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Love Of My Life – Episode 21

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Episode 21



Semi final








a month later


“Sweetheart please don’t go out,stay with me for today” Anita pleaded

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“I have been home since last week. I need to go work” Richard told her


“Even if I promise to give it to you” Anita said


“Give me what? Richard ask


” the main food” Anita told him


“Seriously babe” Richard look at her .Anita nodded


“You are a business know how to bargain .I will stay home as long as you keep to the end of the deal” Richard happily said


“I will” Anita told him and kiss him passionately



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you all know what happened afterward




“Guy,why you stay long? Matthew asked Richard who took a seat next to him


it’s my wife o……she won’t let me go out.she just tie me for because she is sleeping I could come self. If she was awake even my ghost you will not see ” Richard said as he sat down



“Woman wrapper.I never expected you guys to come back to Nigeria. I thought Anita wants to give birth in south Africa” Matthew sipped his drink


“That what she wanted o.but she changed her mind.she said she was missing her church activities here in Nigeria” Richard took a glass of water


“Is there no church in south Africa? Women and their problem. Why are you taking water, take your drink na” Matty replied


“No, I don’t want to take alcohol.if I take it Anita will know she will get angry and pull the house with her scream” Richard shrug


“Chai,Anita as bewitched you” Matthew told him


“Its love my brother,so why did you call me Here” Richard scoff .


“I wonder what you will do when you see this.someone gave it to me to give you” Matthew handed him an envelope


Richard opened the envelope and it was a picture of an it’s being intimate with an old man


“Shit! What is this? Richard angrily ask


you should ask your dear wife” Matthew smirked “Who gave you this? Richard ask with s serious tone


I don’t know him.he just told me to give it to you.before I could ask any further question the kid ran away ” Matty said


Richard stood up from the table and walk away


“Dude,take it easy on her.remember she is pregnant. Who knows the baby might not


be yours ” Matty smirk



Richard entered his car.he couldn’t believe this. Anita won’t cheat on him.why wasn’t this picture sent to him directly? Why Matthew? If he ask Anita about the picture she will think he doesn’t trust her.he knows how Anita will react.Richard made up his mind not to ask her.he was definitely sure anita won’t cheat on him


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On getting home Richard met his house upside down


Broken plates,his cloth were all littered on the floor.Anita sat on the couch looking angry


“Babe what happened” Richard asked her


“This happened, I woke up with a stomach pain, I searched for you the whole house but couldn’t find you or your car richard where the hell did you go??Anita screamed


” did you do this? Richard wave her question


“That not the answer to my question… Richard you promised to stay home” Anita shouted


“Babe calm down…..” He was interrupted


“Don’t touch you went to see your side chick abi? Anita yelled


” side chick? I don’t have any.I went to see…..”


“Richy I swear I will fu.cking kill her.just pray I don’t see her” Anita walked upstairs


“And who is going to clean this mess up? Richard asked


clean it yourself” Anita screamed Richard sighed



“Was she that jealous to cause an havoc in his house? Pregnant women are dangerous” he was still talking when he heard Anita screamed


He ran to her


“Babe what is it?


rich…y…I..think…my…wa..ter..just Br…oke”Anita stuttered in pain


“Oh my God,babe should I take you to the hospital?/Anita asked


” no take me to the market, Richy get your car keys”


Richard quickly grab his keys and got the baby items Anita packed few days ago


“Aah,yeh…Richy my waist ……hmmm…I cannot walk oooooo” Anita said as she beat Richard on his back.


“Oooooo…..aahh…Jesus…..” Anita said as she pinch Richard hard


Richard who was concerned about his wife couldn’t feel what Anita was doing to him.seeing Anita in pain was causing him pain.b


ut he has to be to strong for her


“Adamu,open the gate” Richard hurriedly told the gateman


“Babe am here okay? Breathe in and breathe out” Richard told her




Hmmm..aah” Anita practiced it


“Richy it not working,my waist o” Anita beat him on his shoulder


“You caused shouldn’t have gone out” Anita cried out in pain



“Am sorry babe” Richard pleaded not sure of the word to say so she won’t get angry





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