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Mr Irresistible – Episode 8

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✓✓Episode 8


I switched on my flat screen LG to be updated on the country’s happenings. The headlines are mostly about me.


One of the broadcasters face caught my attention, Timi father. The man hates me so much for what i did to his daughter, not really my fault.


I went to his birthday party before i got married to ChiChi, his daughter was all over me giving me no chance to mingle with another lady, so i utilize the opportunity to unleash my d**k on her. We didn’t go into any form of relationship cause i never for once liked her. I just had a taste of her and that was it.


Broadcaster 1: What are you saying concerning our Mr irresistable who is coming back from death.


Broadcaster 2: Is good to have him back, there would be alot to write about him now since he is back.


Timi father: I will rather advice parents, husband’s to safeguard their daughters and wives from him, we wouldn’t like the hospitals to be flooded with unwanted pregnancies.


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Bastard!! Like i don’t use condoms….


I cursed… I switched to another channel to see a familiar face, yes! even in 30years i will always remember that face.


Catherine the one who took my innocency in my primary days.

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****I changed to another school in my primary 4 to know Catherine as big girls in primary school. They were highly favored by teachers.


I had caught her one day in the school toilet with her phone and her fingers under her skirt doing mojojo.


Don’t ask me what it means, me self don’t know oohhh.


She begged that i shouldn’t tell on her cause phones were highly prohibited. But what she was watching on her phone i what i didn’t know then. so i promised not to report her and she said she would give me a gift that i won’t forget in a hurry.


She didn’t actually give me the brain factory gift until Uncle TomTom transferred her to my seat. See short teacher, see busy body. It is either her fingers in inside my shorts or mine is inside her skirt.


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We always pee everyday. She would ask me to lick her wet pant with p***y fluid as a i was, i would do it.


Pant wey i no know if she wash. On a faithful hot afternoon, we did it.


Cat asked me to wait behind after school bells, I obeyed like a puppet.


The power of woman is the sweetness of her p***y. After the closing bells, we went behind the school. Pant down, she raised her skirt up.


Me been so innocent, face to face with bare buttocks, didn’t know what to do.


She helped my pencil of it hostage directed me where to put it, i did as she commanded like a Nigerian police whose orders is been done, grunting like a pig as i tried to thrust in like a pig.


Just as a civil servant as i work tiredlessly and she didn’t even ouuww… or aahhh…


Story that touches, Shark really swallowed Jonah in this case, her p***y chop my pencil and kept enough space for other pencils. She just shout at me, “Don’t cum inside me oohhh, and do fast, spank my ass” and i will slap her ass.


Why is my life the opposite of what people expect?


We were on the hmmm…. hmmm… when we heard ummmh… ummhh… we panicked like Nigerian politicians


that EFCC serve letters for fraud.


It was my school security man. The man started threatening thunder and fire saying we would be flogged mercilessly and disgraced.


Anybody that talks like this always has a price.


Cynthia said she would do anything for us not to be reported to the school authorities.


Me was just there crying as a small pikin i was…. this life shaa.

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The man smiled with his his burnt brown teeth. I wonder if someone can locate him in the night without the help of armed robber’s torch light. Respect to those night guys, how many days do they charge those Torchlight?


His darkened skin burned by Nigerian hot sun, he lived half of his years under the sun that had resulted to burnt skin.


He demanded for what Cynthia was giving me, she agreed without much argument… This life Sha…


She turned back and hold the wall, her bare ass shinning like Rihanna diamond. The man spanked her ass that vibrated like Nokia Torchlight under his palm.


He unzipped his trouser to his unleash Africa anaconda.


I was watching live p**n with spiritual popcorn and coca cola bottle. At first i thought his BBC won’t go into her p***y but he nestled his d**k head that disappeared into her p***y. He pounded her roughly.


She kept blabbing “aaahhhs, oohhhs, you are giving me hard, deeper….”


The man grunt like a pig. The sex was like world war 7. She thank him and also promised to meet him for more pounding.


I was ignored like i was never there, to have pencil as d**k isn’t a good thing ooohh.


From that day henceforth i determined to boast my bedmatic prowess that landed me into coma. Am really happy it didn’t land me intobearly grave.****


I switched off the television and left to my room to have a nice sleep, a text came in from my acting manager if i had like to come to work tomorrow to conduct interview for my new secretary.


Do you know that the Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made? there are these specific people that do wonderful things, Sambisa my best friend and who is also my acting manager is one of them.


How can you leave your house and go to a forest to have sex throughout the weekend.


He will call it nature sex or picnic sex. That one is my junior in sexology. He isn’t even scared of HIV.


I replied his text to carry forth the interview, i need to interview ugly girls for my housegirl position.


I dived into Dreamland after i sent the message…. The next morning is a new day and a new day comes with a


hard d**k and a hard d**k needs a good f**k.








Mr irresistable

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