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Love Of My Life – Episode 11

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Story by Ebun Dark❣



Episode 11



Annie woke up at the ring of Richard phone.she stared at Richard who was sleeping like a baby with his hands wrap around was a public holiday so none of them went to work.who could be calling? She took his phone and the caller name was



saved as DARLING, her heartbeat skipped. Was Richard cheating on her? She managed to pick the call in a cool voice





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so you cannot great again bayi



That was Richard mother voice.she calmed down immediately.she had accused her husband wrongly


Maami….Ekaro ma,ma binu ma.(she apologize)



it okay my dear.I tried calling you yesterday but network was bad. How are you doing


Am fine



My son Nko?


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Bamidele is fine.he is still sleeping



okay. He told me you are done with your model career..that is very good of you. Yes ma


concentrate on your marriage.



Okay ma



Always pray to God. I will call later.



okay regard to everyone at home


Call end


Richard woke up and saw his wife with his phone.


“Mummy just called” anie informed him as she drop his phone.


Richard pulled her to his chest and caress her hair.Annie giggled


“Won’t you ask me why she called”


“I will ask later.for now let me admire the angel in my front” he kissed her forehead


“Richie…I need to…”


“Need to prepare for work? It a public excuse for you my queen” Richard deepened his kiss.Annie blushed




Richard step out of his Lamborghini… The whole area was busy with different kind of journalist.he was celebrating his company 6th Anniversary.


He decided to host a party and invite his business partners. As he came down from the car. Ladies threw themselves on him


“Gosh..he is so cute”


“He should be a model”


“So handsome”


“Am envious of his wife”


Annie felt jealous as she watched ladies tried to touch Richard.Richard on the other hand tried to keep away from them. Richard opened the car door for Annie and she step out like an angel ascending from heaven.


“SUPER MODEL ANITA” the press screamed as they rushed to her. Annie smiled as Richard watched them. They were asking different kind of questions . their focus was mostly on Annie.



Damn he shouldn’t have allowed her wore that sexy dress.he was the one who chooses the dress now he is regretting. Is marrying a celebrity a crime? But she is no longer a model ♀


After a lot of struggles they went inside


“Wish mum and dad was here” Annie said


they couldn’t come.mum said dad is still recovering..they will watch it on television” Richard said to her


“Congrats” someone shook Richard hand




“Can’t believe you can do this,congrats Mr Richard” another congratulated him




“Dr Marcus” Richard shook hand with him


“Mr Richard.long is your father” Dr Marcus inquired


“He is in united states.receiving treatment” Richard replied him


“Nice to hear. Wow Annie you look beautiful in life than on screen” Dr Marcus said as he ignored Richard


“Tanx ” Annie smiled


“Did she just smile to him? No,she is only allowed to smile to me only” Richard thought.


“Wow,Dr Marcus seems you are a big fan of my wife” Richard said trying to control his jealousy



“Yea,I love your wife shows…especially the one she host on ebun dark stories” Dr Marcus said


Richard exchsed r Marcus and sat down with Annie “Don’t tell me you like Mr Marcus” Richard said jealousy


“Well the man is not that bad,he knows how to compliment a lady” Annie giggled. Richard stared at her


“I shouldn’t have hosted this party”


“Babe,am happy for you. You are one of the top 5 richest man in the should be proud of yourself” Annie told him


“It not that am not happy…can’t you see how those men are staring at you” he lamented


“You married a beautiful lady,what do you expect? Annie chuckled as she wink at Richard








Story by ebun


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