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Loving You – Episode 3

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Episode 3


© Simrah Saeed


Tessa * ⃣



And who says money is not good? Almost a week since I arrived here and I have seen nothing but riches. Everything here including the meals, expensive dresses , designs of the house and Many more shouts money !


And Ian has been all good to me though he’s been acting weird lately.


He enters my room like it’s nothing and ask if I’m okay. He even went to the extent of hiring some guards in the house for some reasons I don’t know. Anyways it’s not


any of my business it’s his house and he has the right to do anything he wish to. Thou he’s such a gentleman! Kind , handsome, caring and protective. You know how I knew he’s protective of me?

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Well I over heard his conversation with his friend Miguel I think is his name.


The way he told him to back off like he actually owns me made me laughed my ass out.


I’m beginning to like him. What am I even saying? I think I like him. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s well built and the type of guy any lady will wish to be with.



(Written by Simrah Saeed )



I’m only concerned about my mission ! I wish I can see mother seer and ask her how to go about it.


I don’t know if he’s already in love with me and even it he is, I can’t force myself on him you know.


I wish to come back to life again, I miss being me! And now I fall for the earth and it’s nature .

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Mother seer informed I should be able to get him to kiss me in a month else I will die forever. I’m left with just there weeks lawd! How do I achieve that?




Lost in my trance, I heard a loud bang on the door making me flinch before I head out. Who could be knocking on someone’s door like that?


I quickly went to the door and crack it open revealing a lady probably of my age.


She shot me a hateful look before entering into the house pushing me to the door.


She was wearing a tight short gown showing her curves and exposing her cleavage.


She look more of a hooker than a normal person but I admit she’s beautiful.


” Afternoon ma’am, and you…”



Cut it you stupid fool, because you are being admired by everyone you want to take what belongs to me? That’s not possible young lady. ”


I’m sorry what are you talking about” I asked staring confusedly at her . What’s that that belongs to her?


You don’t know what I’m talking about right? ” She asked as I shook my head . If looks can kill, I’d be dead again right here .


Well I’m talking about my boyfriend Ian, if he hasn’t mentioned it to you then let me do the introduction” she sat with legs crossed before shooting daggers at me. Ian has a girlfriend? OMG! I thought it was going to be easy. How foolish I have been to believe that.


I’m doomed already, I Know I have lost him but mother seer assured me right?


I’m Chloe his one and only love. If you know what’s best for you , better leave his life and take yourself to the loo else you will have me to contain with” she spat angrily while I stood there frozen.


What even made her think I have something doing with Ian? I’m sure she’s a bipolar.


I’m warning you for the very last time miss beauty! Stay away from my boyfriend better still leave his house” she yelled and left.


This is not going to be easy at all..


Ian Tristan * ⃣


What is the news I’m hearing son” dad questioned as mum eyed me suspiciously. All thanks to the media !


Yes tell us, who is the lady and what’s she doing in your house Ian” mum asked .


Dad , mum, she’s just someone I met accidentally and she doesn’t have place to stay so I offered to help after all you thought me to be kind to strangers ” I replied and shrugged avoiding their gazes. Thank goodness Claire and Eva aren’t home else it will be worst.



And she’s a commoner son, I just hope you haven’t fallen for her already because I won’t support the relationship! ”


Don’t call her that dad, she’s a human being like us why giving her a category?” I glared . I don’t know what’s their problem with poor people.


I don’t want you have anything to do with her. She’s a human being fine! She’s gorgeous fine! But she’s a low life that’s where she belongs son! If you want a wife Nita senator’s daughter is single and she will make a good wife for you”


Is this man okay? He’s talking about that rude spoilt thing? Unbelievable!


That’s not happening dad , I rather remain a bachelor than to marry that fu.cking brat!”


Language son” mum yelled .


This discussion is over , Tessa is staying with me and that’s final” I said and stood up.


You don’t disobey me Ian ” father said.


I’m sorry Dad, you have controlled my life Enough and I’m grown up to take decisions myself ”


I left the house and hopped into my car . Dad is so annoying! Don’t he knows the table can turn around and we will become poor like them?


Ian ” mum called but I’m not gonna come out of this car again.


See you sometime soon mum” I said and drove off.


Nothing is taking Tessa out of my house and life . Not even the devil




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