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Must Read: Broken – Episode 3

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 3





Finding Tricia wasn’t easy, I never expected her to be in Chicago.



I saw she’s more beautiful, her hair has grown longer and her skin is flawless.


I see she has done well with no one by her side, she’s one hell of a hard-working woman.

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If we hadn’t broken, we would have built our family now.


My heart clenched in regret.


Seeing her again last night made my heart leap crazily and my stomach flutter.


It brought back memories that are deep inside me.


This is my woman, the one who never doubted me and always stood by me.


My first love.


Then I realized something.


I’m still in love with her, I’ve never stopped loving her.

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I shouldn’t have listened to Jane, I trusted her because she’s Tricia’s best friend.


No matter what Tricia does, my heart still beats for her.


I’m ready to overlook the nu.des she sent to some random guy and her video taped sex video which I doubt she knows about, not that I care anyway. I don’t care about it again and whatever she might do in the future.


I want her back and I’m going to stop at nothing to get her and most especially heal her broken heart while I investigate why Jane sent me the video and pictures apart wanting to be an item with me.


I believe she has something against Trish. I just need to get to the root of everything but either way, Trish is mine not that guy’s.


I took my mobile phone and called my agent.



“Have you gotten her address?”



“No, I haven’t. Seems she doesn’t want to be found”



“Well it’s your job to find her. That’s what I paid you for”I snapped Why’s getting her address or phone number damn hard??


“I’ll continue trying sir”



“You had better do” I hung up and poured myself a drink.


Are you thinking about me now Trish?


Because right now, I am.





“That’s not a nice way to talk to a person who saved you yesterday” He replied


I frowned at him, still trying to recall all that happened yesterday night “what’s your name again?”


” Dallas” he grinned


“Okay, thanks Dallas but what happened to my clothes?”


“I removed them” he smirked


“What an asshole!” I stood up immediately, the sheets fall from my body.


I had my nanny remove them for you yesterday” he laughed “don’t get all worked up”



I sighed in relief “thanks anyway, can you get me my clothes, I need to go to work”


“You work on Saturdays?” He asked


“Oh…..well I need to go home” I replied


“Alright, let me get your clothes and drop you off”


“No don’t worry about dropping me off” I said quickly ” just take me back to the club, my car is there”


“Oh okay”


He dropped the water and aspirin on the bedside table before going.


I eyed the water and aspirin the decided not to use it, I can’t trust a total stranger.






Later, we were on our way back to the club in silence. I wasn’t in the mood to talk, Remembering Kelvin set my mood off.


“Aren’t you interested in knowing how you ended up in my house yesterday?” He glanced at me.


“No” I replied “besides you told me you took me there yourself and you seem gentlemanly. You must have a good reason but I’m not interested in knowing”


“Oh well can I have your number?”


“No” I snapped, already feeling irritated.


The guy talks too much.


“I’m the CEO of R&D companies, and the heir to the company. I’m a public figure” he said







“So aren’t you interested in having my number?”


“No” I snapped again


“I’m my mother’s baby and the last born. I’m twenty nine years old and I love my two sisters very much”


“Okay” I said curtly


“Currently our house work 21 million dollars while my apartment worth 10 million dollars”


I ignored him


“My eldest sister is married while the other is getting married next weekend”


“Congratulations to her”


“Yeah, congratulations to her! I recently broke up with my girlfriend because I caught her cheating on me”


“My hobby is singing and hiking, I love Bollywood. Pink is my favorite color”


“Aren’t you going to say anything?” He asked me


I saw the club in view and turned to him.


“I’m from a poor background, I live in a hut, I ride a bicycle. I’m the only child. My eldest brother got married last three weeks, then my sister last two weeks, my other brother last week, my mother is getting married this week and finally my dad will get married next week, leaving the house and pests in my care. Eventually I’ll



get married to the farm. Thanks for the ride!” I opened the car door and got out, mistakenly slamming the door in process.


I breathed out in relief when I heard him zoom off.


I entered my car and drove home very fast, the house was silent when I entered.


I went directly to my bathroom and had my bath before falling down on my bed and sleep, hoping everything that happened is a dream.


My past can’t come crawling back to me, it’s unfair.


I had barely slept when the doorbell rang.


Lily doesn’t ring the bell, she has her key or maybe she forgot it.


I went back to the living room and opened the door.


I was well wide awake when I saw who was at the door.




“Yeah?” She replied blowing out a gum


“What are you doing here?”


“Paying you a visit”






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