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Love Of My Life – Episode 18

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Episode 18


If it a prank they should better stop this ” she came out from where she was hiding with tears in her eyes


“Richy” Annie called out


Richard looked at her.


“Oh my God, babe it not what you think”


“Don’t dare touch me with those filthy hands of could you? So it true,huh?”Anita slap him.she faced ella,so I decided to help you but you use my kindness against me by sleeping with my husband, my own haven’t changed at all.


She point to Richard ” no wonder your mood changed when she came last Saturday. I don’t know what to say” Anita ran out


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“Babe….please wait…” Before Richard could complete his statement she was gone


Damn this was what he was scared of


“Let me…..” Ella was interrupted


“I will handle it. I don’t need your help” Richard walk away




Richard got home and met Anita packing her belongings


“Babe what are you doing”


“Don’t babe me,you aren’t blind ,are you??” Anita shouted as Richard saw how puffy her eyes were


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“Babe,please I hate seeing your tears” Richard knelt down


“Oh,you hate seeing me hurt but you love cheating” Annie mocked him


“Sweetheart please I didn’t do it intentionally I swear” Richard pleaded


“So she force herself on you huh? Anita questioned


” I was drunk ” Richard muttered


“Drunk? When did this happen” Anita sniffed


“It happened the night you came home late,I didn’t sleep hone that night” Richard explained still kneeling down


“You said you slept at Matty place,Richard you lied to me” Annie broke into tears


Richard tried to touch her


“Don’t touch me” Anita shouted


“Babe ,please think about the can’t leave me .what will happen to our baby future. Please I beg you” Richard tried to control his tears


“Baby future? My baby will definitely be fine without you” Annie laughed


“Annie you are my life.if you leave me I don’t know what will happen to sorry fie cheating, am sorry for lying.please have mercy. I promise to make it up to” Richard pleaded



“Make it up to me? How? How can you heal my just broke my trust.if all men could cheat I can bet my life that you will never cheat.why did you do this to me? Richard why? Annie sobbed


” baby am sorry ” Richard cried


Anita pack her luggage and move towards the door.Richard block her her from passing.


“Richard if you don’t leave my way now,I promise to kill myself and the baby” Annie threatened


Richard could see she meant what she said.he. move from the door and watch his wife step out of the house with her luggage.




Just as Annie was about putting her bag into the car,toke came in








*Madam I try stop am but she no gree,she just push me ” adamu explained himself


“It okay adamu go back to your post.toke what are you doing here? Annie ask toke


is what am heading true? Are you going to leave your marriage? Cause I know you Anita” toke said


“How did you know….who told you that? Annie enquired


” leave that aside , you didn’t get the full story” toke blurted


“Full story of Richard cheating on me with ella,are you taking sides with Richard” Anita laughed as she wipe her tears


“Am not taking sides with anyone.Richard didn’t cheat on you”



“Another story,a cover up lie .toke am not a baby and the not cheating lie you want to lie now can’t be happen.Richard already told me what happened.I can’t just believe he did that to me” Anita whimpered


Ella came in


“You,what are you doing here? Anita yelled.


I came to see your husband ” ella said “How dare you” Anita slapped her


Richard who have been watching the whole drama came to hold Anita


“Richard you have finally succeeded in ruining me,see what your mistress is brought her to this house” Annie sobbed


” babe stopped ” Richard said as he held her hand

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“Look at me babe,I love you.I didn’t mean to cheat on you.ella please leave now” Richard said with a serious tone


“Richard didn’t cheat on you, yes we slept in a hotel but we never got intimate. I tried to turn him on but your husband was too drunk to make a I decided to take his cloth off and plan to collect money f


rom him the next morning.he isn’t the first man who I had done that for.after that day,I met a sister who lead me to wasn’t up to a month you said I should start work at your place. I found out he is your husband but since we didn’t do anything I saw no reason to that I already told you the truth I hope you don’t leave your marriage. Richard really love you and I can see that.” Ella blurted as she went away


Richard jaw opened as Anita watched Ella walked away.


“Guess you already get the full story” toke said as she walked away


Anita look at Richard as she wipe her tears.


“you didn’t cheat.thank you” she hugged him


Richard patted her on her hair.


“Richard am sorry. I didn’t trusted you, am sorry. She sobbed


you don’t need to apologise.if I were in your shoes I would have done something more worse “Richard told her




Ella sorry for the other day, I was just….”


“No need to apologize I understand you”ella interrupted her


please can you come back to fact I have decided to hand over the plaza to you.” Anita said


“Is this a way of apologizing…I have forgiven need to use d plaza as a means to apologize


no I and Richard will be traveling out of Nigeria next week.I won’t have time for the plaza.since the past weeks you have been working for me I have noticed how hardworking you are.if am to give someone that plaza it should be you ” Anita said


“Why me? Ella ask


consider this as a way of God answering your prayers.say bye bye to your previous life” Annie told her


“I don’t know what to say.thank you won’t be enough.Anita you are my destiny helper” ella knelt down


“You don’t need to kneel down” Anita said to her


“God will continue to bless you,you will not lack any good thing” ella prayed “Amen” Anita answered







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