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Multi Billionaire – Episode 7

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By : Samson Blessing






As soon as I drove the car into the compound, Pesh hopped down and I joined hands in packing her bags inside. I couldn’t believe my baby sister was that better in growing up. I bet she really changed a great time.


We finally got inside and I stood faced her.




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“You can make your self comfortable while you are here. Perhaps, you’ve been here a couple of times so I guess you know everywhere around”.


“Why wouldn’t i? Afterall am you sis”.


“I know so make yourself comfortable, am going to go have my bath”. I walked out.






I stood still there before making my move… I knew my room well so I packed my bags inside. Everywhere was looking so good and stunning though I didn’t see any trace of a maid around. When I came previously, there where up to ten maids here and now there’s none. Well, that wasn’t what I came for. I needed to observe all the rooms before going to bed.


I went to Sofia’s room, it was locked. I guess so, obviously that was what I expected. How could I possibly come back to see that a dead girl’s room wasn’t locked.




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I moved to the next room. Wow! This was Bryan’s secret room. I dreaded this room badly because of how dark and scary it looked. Only I, Bryan and Sophia knew the password to this room. I smiled as I typed the password on the tab. I could still remember it clearly.




I walked inside after the door cracked up, it was dark and I had to locate the light pad slowly before I could see what was inside the room. Bryan’s paintings of Sophia and mom were still intact and shinning like never before. In my quest to check out the room, I found someone lying down on the floor near the wall.


I was shocked! Who could that be? I know very well that Bryan can’t bring anyone in here except for the three of us. I walked hastily down there and to my satisfaction, the person was a girl. A pretty one at that What could this pretty girl possibly be doing here?




I tapped her gently on her lap and she stood up Cleaning her eyes. She was as scared as I am when she opened her eyes. You needed to come see what I mean by ‘beauty’. This girl was so beautiful and gorgeous.


As I stood looking at her confusingly, Bryan walked into the room.


“Who is she and what is she doing here?”. I asked pointing at the girl.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Bryan ran to her quickly and carried her up. He held her in his back as if I was gonna steal her from him.


“Who is she?”. I asked again curving my lips and rolling my eyeballs.


“That’s none of your business. just let her be”. Bryan added.


My lips curved and formed a smile as I clapped.


“You don’t mean it big Bro, Is she your wife”. I laughed stylishly, jamming my hands together.


“Don’t say that!” He fired.


“Wow! I mean is she your wife, fiancee or your girlfriend? . Just tell me bro am eager to know.” I exclaimed sounding excited.


“It’s none of your business. Just learn to mind your business’. He said dragging the girl behind her.


I smiled broadly and exclaimed.


“So at last my brother has fallen in love again after those years.” I was so happy and excited also.




I walked into my room, arranged my clothes and had a warm and refreshing bath.


Being that kind of busy girl I was, I went to Bryan’s door and tried to eavesdrop but I couldn’t see anything. I waited but no one came so I left to my room.


I had a refreshing sleep that night.










I woke up to the shining light that radiated through the window. He had done it again! I already knew through the pain I had within my va.gina.


I walked out of the bed and found him in the bathroom showering. I prepared his clothes and hanged it on the hanger.


I was famished and really hungry at that instant. I needed to eat.


I walked out of the room into the kitchen. Everywhere was dead silent and I guess he fired all the maids. This guy was just so hot tempered.


I had some noodles and prepared his, which I set on the dinning table.


I called him from the room and he came out to eat. While eating, he called out on someone.






“PESH! please come over”. I announced still munching my plate of noodles.


“Ok Bro… I’ll be downstairs in a jiffy.


I looked at Isabel and smiled at the face she wore. What was she thinking?. She joined me in the table as she watched me eat. Sounds exciting.


Pesh sat on the chair after we had all exchanged greetings.


“Pesh this is Bella and Bella this is Pesh”. I informed.


“Ok”. The two added in unison.


“So how are you related to this Pesh of a girl?” Bella asked thinking other wise.


“Hmm. I almost forgot, she is my baby sister”. I added as I flinched to see their response.


“Ok nice meeting you Pesh”. They shoke hands.


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“Hmmmm…… so ladies, I’ll be off to work now. Please feel comfortable with each other”. I hugged Pesh.


“No problem at least she’s kinda fun to be with”. Bella smiled.


“See ya”. Pesh added as I locked the door behind me.







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