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Loving You – Episode 7

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(The only kiss you enjoy is when it’s with the one you love)


Episode 7


© Simrah Saeed


Ian Tristan * ⃣


I kept pacing about, I just pray nothing happens to her.


That Nita of a girl , I don’t trust her at all and I know she’s evil .


Doctor how’s she?” I asked immediately the doctor came out cleaning his hands . He sigh and patted my shoulder


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She’s fine now though the blood almost affected her brain , a little of it entered which might result she will not remember anything for like an hour thou she will come around” he explained


What actually happened to her?”


I don’t know either I came back and met her on the floor but I think she fell from the stairs ”


“That’s alright she will be fine and will be awake in the next few minutes, good thing you brought her on time he smiled at me and left


I heaved a sigh of relief. I how she remembered what happened I’m glad she’s fine now anyways that’s what matters




How are you feeling almond?” I asked. She stared at me for awhile as if trying to remember something before nodding her head .


Oh! The doctor said she won’t remember anything for an hour thou it’s more than two hours since she woke up.


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” You remember me right pumpkin”


I asked and she began laughing. What’s funny now? Isn’t she hurt?



Of course Ian I do ” she said and chuckled.


Thank goodness! I was worried sick about you, what happened to you?” Her expression changed as I said that as if she’d cry in the next minute.


It ..it was.. nita.she pushed me from the stairs” she replied and burst into tears. Anger boiled up in me. That motherfu.cker ! That ingrate! That old cram !


I will make sure I break her skinny body into pieces .


I tight ny hand in a fist shutting my eyes close and reopening it again .


When I lay my hands on her .. I will…”


Calm down Ian please” she pleaded . Those eyes I can’t resist made my face soften immediately. What is she doing to me?


I didn’t tell you that so you could retaliate” she said calmly


But she almost got you killed” I shouted


Yeah I know and I have forgiven her please don’t do anything nasty ”


I blinker rapidly as I stare at her.


She’s so innocent and only that attracts me to her all day .


You are so gullible and innocent almond” I enthused


Thanks ” she replied shyly.


My Tessa..


My shy and innocent Tessa…


” I love you almond ”


” I love you too Ian”


Wow! She finally confessed her Love for me. I think I will celebrate that later


” Ian!” She called gazing directly at me .


I looked up at her to see she has tears in her eyes .


Wait! Have I said something wrong?


What’s wrong pumpkin pie, I’m sorry if I said something that displeased you or is your hear hu…..”


Ian kiss me please ”




Is she asking? I will gladly do that!


Is that why you are crying? Stop crying baby I will kiss you if that will make you happy”


She’s so dramatic, just because of a kiss and she’s crying


Thanks held her by the head as I drew her closer to me with both hearts beating fast …


I claimed her lips and began kissing her like its the last time .


Gosh! Her lips taste so good like that of lollipop .


I don’t want to stop and she’s not stopping me .


This is heaven !




Nita’s POV


I didn’t regret pushing her down the stairs. What I’m afraid of now is getting killed or rather buried alive by Ian.


Yes ! I ran out of the house immediatetly I pushed her because I know he might arrive any moment .


I’m sure that witch of a girl has woken up but I pray she doesn’t.


Ian is only mine and I have loved him since childhood even though he despise me, I still love him .


I was running non stop till I bumped into someone.


Chloe?” I asked


It’s me Nita, why are you running? Who’s after you?” She questioned looking at my back .


I hate her also, she took Ian’s attention all of a sudden and made him hate me so much .



It’s non of your business” I spat and walked pass her


C’mon Nita stop being ridiculous! We should stop hating each other for no reason please” she said while I shot her a glare .


I will stop hating you if you let go off Ian, he’s only mine” I said


Fine I already left him, yes! I broke up with him just to become your friend again so you can have him all to yourself”


I beamed and almost hugged her when I heard that


Are you serious?” I asked


Of course I am” she smiled genuinely


Best news ever” I jumped up


So friends?” She asked


Yeah friends” I replied


Thank you Nita”


I think I can even use her to achieve my arms . Very good!


Now let the game began


I smiled devilishly and hugged her


Eva’s POV.


But dad there’s nothing wrong with Ian being with Tessa, I like her ” I argued


You don’t understand Eva” he said eyeing me


What’s there to understand? I mean Ian is a grown up and can choose whoever he wish to be with ” Claire seconded


But not her ” he yelled angrily



Calm down hunny, I think they are right! You shouldn’t interfere in our son’s business” mum added


I have said this and I’m saying it again , I don’t like her and she can’t be my son’s wife” he said and left the sitting room


I just hope he doesn’t select a husband for me when I’m ready for marriage else there will be another world war .


Don’t worry dad , anytime they are ready to marry, I will give them my blessings as the first child of this family” I yelled after him but took to my heels immediately he turned back while Claire and mum began laughing


I don’t want to hear any echoing sound in my ears yet






Loving you


(Just a kiss)


{Wait for me }


(Waiting is a sign of true love and patience, anyone can say I love you but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true)

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