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Money Love – Episode 8

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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Episode 8




Henry smiled faintly and he uttered


“Confusion? Cunning?, Rhoda you are the one causing confusion here, how could you be so unreasonable, I’m a married man with kids but you lured my wife into selling me off to you, like I’m an object or something, how could you come up with such stupid deal in the first place, you are also cunning, do you think I don’t know you have won my sister over with expensive gifts, Let me tell you the truth, I can never be yours, I know where my heart belongs to, yes Jovita doesn’t deserve my love but i still love her and my children, the reason I agreed to marry you was to make my wife suffer and to teach her an important lesson, Don’t you ever tell me what to do, I’m no longer interested in embarking on this trip, good bye” Henry entered and walked away.




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Rhoda held her heart as it felt like her heart was breaking.


“Blessing, your brother can not do this to me, I love him from the first day I set my eyes on him, Blessing I love your brother, tell him to come back, so we could embark on our trip, how could he change his mind when we are at the airport already” Rhoda said in tears. (A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Blessing managed to take Rhoda home before she looses her mind completely at the airport.




Few weeks later,


Rhoda who couldn’t bear her pain, came up with a plan to have Jovita and her children killed.


“The only way, Henry will be mine is when Jovita and her children are dead, he still adore his family, despite everything I did to turn him against Jovita, I even bought his sister over” Rhoda thought




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That evening Rhoda had sent her thugs to Jovita and they aim was to kill her and her children.



“Make Jovita and her children disappear from the face of the Earth, no traces, do a clean Job” Rhoda had said

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That Evening, Fortunately for Jovita and her children, They were not at home, Jovita and her children had gone to the church for a night vigil, The church had became Jovita’s favorite place ever since Henry married Rhoda.


When Rhoda find out she almost died of heart break.


Then she decided to go spiritual.

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The next day, Rhoda visited a spiritualist, who recognized he




r immediately.


“Rhoda! Where have you been, you remembered me today”The young man said while Rhoda smiled faintly and said “Guru, You are always on my mind” Rhoda replied


“What brought you to my shrine, this hot afternoon?” The spiritualist inquired


“Guru, A lady wants to snatch my husband, I want you to take the lady off my path, make her disappear” Rhoda replied




And the spiritualist was mute for a while and then he said ” who is this lady? And how did you know that she wants to snatch your husband?”


“Guru, I’m not a child, I know when someone is a threat to me, please make her and her children to disappear” Rhoda replied


“Do you have a photograph of this lady and her children?” The spiritualist asked


And Rhoda nodded yes.




One morning, Rhoda’s cry of pain, alerted Henry and his sister.


“I’m on fire, my body is burning, please help, I’m dying, I will confess” Rhoda said in tears.


Blessing and Henry stared at her in confusion.


“I wanted to kill Jovita and her children, Henry, I wanted to have you to myself, I went to a spiritualist and the man gave me an enchantment, and he told me to call Jovita’s name, three times And strike her picture with a knife 7 times but it back fired on me, please help me” Rhoda added


Henry and his sister didn’t utter a word, they couldn’t believe their ears.


“Rhoda is even worst than Jovita, imagine she wants to kill innocent children, my own flesh and blood” Blessing thought.


Blessings and Henry went in pack their things and left.


When Henry got home, Jovita rushed into his arms.


“I know you will never leave me and your Children, you love us so much, not because I deserve your love but because you are a good man and your kind is rare” Jovita said in tears, while Henry consoled her and he told her everything even Rhoda’s confession.


“What did I do to her? I will return the 3 million she gave to me, I don’t want her money and Henry nodded in agreement.




The next day, Jovita and Henry arrived Rhoda’s house to return the 3 million she paid Jovita, Fortunately for them, Rhoda’s father was there when they came and when the old man learnt about the atrocities her daughter had committed, He apologized to Henry and Jovita.


“It’s all my fault, I mounted so much pressure on Rhoda to bring a man home, I’m sorry for everything my daughter had done wrong, please, you both should find a place in your heart to forgive her” Rhoda’s father pleaded.




“Rhoda is still my husband’s second wife, I have forgiven Rhoda because i was at fault too, if I was not obsessed with money, I wouldn’t have accepted such deal, I have learned my lesson in a hard way and henceforth i will be contented with whatever I have, please sir, here is the three million Rhoda had paid me, I don’t want this money, this money brought me so much pain and sorrow” Jovita said calmly




“It’s not the money that brought you pain and sorrow, it was your obsession to have money, keep the money, it’s yours, here is also a cheque for 10 million” Rhoda’s father added




“For what sir?” Henry threw in immediately


“It’s for your troubles, my daughter really troubled you both, please forgive her, my lawyer will annull your marriage with Rhoda”Rhoda’s father added and Henry smiled within.


But to Henry’s utmost surprise, Jovita rejected the cheque and left the bag containing the 3 million beside Rhoda’s father. The Old man was also surprised.


“I don’t want money, all I want right now is my family and I’m glad that my husband had to returned to me, and I’m happy that their marriage will be annulled, Thank you sir for being fair and truthful, God bless you sir and how is Rhoda now?” Jovita asked


“She will be fine, all she needs to feel better is your forgiveness” Rhoda’s father replied.




“I have forgiven her, she is healed” Jovita uttered immediately.




(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 8


To Be Continued.


Have a great day!








(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)

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