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Must Read: Broken – Episode 4

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 4





“What the heck is wrong with that girl??” I hit the steering wheel in frustration.


I saved her from rape yesterday night and she’s never going to say thank you for that because she’s never going to know and she doesn’t want to give me, the baby of the house, my mother’s son, her number.


Girls always fall flat to worship me because of my good looks and when they know I’m Dallas of R&D companies, they sell their souls to me.


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But she, she! She’s just different, no reaction when I told her my identity, instead she just looked irritated.


Wait a sec, beneath her facade, I saw something related to sorrow.


Has she at some point be betrayed and left to piece back her broken heart?


Either way, sooner or later, I’m going to find her again and this time, I know her house and have her address.

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“She wouldn’t be able to run away from me and she’ll fall on love with me.” I thought smugly as I drove back home.





I stood frozen unsure of what to do.


I don’t know if I should slam the door on her face or allow her in.

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Maybe she’s come to apologize for sleeping with my ex fiance.


I chose to believe she was crushing on Kelvin, so I’ve forgiven her long time ago.


I was about slamming the door when she walked in like she owned the house.



Turns out I won’t have to decide again.


“How did you find me?” I asked, following her into the living room.


“I followed you here when I caught sight of you driving on the road.” She looked around


It wasn’t easy to change plans and follow my best friend home” she added “You mean ex best friend?” I couldn’t stop the hate from dripping into my voice “I see you’ve done a good job” she ignored my comment.


“Don’t test my patience Jane, what the heck are you doing here?”


“I told you” she smirked “I’m paying my best friend a visit”


“We ceased to be best friends the day I caught you with Kelvin you whore”


“I see you’ve learnt a lot too, once upon a time, you wouldn’t say whore or any swear words because it tastes vile in your mouth” she grinned


“Get to the point Jane and get out of my house fast else I’ll call the police and charge you with assault”


Her face turned hard.


I’ve never seen her face hard nor seen any cruel expression on her face.


She has been a pretender all along, a sheep in wolf clothing. I wonder why she’s not an actress.


“I’ve come to warn you to stay away from Kelvin. I heard he’s in town and he’s mine and mine alone”


I laughed in surprise, infuriating her further



“You think I want Kelvin?” I said in between laughs.


“You both disgust me” I spat “you can both go to hell for all I care”


“That’s good” she stood “we have a mutual understanding”


“Oh, I see you’re feeling insecure, both of you must have really bad misunderstanding for you not to know he’ll be coming here”


“You aren’t going to revenge? Payback?” She wriggled her eyebrows


“I can’t waste my precious time on pests” I said dismissively


She glared daggers at me and stomped out, slamming the door behind her.


I collapsed on the couch and curled myself.


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I pinched myself hard just to be sure it’s reality.


“Why’s the universe against me? Two fugitives from my past has come crawling back to me.”


I left them to show I can do better without them and so far, that’s what I’ve done except from the fact I’m still broken deep inside.


This is too much to take in.


She knows my house now, I hope she doesn’t come here again.









I stayed in the alley waiting her my prey to pass.


I’ve been waiting for the past few hours and there’s no sign.


If after waiting for another hour I don’t see her, I’ll go back home and come back tomorrow.


My heart beat in excitement as I stood in anticipation.


If everything goes to plan, I’ll be seeing Tricia very soon.


I caught sight of her walking on front of me.


I stood for few seconds before calling after her.


“Lily?” I called out


She stopped and turned around “who are you?” She frowned.


“My name is Kelvin and I need to meet with Tricia, I have a business proposal for her”


Really?” Her eyes lit up “Yeah” I couldn’t help grinning






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