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Multi Billionaire – Episode 3

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“YOU?” The two of us echoed and at the same time pointing at each other.


She opened her mouth staring at me weirdly.


I smirked wickedly and ventured towards.



“I didn’t know that I will be going to be meeting the brave girl after she insulted me the other day”. She kept looking at me like I was going to eat her up.

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“Please sit girl, do I look like an animal”. She sat down quietly but still kept looking at me.


“I presume you came here for something important, please go straight to the point”. I added.


She was looking at me like a dumbass.


“Sorry gal, I gat no time for nonsense. Would you just tell me now, else I have a meeting to attend right now”.




“Errmm…. Ok….. Hurm….. I just wanted….”


“Yes? Do you mean you are now afraid of speaking…. Hm never mind I know why you are here because


you are making it the fifth girl who came this morning”.

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Atlast I was relieved? So he knew why am here? Hope it isn’t something else he’s thinking.


“You want money, right?” He suddenly asked throwing the question at me”.


“Yeah I do but……..”Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Just shut up and listen to someone before speaking…… So nevermind, how much are we talking about here?” He asked and crossed his legs.


“It’s just $ 500 dollars”. She replied.


“Just $500? You must be sick upstairs. Well, that’s not the problem here. The problem here is what a girl like you could be wanting that kind of money for”. He asked stylishly.


“But…. Bryan”. I waved his hand at me .


“Sir!” He corrected.


“Ok sir….. hmm. ………….


I told him the calamities I had been facing since my dad’s death and what I was needing the money for. He listened with rapt attention until I was through with my sober story.




“Ok sweetie, I’ll pay the bills and do everything. Do you mind me doing that, love?” I was shocked. Why is he suddenly using sweet words for me? I knew something was intense, if not , Bryan that was so mean and arrogant will suddenly be using sweet words for me.


“But, what suddenly happened that make you change so easily, Bryan?” I questioned.



More interesting stories available”Because I want you Isabel”. He said.


“Me?….. I don’t actually understand you? How can you be wanting me?” I asked almost giving up.


“Yeah… I need you to pleasure me for fifteen days”. He said.


“What!! Just explain this clear to me so I can know what you are talking about because it’s like am going Insane about this”.


Ok then, I want you to have sex with me for fifteen days”. Bryan dropped the boombshell . “Never!! Do you mean me? That is arrant nonsense. I can never do such in my life.”. I spat at his face.



“I Know sweetheart, don’t go too far. I promise to pay you the sum of five million dollars for that if you would agree to this contract”. He said and watched my reaction.


“Thanks Bryan but I don’t want your dirty money. I can help my mom with the little way I can. You can keep you money to your self”. I added hitting up. I regretted ever telling him about my search for money. I stood up fussing, did he think I was a slut?


As I walked away angrily, he said some words that tore my heart apart.


“Then you can go ahead surfering while your mom rot in jail. I swear I will make your life miserable if you don’t agree to this offer. I can as well blacklist your name and make everybody hate you, mark my words. I give you only three days to think about it”. He stood up from the sofa, watched me for few seconds before closing the door after him. I cried and bit my lips hard as tears poured out from my eyes.


I fell back to the sofa and cried like never before. Why was life this mean to me? It took me up to some minutes before I left for home. When I got home,still in my sober state I called Lisa and explained everything to her.


She said nothing but just laughed.


“Isabel you’re just so funny. Is that why you were crying?”


“What do you expect me to do Lisa, to be laughing?”


“See Isabel, this is a good opportunity for you to become rich. Can’t you see, it’s just a matter of fifteen days and you would be gone. Don’t forget that many has eyes for this opportunity”.


“But what if I get Pregnant?”


“You won’t ok, always be positive. Remember you are doing this for your mom, if it should be her, she would have done more than this”. Lisa pointed out.


“Ok but, I don’t know how am gonna do this but I will see him tomorrow”.


“That’s my girl. Don’t be afraid you can do it”.




I dropped the phone and exhaled deeply.






How are you sure Isabel will go about this?






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