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Loving You – Episode 1

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Episode 1


© Simrah Saeed


Somewhere in the land of the immortal…


A young lady is seen discussing with an older woman and from the look of things you can easily place it that the lady was worried and confused.


What do I do mother seer ” she asked the older woman .


Like I said before Tessa , you have to go back to earth. You haven’t completed your mission there thereby you aren’t supposed to die now ” she replied while the lady scurried up.


How do I go back now , I’m dead and I’m a ghost will I be visible? How do I survive it on Earth without no one and how do going back to earth bring me back to life?” She asked inquisitively as the woman laughed


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You do not have to worry my daughter, people can still see you because you are half dead. Go back to earth and come back to me with your spirit when you meet the only man who can wake you up ” she said again


I’m going to meet a man? How do I know him when I see him ?” She asked again


Question not my daughter for he’s the first person you will meet on Earth . You will have to make him fall in love with you , he’s your husband and no mortal can stop that. Make him love you and only his kiss can bring you back to life now go daughter ”

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But what of my body ?”


Your body is safe with me, I will protect it and makes sure nothing happens to it till your spirit returns ”


Thank you mother seer ”



〰 〰 〰 〰


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Ian Tristan* ⃣


I’m late yet again to the board meeting, when will I stop being this late ? Gosh I behave like a woman when it comes to sleep.


I hurriedly sped up to the office, I know they must be waiting for me as usual but this one is different. It’s a deal with the Nathan’s and I don’t want to loose it, having to partner with them means a lot to me as it will help us grow our company and my family’s company will be the most influential in Seoul . I just can’t wait to have the deal and make father happy .


” Move move ” I said hitting the car .


Lost in thought that I forgot everything else around me including the car I was driving.


I was driving so recklessly that I saw a lady crossing the road but couldn’t hold the break.


I tried to stop the car but it was already late .


The car hit the lady and she fell on the floor.


What have I done ! OMG!


I hurried out of the car only to see her in a pull of her own blood . I became scared so scared I thought she was dead until she moved one of her finger . Thank goodness she’s still alive


I carried her up in a bridal style and place her at the back seat while I turned back driving crazily to the direction of the hospital. I just hope nothing happens to her , God!








Where the fu.ck are the doctors, nurse!” I yelled immediatetly my car halted in the premise


Mr Ian ” the doctor called rushing out with some nurses while some ran back to bring the stretcher


Don’t fu.cking Ian me , I need her treated please” I shouted


Calm down Mr Ian she’s going to be fine okay , I will be with you shortly” he said and followed the nurses carrying the lady on the stretcher while I kept pacing about.


I couldn’t even sit nor stand. The beep of my phone brought me back to reality again.Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen



The caller ID was my secretary , crap! I forgot I had a meeting but now the girl’s life matters than fame and money .



Sir the meeting, Mr Nathan is already impatient



You know what! Postpone the meeting



But sir



Do as I say , I’m still the boss



I’m sorry sir



Good! Now apologize to Mr Nathan on my behalf and let him know I was caught up in some pressing issues


Done sir


He said and hung up.


Sorry ! How rude I haven’t introduced myself!


I’m Ian Tristan, the heir to the Tristan’s properties. Like you Know, mum and dad


are my parents and I have two elder sisters Claire and Eva. I happened to be the last and only son .


I’m 21 and super duper hella handsome and I’m handling my father’s company as at now .


That’s all for now! You will know me more when the time comes.




I ran to the doctor upon sighting him holding him tightly.


Doctor how’s she?” I asked . Hell , I don’t even know the girl nor anyone related to her .


Calm down Mr Ian , she’s fine now! The accident affected her arm so she will not be able to do anything with it for the time being thou it’s not a serious injury but I discovered something while running a test on her ”


What did you discover doctor, did she have a serious sickness? You Know money is not my problem just make sure she’s fine ” I blurted


It’s not that Mr Ian , the girl is strange! I mean her blood is different from that of the universe, I don’t know” he said while I shot him a confused stare .


What did you mean doctor?”


I mean her blood is.. oh maybe it was as a result of the accident ! She will be fine, you don’t have to worry” he smiled and patted my shoulder



Can I see her now?”


Oh yeah she’s in ward 15 , nurse Sharon” he called one of the nurses


Take Mr Ian to ward 15 immediately” he instructed and left while the nurse nodded ..


That’s it sir” she said pointing at the entrance


Thank you” I muttered and entered into the ward before she drool over me . There she lies and unconscious breathing steadily.


I sat beside her staring intently at her . How can a human being be this beautiful ? She’s the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Is this for real?


I touched her smooth skin moving to her long and smooth hair , gosh! I’m in love with the hair already. It’s so long life that of a goddess.


Am I sure she’s not a water goddess? She’s half of the world’s beauty and when i


say that I mean plus my own .


I’m so ugly compared to her .


I kept on admiring the lady till her eyes slowly opened.


Where am I ?” She asked looking around trying to stand up


No! Don’t you will get hurt ” I laid her back as she stared at me. Look at someone’s eyes! Should I say cute? Oh my God!


You are in the hospital , you got hit by my car. I’m sorry to put you through this” I apologised.


It’s… ouch” she held her head and wince


Sorry , sorry”Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen



I don’t have money to pay for the bills” she managed to say . Her voice is so Angelic, I can kill to hear it every seconds



You don’t have to worry, I already paid” I said smiling at her while she returned it too.


Smile killer . I’m going crazy!


Thank you” she replied shyly


You are welcome. Uhhm so where do you live so I can drop you off from here ?” Her expression changed immediatetly I said that.


Have I said something wrong?


She became sober in the next minute which really twist my heart .


I don’t have a home, I wander in the street and I’m an orphan or rather an abandon child ” she said fidgeting with her fingers


I’m sorry about that ” she nodded and looked away.


What do I do then?


Uhhm, can you stay with me in my house? I mean will you be comfortable?” I asked and she beamed . That smile I always want to see, the holes on her cheeks that goes in out .


Y.. you want me to stay with you?” She stammered while I chuckled. This lady is so innocent.


Yes ”


Thank you , thank you so much ” she hugged me and in the next moment she winced .


Oh her arm.


Sorry ”


It’s okay , thank you for accepting me even when you don’t know me ”


Thanks only thing on my mind is the hug she just gave me.


Nothing more , I wish it last forever . But am i taking a righy decision by allowing her in my house? But it’s not bad helping is it?


I just pray I won’t get turn on every blessed day seeing her around me .



” It’s nothing so what’s your name ?”


” Tessa , I’m Tessa” she replied.


” Nice name ”



” Thank you”


I smiled at her and she shyly looks away. My innocent Tessa!


I’m so crazy right now. I can’t believe I just called her mine










〰 〰 〰 〰


Welcome to my home” I said as I helped her out of the car.


You have a beautiful house ! I have never been to this type of Mansion before” she enthused.


And now you are Tessa, consider here as your new home ”


Thank you so much. I owe you for this ”


I have told you to stop thanking me, I’m glad to help, now let’s go in, all you need will be provided ” I said while she nodded


I guess my sisters are home” why do they have to come this time and day?


I groaned


Do they stay here?” She asked fearfully.


No Tessa , they only visited. They both live with our parents”


Wh.what. if they don’t like me?” She asked coming nearer. “C’mon Tessa they will love you” I encouraged.


Welcome home baby brother ” Eva said .



I have told you two to stop breaking into my home” I groaned.


Oh my goodness! Is this a water goddess?” Claire shouted coming down the stairs diverting Eva’s attention to Tessa as they stare at her with wide eyes .


I guess it’s not only me that sees her as a goddess.




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