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Money Love – Episode 4

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Episode 4




Jovita ignored Blessing’s Question, she quietly ended the call and turned off her phone.


As days went by, Jovita was losing her mind, she had inquired from all her customers, if they knew Rhoda and where she lived but no one seemed to have a clue on how to find her.




Jovita got more worried as days rolled bye and constantly she pleaded for God’s mercy and she also prayed for her husband’s safety.




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At the other end, Rhoda had succeeded in winning Henry over, infact she had turned Henry against Jovita, his wife.


“No good wife will agreed to sell her husband off for just 3 million, Jovita your so called wife, doesn’t love you like I do, Henry I love you so much, the first time I saw you, I fell deeply in love with you, please marry me, I can do anything for you, my father likes you too and I’m sure my father will make you his heir, I’m the only child of my parent, my mother had died long ago, please marry me, I love you, I will do anything for you, please be mine ” Rhoda had told him and out of spite for Jovita, Henry reluctantly agreed to marry Rhoda.




One-day news came to Jovita that Rhoda was getting married, When Jovita saw the names printed on the wedding invitation, she almost collapsed. The supposed wedding was scheduled to happen in four weeks. Jovita lost her breath as she looked through the wedding invitation card. The invitation card proved to Jovita that Henry was safe. (This Story is written by Christabel Nwoko)


“Rhoda Weds Henry?” She uttered in tears. You can



“Oh my God, Henry? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, oh it’s all my fault, oh see where my love for money had landed me, oh who will I turn to?.. no Rhoda can’t snatch my husband from me, no way!” She said in tears.




Weeks passed and there was still no word from Henry nor Rhoda’s wher

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e about. Jovita still held the address of their upcoming wedding venue, and she was waiting eagerly for that day to come, so she could ruin that wedding. Jovita had lost so much weight due to worry and crying, She was now a shadow of herself. She had lost appetite for food and her insatiable thirst for money had disappeared. She couldn’t spend the millions Rhoda paid her anymore. Life has been meaningless to Jovita ever since she got that wedding invitation card. Jovita’s children have had a clue that something was going on between their parents.




Jovita was gradually dying in deep regrets, She regretted all her actions and she asked God to show her mercy, she told God to bring her husband back to her and she vowed never to be money conscious but to love and cherish her husband, It was a very hard time for Jovita.




It was over two months that Rhoda took Henry away. Henry’s family especially her sister Blessing had started asking her about him, she had lied to Blessing countlessly that Henry went on a business trip and would be back soon. But Blessing didn’t buy that lie for too long.


‘Business trip? Since when did my brother become a business man?, I thought he is a civil servant, I went to his office, last week and I was told that he hasn’t shown up to work for two months” Blessing entered and Jovita’s heart skipped several beats.




Things were getting out of hand and Jovita decided to come out plain, She told Blessing everything.


“How could you do this to my brother? A man who loves you so much, He worked hard always for you, since he married you, he had not sent a dime to our mother in the village, you consume all the money he earns, yet you are not satisfied, you ended up selling my brother, in as much as I like you, I won’t spare you, if anything bad happens to my brother, if you know what is good for you, you better start looking for him because you will see the other side of me, if any harm comes to my brother, what rubbish!” Blessing uttered angrily and walked away.




Jovita sat on the bare floor crying. She thought of all the times her husband was good to her but she didn’t appreciate him because she was overshadowed by Love for money and material things.


“God I’m so sorry for under-valuing what I had because of money, Henry is too good a man to lose and I pray he forgives me because I don’t want to lose him, now I have realized that Money does not bring



happiness, Henry and my children are worth more than gold or money, please Lord, I have learned my lesson” she said sobbing.




As Jovita sat there crying, she didn’t hear when her children returned from school,


“Mom,Why are you crying?” The children asked innocently.


“Your daddy had left us” Jovita said in tears.


“But Dad came to our school today, he bought us so many snacks and fruit drinks, he told us that you sold him off, but will be back for us” Jovita’s first child said and Jovita almost died of shock.

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“Your Daddy, told you that? Are you sure” Jovita inquired in tears and her children nodded and said “yes”.


“Mom, You never told us that you sold our daddy, that means you know where he is, please take us to Daddy, we don’t want to live with you but with Daddy, we are scared of you, we don’t want to be sold like you did with our Daddy” The children said innocently.




Jovita stared at her children speechlessly as tears were just falling from her eyes.


(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 4

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