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Loving You – Episode 12

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Episode 12


© Simrah Saeed


Ian Tristan * ⃣


Its been three days since Dad mentioned about my marriage with his business partner’s daughter.


I have been avoiding Tessa after that day.


I just don’t know how to face her telling her I don’t want to marry her again after promising her that?


I’m so confused and ashamed of myself right now .


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She’s the only woman I have ever fell for still, I can’t be with her?


Why is dad bent on destroying what matters to me most.


He doesn’t care about my feelings, all he cares about is his business.


What type of a father does that?


Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly his son.


I so hate him for deciding my life for me.


I think I know what to do, I have to confront dad .


Yes I have to


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The ringing of my phone brought me back to reality.


Very great!


The caller ID was almond (Tessa)


My hand trembled.


What am I going to tell her ?


Scared and nervous, I cleared my throat before picking the call to avoid any suspicion



Ian are you okay? What’s wrong with you? Is everything alright? I have been calling for the nth time now and you weren’t picking up. Are you fine?


She blabbed .


I ran my hands through my messy hair thinking of an answer to give her .



Are you there?


She asked



Huh..yeah, uh.uhmm I’m fine almond I my phone was in silent. I am in the middle of a meeting.


I lied. I don’t have any option either .



Meeting? Ian? Seriously? Meeting? Are you fu.cking kidding me? Today is Sunday for heaven sake.


Just perfect! I’m now caught up with my own lie. How do I explain this now?



Y..yeah..I know it’s Sunday, uhhm some of my clients came over . Yes they came to my house.


This isn’t you Ian! You have changed for the past three days. Are you avoiding me? Did I do something to get you angry? If I did then I’m sorry. Please just stop ignoring me.


Listen Tessa baby, you didn’t do anything okay? I’m sorry..



Then what’s wrong?


She asked in a pained voice. I don’t mean to make her feel this way.



Nothing Tessa I will talk to you later.



Okay should I come over?



I’m busy don’t you get it?


I snapped.


Shit! What have I said ?






You don’t need to say anything else. I’m sorry to disturb you. I promise you won’t see me again to bother you. My flight is ready and I’m going out of your life Ian.


She was crying, I can tell by just hearing her voice.


Gosh! I’m so stupid



No please.. don’t leave, I’m sorry please Tessa .


I panicked



Have a great life ahead Mr Ian Tristan


She hung up..


No! This isn’t happening!


I hurriedly sped off to my car only to discover the keys where inside.


I sigh irritatingly running inside to grab it.


I can’t let her go this way..


I need to reach her so fast, she can’t leave me .


I hate myself!






Tessa * ⃣


I sniffed for the tenth time after I spoke with Ian.


I don’t want to believe what my mind is telling me.


Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore.


I’m going back home.


Maybe there, I can find peace


I came out of the car as the driver also waited for my flight to take off before he goes .


After a while, the plane was ready to take off.


I took my sit beside the window seeing the city of Seoul .


I’m gonna miss it, I don’t want to admit I’m also going to miss Ian the most . God has it’s plan you know!


We were just to meet and path someday.


I assume he’s never going to set his eyes on me again.


One more glance, the plane took off as I bade Seoul a farewell.
















Mum I’m home” I yelled immediatetly I got home. Happy to be back home.


Hey hunny, i missed you so much, how was your vacation?” She asked whilst hugging me


It was fine mum, I enjoyed it so much” I emphasized on the words


Wow! That’s good to know”


Where’s dad?”


I’m here princess, welcome back home” he said coming out of his study room grinning at me


Dad ” I shrieked as I hugged him.


I miss you dad ”


“I miss you too princess, I guess you enjoyed yourself back in Seoul?” He asked


” I did ”


Well then, we have another surprise for you baby girl” he grinned while mum nodded .


What are they up to this time around?


What’s the surprise?” I asked curiously.


That’s for you to find out tomorrow darling” he winked.

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” I can’t wait dad ”


Yeah, some guests will be visiting tomorrow so you have to look as gorgeous as ever hunny” mum added .

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