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Loving You – Episode 5

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Episode 5


© Simrah Saeed


Tessa * ⃣


Did they send this Chloe girl in here? How could I have felt if he had kissed me ? The only opportunity I have to become human again came crashing just before my eyes .


Ian and I exchanged glance as he groan in frustration while I shook my head .


Chloe can tear me apart if she gets her eyes on me right now.


We both stood there unable to say anything .


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“Uhhm, I will be back” he said and left after Chloe. This isn’t going to go well like I’m seeing.


I sigh and resumed slicing the onions .


Will I ever get the chance again?




Ian Tristan * ⃣


I knew it! I Know you have been avoiding me because of that slut” Chloe said as she sighted me while I sigh.


She just ruined the moment and that’s the only thing I’m bothered about right now not her .


Don’t ever call her that again ” I yelled


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And if I do? What will happen? No tell me.. I’m your girlfriend Ian, don’t you think making out or fu.cking another woman will hurt me?” She asked and sniffed in tears. This woman is crazy !


You are not my girlfriend Chloe, you are only but a public figure get that ” I snapped. Why is she making fuss as if I proposed to her


But I love you Ian can’t you see that ?when will you noticed my love for you ? ”



I don’t fu.cking love you, just get out of my house ” I yelled


I will leave but make sure you inform that whore I will come back for her ” she said , took her hand bag and left .


Crazy lady.




Are you okay Tessa?” I asked , she isn’t looking bright .


Y..yeah I’m fine ” she stuttered


I’m sorry for what happened earlier” we both said at the same time. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other.


Her smile can melt the heart ! Her touch can make me glow . I’m becoming obsessed with her .


Tessa!” I called as she looked up.


Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” I said as her eyes almost popped out .


Is she surprised?






Tessa * ⃣


Why does his own feels different? I was so happy when he said I’m beautiful!


Well, who wouldn’t .


I laid rigmarolling on my bed with his thought in my mind …


“Tessa..” I jumped out of the bed immediatetly I heard my name.


“Mother seer?” I called upon seeing her . Why is she here …



Yes daughter! Why are you delaying? If you can’t get him to kiss you in a week, you will be gone and Never to be found on Earth”


My heart was jumping so very fast ..


I’m sorry mother seer! I have tried but it keeps aborting on the way” I replied in a sober tone .


Do what you can Tessa! Just a week ” she said and disappeared while I sank into the bed .


What do I do?


Something needs to be done and very fast…




Ian Tristan * ⃣


Where is that spirit” dad flared entering the house . Who’s he referring to now! And why is he here .

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Dad ! What’s the problem?” I asked dropping the magazine I was reading earlier.


My problem is the spirit you kept in this house son ” he said as Nita entered into the house with him.


What the hell?


She’s not a spirit dad and why are you here with this b**ch”




Flame lawd of the hell! Did dad just slapped me?


What?” I said infuriated is is because of this brat he slapped me?


Call her name’s again and I will give you another slap” he snorted .


The last time I checked, this is my house” I said .


Well yes! I know it’s your house and I’m your father then you have to listen to me. Where is that spirit”



She’s not a spirit ” I retorted.


If not a spirit, where did she come from all of a sudden?”


I was about replying when Tessa came down the stairs as Nita sat down comfortably on the sofa with legs crossed. I hate that girl.




Good you are here young lady” dad said


G..good..day..sir” Tessa greeted


I don’t need your greetings , now listen very carefully. You either pack your things and leave or you become a maid in this house because Nita here is my approved daughter in law and she’s here to stay”


What?” I blurted.




” Dad..”


Let me speak son, she’s now your wife and your responsibility so take care of her”


That’s not happening dad never ”


Have a nice day son ” he said and left .


Tessa ran inside in tears while Nita say down like she has no problem in this world.


I shot her a disgusting look and ran after Tessa.


This is going to be tough…




Duduke .


I’m eating garri


Who will join me?


It’s well garnished o .







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