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Must Read: Broken – Episode 6

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 6





This is a total nightmare.


“Don’t answer me now, let’s find a way to get rid of the press first” she added.


“No we aren’t getting rid of them” I stood up and smoothed my dress “I’m going to talk them”


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I left Lily, who froze and was looking at me like I’ve grown two heads and went outside to meet the press


“Hello” I smiled brightly.


The camera lights flashed, blinding me temporarily.


“Is it true you’re best friends with Jane?”


“We were, we aren’t best friends anymore” I replied “What happened?”


“Ask her that question, I’m sure she has a really interesting answer to give you”


“Are you living alone?”




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“Why did you choose to live in a secluded place?”


“I’m sure we don’t have the same taste in things” I wriggled my eyebrows at her


“You have a boyfriend?”




“Why are you sounding bored?”



“Because I am, I was about getting my beauty sleep before y’all came, disturbing my rest. You know I could sue you right?”


“Do you have an agent?”


I continued, ignoring her questions “So I’m going back to house and I expect you all do the same.”


The camera lights kept flashing while the reporters grumbled, murmuring incoherent words.


The gate open and I was back in my compound feeling fulfilled.


“Now tell me what all that was about” Lily frowned at me


“Sure I will sis, maybe together we can fight back”


Her eyes twinkled mischievously, trust Lily to be interested in stuffs like this.




When we got back to the living room, we both sat down on the floor opposite each while I told her about my life story.


“I am speechless” she breathed out


“Tell me about it” I sighed “, I won’t run away from them, not anymore”


“Yeah I agree with that, first why don’t you give Dallas a chance. He might change your opinion about men”


“I’m thinking to do exactly that, I think his intentions might be true” I blushed, remembering the structure of his face.


“She’s blushing……” Lily cooed on my ears.


“Oh stop it” I shunned her playfully and went to the kitchen.



“When are you going to find him?”


“Tomorrow” I smiled and brought out a bottle of yogurt.


Cool, I’ll dress you up to my taste” she grinned “Yes auntie” I stuck out my tongue.


She hates when I call her auntie.






The following day, I was dressed to kill, courtesy of Lily.


The idea is to make him drool and ask me out on a date probably.


I just want to take things slowly with him and see where it takes us.


I got into my car and drove out, tracing the club then his house.


I retouched my make up and looked at my face with a compact mirror.


I placed a smile on my face and went to his door.


I opened it on the first try, it wasn’t locked and called out “Hello”


Sounds seem to come from behind one of the closed doors.


I moved closer and opened the door “Dallas?”


His back was turned to me.


He jumped up at the sound of his name looking guilty and very angry.


Tears pricked at my eyes as I stood still.


He was kissing Jane.




My time, make up clothes and energy and been a waste.


All men are the same, I would never marry any of those useless creatures, they can’t control themselves not say no to every woman that come their way.


I’m just gonna adopt teo children and live a peaceful life ever after.


I was very hurt.


Why’s Jane after my life?? I can’t remember doing any wrong to her one way or the other.


We all stood still, looking at each other, neither breaking the silence.


I looked at Jane in the eye with so much hatred. “Bitch” I spat at her and left, driving in anger and hate.




Monday morning, I got up and prepared for work.


My mind was still reeling from what happened the day before.


I’ve muttered every curse word I know and I’m not feeling any better yet, refusing to cry.


Thankfully, Lily hasn’t been back since yesterday, else would have vent out my anger on her.


I drove past the front entrance, the paparazzi were very much, some stood on the streets.


What’s wrong?”



I parked on the other side of the street and entered the company through the back.


People I greeted ignored my greetings and instead looked at me in disgust.


“Hey Linda” I greeted my boss


She barely spared me a glance, which is highly unusual for her.


“I’m sorry Trish, you’re fired. The public doesn’t want you again”


This is another blow to my emotional self.


“Why??” I managed to ask


“You haven’t logged in to any of your social media accounts?”


“No” I shook my head


“I advice you do, I’m not in the right position to tell you, the public are supporting the young lady who made the video and they strongly hate you. What’s the name of the girl?” She asked one of the models beside her


“Jane” the person replied


“Jane???!” My mind screamed


“Look into her ask if she would be interested in working with us”


“Okay” she replied and left


“I’m so disappointed, Trish” she looked at me now “I thought so highly of you. Now if you would excuse me, I have better things to do”


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