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Love Of My Life – Episode 12

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Episode 12



“Good afternoon” a lady greeted Annie as she was about to enter Richard’s office “Is this how they behave here? Annie thought.


She greeted as if she was forced to ” who is she? Annie thought



“Babe yoh are here? Have your seat.Richard smiled like a baby


afternoon hun…I brought lunch for you”Annie said as she drop the box on his table. “Wow,Tanx angel.just what I needed.” Richard stood up and kissed her on her lips. “Richy….” She moaned his name


“We….are…at…the…office” she managed to say


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Richard lift her to his table and slid a finger into her and she gasp. “Oh ghad… Richy…” She bit her lower lip


A knock was heard on the door.Richard quickly disengaged from her and anie adjusted her gown.


“Come in” Richard said


“Sir,here are the files” the secretary said.


“Oh,Sophia meet my wife.babe meet Sophia the new secretary ” he introduced


That is the lady that greeted her earlier. She is new her. No wonder but that doesn’t mean anie should be disrespectful” Annie thought


“Sweetheart I will take my leave now” anie informed


“But we aren’t done yet”.Richard winked at her


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Richy you are at work.I know you have a lot to do.don’t worry when you come home we will continue from where we stopped. ” Annie said


“Richard drew her close to himself and kiss her lips.he sucked her lower lip passionately. Just as he was about to put his finger beneath anie.anie held his hand and cut the kiss.



be a good boy and concentrate on work” Annie pick up her bag as she blew him a Kiss


Annie walked to her car as she giggled. Richard will never change he still behaves like a baby




Anita was about to drive her car when she sudden felt dizzy and a slight headache.she decided to rest for a while before driving out.


About 10 minutes later. . she saw Richard shaking hands with a lady and smiling


“Wtf? Who is she? And why the hell is Richy smiling” Annie thought


She step out of her car and marched towards where Richard was standing with the lady. Annie cough


“Babe… You are still here? Richard asked surprisedly


” no…it my ghost. Who is she? Annie inquired


“Oh..she is a business partner of mine” Richard informed her


“ partner of my husband am Annie his wife and you? Annie asked


” am Helen..CEO of Helen Brands limited”


“Honey can u go home with me. I don’t think am too well to drive” Annie said as she acted to be sick.


“But you were alright minutes ago,beside I have a contract to sign with her” Richard explained as he looked at her


“Your work is important than your wife? Annie muttered


” babe not now..the contract.”..Richard was interrupted


“Let your manager handle that. I will be waiting for you in your car and don’t keep me waiting” Annie said as she walked away


“What is wrong with your wife? Helen asked as she watch annie walked out in anger.


I don’t know.. I guess she is sick..can we postpone the meeting to next week? Richard asked her


“It wasn’t easy for me to fix this meeting you know? Hellen said


I know..we have known each other for a long time now..please just do this for me..if i don’t attend to my wife only god knows what she will do” Richard pleadingly told her


“ week then..


Tanx… Richard hurriedly left.




“What Was that attitude you pulled out there” Richard asked Annie as he drove


“Attitude? Richard I told you am not l instead of you to ask me if I was alright you are asking about my attitude” Annie flared


“But you were alright when you came to my office” Richard said not looking at her


“Seriously? Richy anyone can get sick anytime, anyday.” Annie shouted


Richard decided not to reply her or ask any question because seeing Annie mood right now starting a conversation with her will just make tinx worst





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