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Multi Billionaire – Episode 4

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The next day, I went to his house to meet him and also get ready for the contract. This was the only way I can help my mom.


When I got to his sitting room, he was already on a couch there. I sat down far from him but he adjusted himself to me. I was a little nervous as he placed his right hand on my hair. He was careful not to drag it as he limped my long hair slopply to the back of my ear. I flinched


“Don’t worry you don’t have to be scared, I don’t bite”. He cupped my face.


“Would you just stop all these and let me tell you why am here? As you can see, you’re obstructing me”.


“Ok, go on”. He answered. “I Know you’re going to tell me that you’ve agreed. First of all, I will have to get the contract file. Just wait for me and I will be there in a jiffy.” I sat down and watched as he climbed the stairs into his room.


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He came back minutes later with the file.


“First and foremost, you have ten rules you must abide on your stay here”.


“Ten? why ten? how do you expect me to abide to ten rules?”


“Just wait and let me explain all the details to you”. By now, he was back at it again. He was now looking mean and straight forward. How can someone be like that? This minute he was smiling and the next he is looking scary.




“Rule number one is that, you must do what I asks you to do without opposing or complaining. 2, is you must be nice to my workers and never scold them anytime no matter what they do. 3, is you must never leave the house without my permission. 4, is you must never visit your mom or call any friends during that fifteen days. 5, you must never oppose each time I want to have sex with you. 6, you must never talk back at me or talk while am still talking.


The remaining rules will be sent to you later when you start staying here”.




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“But…… how do you expect me to do all these?”


“Those are my rules. You must abide to them if you want your mom to be set free”.


“Ok, please can you just send for the release of my mom? I promise that I will do anything you request from me”.


“That can’t be possible. You must know that it’s service before pay”.


“Hmmmm. ok.. but I also have my rules”.


“You can’t have rules. Am the one paying so you must do things my way.”




“Now sign the contract already, I have a business meeting to attend”.


I collected the file and scanned through it urgently. I couldn’t believe I was doing all this for money. I looked at his mean face before Laying my signature on it”.


“Now you’ve signed, I will tell my driver to come pick you up tomorrow, your work here starts by tomorrow”.


“Ok”. I muttered under my breath and made for the door.






I licked my dried lips and stared lustfully at her. This girl was just granded with everything I wanted a girl to have. She was beautiful, no doubt. Se.xy and adorable. I couldn’t wait to have her. I was already yearning for her. I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms all day long if only she will allow me. The reason I was mean to her was to make her flinch and do what I asked of her, else? I knew she was not going to adhere to my rules. I secretly prayed and waited for the following day even though I wouldn’t be back till night.

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I woke up and stetched my body roughly. I had a business scheduled on that day. I quickly brushed my teeth and had bath. I dressed Early and came down the stairs. From afar, I noticed the driver was waiting for me but I had my mission.


“I will be doing the driving myself today, so what I want from you is to pick up Isabel from her house this morning, she’ll be staying for some days”.


“Ok sir, I will do that right away”.


“Alright but be fast about that”


“Yes sir”.


I left the car that morning with my other sports car.i was really happy and excited about everything.







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