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Mr Irresistible – Episode 12

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Episode 12


I wake up with headache in the Evening,


I grab my phone and texted Ejiro and


Nkiru to start work tomorrow. I went into


the kitchen to prepare Bachelor’s food,


indomie nobe say I nofit cook better soup


oohh… and fried rice, just that my headache


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will not let me cook.


I ate a little and


took medicine then slept off afterwards.


saw myself bare footed running helter-skelter from something in the dark, running and sweating profusely, couldn’t continue running anymore cause of tiredness and rested under a tree, a lady with black wrapper appeared before me with a gun laughing and pointing a gun at me. I


begged she shouldn’t shoot me but she did.


jumped off from my bed, my alarm


blaring non-stop, I glance at the wall


clock to see the time 9:00am.


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I showered then dressed for work, I drive crazily to work getting enough your father, sheyi you wan die, suicidal, naija people sha..


Sharon: good morning, sir.. happy Christmas in advance.


Me: thank you, dearest Sharon.


I peck her soft cheek and head to my office.


To see someone with natural long hairs


looking down, eventually it is the new secretary employed by Samuel, she is beautiful.


I look closely to see her mouth wide open


staring at something with wide eyes under the table, she is doing her morning ritual.


I ignored her and went into my office


sex is the last thing in my worried mind.


I Picked a piece of paper on my table that reads


Paper: welcome back to office handsome, legs are wide opened expecting your hard and delicious c**k.


My d**k twitch responding to paper temptation,


I glared at my d**k, is time I warn this d**k oohh..


before it land me in 6ft. I pointed at it


bros will you respect yourself and stay


one place, am seeing deadly dreams and


you are thinking s*x and getting hard.


Who dropped this paper sef?


There comes a time in life of a man when your


living on Earth depends on self-will and


discipline, that is the position I am.


I think I have to stay clear from sex if I want


to live longer on Earth, I love my life more


than sex oohh… my secretary walk in looking


beautiful and hot, I admire her curves


round face, with glittering fair complexion.


I imagine myself sucking her round and


firm b*****s. She was moving her mouth


but I wasn’t hearing any word, I snapped


out of trance with hard-on

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Me: what were you saying?


Secretary: good morning, sir *looking concerned*


Me: morning, you are the new secretary, right? *she caught me staring at her boobs*


Secretary: yes, sir. Am Diana Dante by name *smiling*


Me: it will be nice working with a beautiful lady like you *jackpot*


Secretary: *blushing* thank you, sir. You are loo… *knock sounded at the door* sir, Mr. Samuel Ishi is here to see you.


Me; you can let him in.


She turned to the door shaking her huge ass


dangerously that I didn’t know my mouth


is opened and am on my feet, staring


and walking like zombie to the door.


Sam: oga coma, is good to have you back, all thanks to Chibaby *stretch his hand for handshake*


Me: *no respond, staring at the door*


Samuel; *grab my two arms and shake me vigorously* call 911, emergency oohh.. ass madness.


Me: *shrugged him off* your father Samuel *both laughing*


Sam: so you still know my name *continue laughing*


Me: *we shook hand* have a seat bro.


Sam: that your secretary no gree my bleep the treasure between her legs, I will not give up until I c*m inside her.


Me: she is into self-service *Sam, grinned*


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Sam: you know is against office ethics and business etiquette *I frown at him* okay, what is it that you want us to talk about?


I narrated the dreams I had through the week


to him, he shake his head side ways without


saying a word.


Me: Sambisa, my life is in grave danger.


Sam: one of the dream landed you in coma, I think we should see Baba for solutions.


Now the devil want to place his bet in my life,


isn’t good oohh… all this thing that is









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