve grown four heads “what?!” I asked



“Fashion designing?” They asked at once.


“Yes? Anything wrong?” I asked


“What about your career?” Kev asked


“It’s clearly down forever. I’ll sew clothes anonymously for other celebrities. I have passion for sewing”


“Ohhh” Lily said “that’s nice then”






Two weeks later,


Kelvin has been coming over every day since Jane released the video and I found out the truth about our relationship.


Jane has not stopped disturbing him but he doesn’t give a damn any longer.


It feels good to have him back though and even more good to see him trying to win my heart back.


My fashion designing is progressing pretty well too. I have lots of orders from people. I used “your good fairy” as my fashion label. I’ve also been busy with my come back cloth with the little time I have left. I felt sure I’m going to make a comeback entry very soon. I just have to take Jane away from the picture.


I haven’t heard from or seen Dallas too, maybe he saw the video and believes Jane but one thing is certain, he and Lily are seeing each other. She comes home very late and she told me she has broken up with her boyfriend.





It feels so good to be in power and to control two powerful men but both of them aren’t sparing me a glance any longer.

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Kelvin is busy trying to get back to Trish while Dallas, I don’t know but he hasn’t been in contact with Trish.


Planning and setting up everything had been too easy.


Kelvin is dumb, Trish, foolish and trusting and Dallas, his mother’s son.


Trish and I have been friends since the first day of college.


I know everything about her, all her secrets and fears but she knows just little about me.


One major thing she doesn’t know is that I’m a lesbian.


Yes I am but my parents are against it and my fans are already guessing.


I had to stop them but all the men I know are after Trish.


She’s like a magnet and draws men towards her, she always get what she wants while I’m left behind picking up crumbs.


I decided I was going to be in charge and have the men instead.


Her boyfriend or rather fiance was my target and he fell for my tricks.


It shows he didn’t really trust but they’re bond was strong, he wanted to go back to her and it left me no choice but to threaten him.


I got Trish nu.des when she came out of the bathroom clad and I was there sitting in her room.


Then since she trusts me so much, I took her phone and logged in to her Facebook account and sent her to nu.des to another account I created acting as a boy.



I showed the screenshots to Kelvin, then feeling that wasn’t enough for me to achieve my aim, I drugged her a little and had sex with her while videoing it.


That video has proved to be very useful and that’s what’s going to be my next weapon to tarnish her image.


That way, no guy would ever look at her not to talking of taking her in a date.


They’ll all come for me, the acting victim


I smirked in victory, I’m going to show Kelvin I’m always serious with my threats.


I brought out my laptop and sent the video out on Instagram through an anonymous account I opened.


“Let them deal with the big blow now”








( Heal my heart ; the girl is mine )



Written by Haryormideh Ayeni


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