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Must Read: Broken – Episode 1

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 1






“Hey Tricia” My director called out to me as I made my way out after a stressful day of modelling.


Striking the same pose over and over again is very frustrating.

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Work here in Chicago can be fun and stressing and let’s not talking about the constant press who always seem to follow me wherever I go.

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They give me no breathing space, my plan to keep a low profile was ruined thanks to the paparazzi.



Unlike other celebrities, I don’t use securities.


Most times if I want to go out, I go on a disguise.


The only worker I have is my maid.


She’s the only one person I’ve taken a liking to since after ‘The Incident’


She’s just few years younger than me and sometimes I think she’s too matured for her age.


As a live-in maid, I give her all the freedom she needs. Just because she’s working for me doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have time for herself too.


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Currently, I’m boyfriendless and I don’t see that changing anytime.


All men apart from my father are scumbags, fools, crazy, stupid and every bad word I can think of.


They are cheats, liars and womanizer.


One woman is never enough for them.


Just thinking about them drives me crazy.


Every Friday night, I sit in my living and watch a horrific movie with a big cup of popcorn on my laps and two can soda by my side.


Lily, my maid, watches the movie with me and most times complain of me not watching romantic movie, especially if the horror movie scares the heck out of her.


“Hey Linda” I turned back to my director and gave her the I’m- in-a-hurry kind of look.



“That look isn’t going to work on me today Trish, you say you’re in a hurry but you just go home, collapse in your bed and read a horror or crime novel” she eyed me


How did you know?” I asked


I guessed and you just confirmed it”


I shook my head in amusement ” so what’s it? Why did you stop me?”


” There’s this party coming up tomorrow night and….. ”


I’m not interested, I’ve got plans for my Friday night” I cut her off


Well you are going to cut off whatever plans you’ve got tomorrow” she said with a stern look ” you’re going to attend that party. It’s an other. My friend is opening a club and it’s mandatory for everyone to attend”


What if I still say no?” I asked


You might lose your job, have paparazzi in your house the next morning and set you up on a thousand dates” she shrugged.


Really?!” I exclaimed “Are you serious? ”


Sadly, I am dead serious”


I scoffed and blinked severally, unable to believe my ill luck.


“So what do you say?”


“Fine, I’ll go” I turned on my heels and stomped off


“Remember not to dress too casual, it’s a opening party” she shouted after me


” I’ll remember” I replied and doubt if she heard me



“And don’t try standing me up, you know I always mean my threats” she shouted again.


” Sure you do” I muttered angrily and slammed the door.


Immediately I got out, I was consumed with flashlights and bombarded with silly questions.


In my anger and haste to leave Linda, I had used the main entrance and here’s the result.


I almost braced myself to make for a run but I remembered if I run, the headline that evening would read “Tricia White, Chicago hot model was chased out of the building by a rat”


So with my head high and my chin up, I walked out of their midst carefully and stopped when very necessary.


Once I got into the safety of my car, I let out the breath I didn’t know I’ve been holding, ignited the car engine and zoomed off.


I remembered Linda and hit the acceleration pedal hard.


Maybe I should get into an accident, it would be a perfect excuse but knowing Linda, even if I end up with two broken legs, a concussion and two bandaged arms and is on the hospital bed, Linda will sneak me out to the party.


I quickly erased the idea from my head because that would also mean the end of my career and I don’t want to jeopardize it. It’s the only meaningful thing in my life.


“There’s no escaping this party” I sighed


Ever since ‘The incident’ I distanced myself from social gathering and friends.


I go to my family at times but I prefer being alone.


It’s probably not healthy for a twenty-five-year old like but I don’t give a damn.


I drove through the gate into my abode. It’s the only thing the press doesn’t know.


They don’t know where I live, at times if I catch them trailing behind me, I take them for a very long drive.


When they see the road leads to nowhere, they turn back.


One time, one had been so adamant on knowing my house.


After a very long drive and I saw she was determined, I stopped by the side of the road and entered into the bush.


I saw her stop her car in a distance too and hurried to catch up with me.


I entered into the forest and came out in a clearing, there I sat down and pretend to talk to a imaginary spirit.


When she saw me sitting in the forest floor, she gasped in shock and continued watching.


I discreetly brought out my phone and played a lion’s roar.


She screamed and ran for her dear life while I kept hitting replay on my phone.


When I saw the coast was clear, I drove to my house in satisfaction.


In the headline that came out the following morning, “I was named a psycho.”


I entered the house and met Lily preparing cookies in the kitchen.


My stomach rumbled in hunger.


“Welcome, have a seat. I’ll bring some cookies for you”


I obeyed her and sat in the dining room.


She set a plate of cookies and a chocolate drink in front of me and sat opposite me.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen


I bit into the cookies hungrily and ate.


“Okay so spill” she said after my third cookie


“What?” I asked


“You’ve obviously had a bad day, so tell me about it. You’ll feel somewhat relieved”


How many times do I have to tell you that I can handle things myself and I don’t need anybody’s help?” I asked in a dangerously calm voice


She didn’t seem the least bothered since this isn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation.


“Don’t keep everything to yourself, you don’t even have friends so just tell me. If you’re bothered, angry or sad, just know I’m here for you” she said


You’re adamant huh?”


I’m my father’s daughter” she winked.


Okay, I’ll just tell you this time but keep it in that brain of yours that there won’t be a next time”


Yes boss” she did a mock salute.


Linda threatened me to go to a party tomorrow night”


Yipeeee” she pumped her fist in the air “that’s good news”


No it’s not because I don’t want to” I snapped



Why?” She asked


You can’t understand” I sighed and rubbed my temple.


Maybe you should try going just this once” she replied


“I don’t have a choice” I muttered and caught her trying hard to hide her grin but she failed woefully.


I shook my head and head up my room with the chocolate drink in my hand and the cookies in the other.


I entered the club in a simple gown and sandals.


I hope they keep the paparazzi off.


I looked around and saw there were other celebrities too.


This is really bad, if anyone comes near me, I’ll be sure to embarrass them.


I glared at men that trying coming to me and they swiftly turned on their feets in the middle of the room.


Another Celebrity entered and everywhere was silent, even the music seemed to slow down.


The cologne that wafted in the room seems vaguely familiar.


I took a deep breath and tried remembering where I’ve smelt the cologne.


My eyes snapped to the entrance and we made eye contact.


I was beyond shocked, I felt my heart crumbling to pieces as I remembered what happened.


<<<<Two years ago>>>>




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