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Money Love – Episode 2

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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Episode 2




All through that day, the beautiful female customer by the name Rhoda, couldn’t concentrate, her thoughts were with Henry, She had never felt that way with any man before.


The fact that Henry announced that he was a married man, made Rhoda feel terrible, She decided to find out for herself if Henry was actually telling the truth or if he had said that to push her off




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“Maybe he had noticed how I stared at him helplessly and he decided to push me off, I don’t know why I can’t control myself, whenever I see him, this is the third time, I have met this man and I don’t think that handsome man is Jovita’s husband” Rhoda concluded.




Rhoda was a Rich lady, who had everything Jovita loves, money, classic cars name it and she was from a wealthy family but she lacked a man in her life, she was in dire need of a man who will become her husband. Rhoda’s father had mounted so much pressure on her to bring a man home.


“My daughter age is no longer on your side, bring a man home” Rhoda’s father had said countlessly.




But when the pressure was so much, Rhoda concluded on hiring a man who will pose as her Fiance, so her father will let her be. Rhoda’s father had given her an ultimatum of a month or else she will freeze her bank account and sieze her cars. She was already working on getting an actor who will pose as her Fiance, when she met Henry.




She fell for Henry the first time she met him and when she saw him for the third time, she lost her mind completely.


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Rhoda decided to go back to Jovita’s store the next day and tell Henry how she had fallen for him.




The next day, Rhoda arrived Jovita’s store and she was disappointed when she met Jovita instead.


“Rhoda, my sure customer” Jovita hailed her immediately she saw her walk into her store.


The two ladies exchanged pleasantries and finally Rhoda asked.


“where have you been lately? each time I stop by, I always met your absence, the last time I came here, I met a man And if I may ask, how is that man related to you?”


Jovita smiled before she responded



“I have been relaxing at home oh, business was so bad, I almost got discouraged, you were the only sure customer I had and my husband decided to take over for a while and I must admit he did a fantastic job, I have so many customers now” Jovita replied innocently.


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“So you mean that man is truly your husband?” Rhoda asked at once


“Yes, he is…. Rhoda what happened?,, Did you have issues with him?”Jovita asked when she




saw disappointment clearly written on Rhoda’s face.


“No, it’s just that I had thought he was your brother, I had a business proposal for him, but since he is actually your husband, no need” Rhoda replied calmly




At the mention of business proposal, Jovita knew it would involve money.


“Business deal?, what deal is that? Will it bring money?” Jovita asked sharply.


Rhoda told Jovita everything how she wants to hire someone who will pose as her Fiance but she skipped the part where she had fallen for Henry, her husband.


Jovita was not finding the deal interesting untill Rhoda mentioned money.


“If your husband agrees to pose as my fiance for just two weeks, I will pay him 2 million naira” Rhoda added and Jovita shivered at the thought of having 2 million naira in her bank account.




“My husband will do it!” She entered at once and Rhoda smiled faintly


“Are you sure?” She asked


“I will convince my husband but you have to add more 500 hundred thousand naira, to make the payment more attractive, I will surely convince my husband, he is currently on a work leave, and he has all the time in the world, is it not for 2 weeks?” Jovita asked at once


“Yes if your husband can pose as my fiance for just two weeks, I will pay him 2.5 million and I will personally give you another 500 hundred thousand naira for your trouble” Rhoda entered while Jovita lost words, she was so excited within in her that it felt as if she had won a lottery.






“Please Jovita, help me, convince your husband, it’s just for two weeks, my father had threatened to take away my cars and froze my account till I present a man to him and I don’t know when this will happen because every man I have met, are not reliable, no man had truly love me, they all seemed to care about my money but if your husband can do this for me, it will reduce the tension and pressure,



that my father always mount on me, I’m just tired, please help me, 3 million is yours, please convince your husband” Rhoda added and Jovita promised to deliver.


Oh what a foolish woman!




(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 2


To Be Continued


Have a great day!




(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)



To Be Continued


Stay Blessed

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