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Loving You – Episode 8

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Episode 8


© Simrah Saeed


Eva’s POV


I think we should go visit Ian today, no work and the house is getting boring. What did you think sis” I asked Claire


Yeah that’s a good idea but I thought you have a date with Alex ?” She asked . Alex is my boyfriend


True but not today it’s tomorrow” I said and she nodded


Ian’s place it is”


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We both stood up and headed to our rooms .

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Dad is so unbelievable and he thinks his decisions are the best . Not when I’m still here will I allow my brother to marry that boyfriend snatcher , that slut that mask everything behind that spoilt innocent face . She used to be my best friend but not anymore.


I trusted her and she went behind my back to fu.ck my boyfriend Luke.


I hate her and I can’t bear to have her as my sister in law. Maybe it will happen only in her dreams .


I put on a simple gown and applied a light makeup ready to go worry my baby brother and his beauty goddess.


Like seriously the girl is so unique that I haven’t seen the type before, she looks pure and the aura around her attracts me to her .


The very day I set my eyes on her , I knew she’s the one.


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And I will make sure I convince dad to change his mind . He shouldn’t interfere in our love life




Nita’s POV


Chloe is really cool to be with and so I’m gonna use her now.


So I was thinking if you can help me get rid of that girl Tessa”


What did you want us to do with her?” She asked .


This time , I don’t want her to survive it, I want her dead ”


Anything for our friendship Nita ”


Then we should get ready to strike soon before she takes Ian finally”


Yeah, I don’t like her either ” she said and I smiled


She’s such a fool she doesn’t know it’s of advantage to me







My plans are working , when Tessa is out of the way, she will be the next and that’s a promise.


Foolish to think I will ever like her .


” Nita you still need experience” I laughed heartily






Ian Tristan * ⃣


The electric impulse that binds us together doesn’t want me to stop kissing her. Her lips is so soft and warm that I wish to kiss everyday for the rest of my life . With her I can ready to cross thousand oceans even if I get drown, I know it’s for love.


All of a sudden , she broke the kiss Breathing heavily and looking unstable .


She looks happy and at the same time fluffy and pale .


Ian ” she called and held my hands


I Love you and thank you for caring and loving me ” she said and paused . What’s she getting at?


I love you too almond, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly while she sighed


Uhh. You will understand when the time comes but for now I want you to promise me one thing” she said and smiled very lightly.


Change of mood!


Anything for you Tessa ” I replied and kissed her hands


Please Ian, wait for me”




I’m lost” where is she going to?


You love me right? ” She asked and I nodded


I do and will forever love you Tessa ”



Then do me this one favour and wait for me, I will be back and I promise to tell you everything I love you Ian ” with that she left my hand and began walking through the door .


“Tessa! Please don’t go ” I said but she was already gone.


Wait! She disappeared..


Tessaaaa ” I shouted and began looking for her in the house. Till I bumped into my sisters .


She can’t leave me now !


Did you see Tessa on the way?” I asked


No ! What’s wrong Ian?” Claire asked


She left , she left me , Tessa left ” I slowly fell to the floor and began crying.


What did you mean she left?” They asked confused as me


I could have answered but I don’t know either …


She told me she was going to come back right? Thanks i will wait for her


I will wait Tessa just please come back soon and maybe then, I will understand why you left ” I said and cry more harder




Who else Love that song,


“Wait for me” by Johnny Drille.


I love it ehh.


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