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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 9

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Episode 9




He approached me with mean steps and I tried my best to muffle my laugh.


Gospel: Who’s he?


Me: Who?


Gospel: The boy you went out with. The same one you just kissed.


Me: That means you were spying on us?


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Gospel: Answer me right now. Who’s he?


His tone was now high and obviously angry. I grinned at the thought of him being jealous.


Me: Okay. No need for you to be angry okay? I’ll tell you. You see,when he came to pick me up this evening, he was just a friend from school, but after a wonderful night, I’m proud to say that he’s my boyfriend.


Like lightening, he pushed towards me and held my arm and I winced in pain.


Me: Leave me alone Gospel.



Gospel: Is that how shameless you’ve become? You left this house with your face heavily made up and look how you came back. You even have the guts to kiss him when you know my window overlooks the gate. To spite me right?


Me: You’re just being jealous that someone else is doing what you couldn’t do.


Leave my arm.

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He left my arm and stepped back.


Gospel: Amanda what happened to you? Why are you doing this?


Me: What happened to me? You think I’ll sit down in this house, mourning my heart because you broke up with me? Sorry to disappoint you because I’ve moved on. You did that as well so let me be. That’s why you refused to acknowledge our greeting before we left. My life is no longer your business so quit acting like you’re my boyfriend and let me be.


He gasped at my words and I felt his eyes tear up. Gospel: But you know I loved you and always will?


Me: I believed that as well. But your love is selfish. Your love is self centered. You’re no worse than those loafers that took advantage of me. You moved on before you even broke up with me and if Kamsi and I hadn’t caught you in the act, I would have being dwelling in sorrow of why you are avoiding me. I wouldn’t have met Hillary and I wouldn’t be this happy. The earlier you stop monitoring me, the better for you.


I walked out on him, happy with myself for not breaking down in front of him. I’ve moved on and I can’t wait to share my dinner experience with Kamsi and mum.


The next morning,I took Kamsi to mum who was dressing to go to her boutique. I told them word by word about what had transpired at Golden Royale including the proposed visit to a counselor. They were both happy for me and mum apologised for not thinking about taking me to a counselor all these while.


We were talking about when to invite him over for dinner when Gospel stormed into the room.


Gospel: He’s not coming to this house.


Kamsi and I stood up to face him, ready for an attack but surprisingly, mum was calm.



Mum: Why?


Gospel: Cause he’s not good for her. I know his likes. This university cheap boys who’ll do anything to get a beautiful girl on his bed including coming to her place with borrowed cars and suits.


Kamsi: But he won’t include sleeping with different girls before breaking up with her.


Mum: Kamsi!


Gospel closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He opened them again and gave Kamsi a very mean stare.


Kamsi: I’m sorry mum.


Mum turned back to Gospel.


Mum: If he’s not good for her, who then is good for her? Will you be the one to choose a spouse for her?


Gospel: Bu…..but mum,I saw that boy, the look……


Mum: You’ve being standing there, eavesdropping on us and its wrong.


Gospel: I was also coming to tell you about him when I heard you all discussing the same thing. But I’m sorry. And I still maintain the fact that he’s not good for her.


Mum: Amanda will say who is good for her and who’s not. You don’t have a right to decide for her. She’s matured enough now so please, I’ll advice you to stop meddling.


There was a look of surprise on his face.


Gospel: I’m I now meddling?


Mum: If you don’t mind, I beg to leave now. Kamsi, make sure to lock my room after you people are done.


She picked up her hand bag, looked at herself in the mirror and stepped out of the room. Gospel sized Kamsi and myself and also left.


Kamsi: He’s now making me to dislike him the more.



Me: Please don’t. He also approached me last night immediately I came into the house.


Kamsi: He did?


I told her what had happened between Gospel and I. She didn’t find it funny. Kamsi: Why didn’t you tell mum?


Me: Let’s just forget it. Are the girls done with making breakfast?


Kamsi: Let’s go and check. It’s past seven already.


We went downstairs and the table was already made for breakfast. We sat down and helped ourselves to the meal.


Ken came in just when we were almost done. We greeted him and he sat down to join us.


Ken: Where’s is big bro?


Kamsi scoffed and continued with her meal. Ken looked at me for answers but I shrugged my shoulders.


Ken: Kammy I wonder when this bad blood between you two will stop.


Kamsi: Of course I was thinking about it before now. But after what he did last night and this morning, I don’t think it’ll ever stop.


Ken: What’s the problem again?


Kamsi told him about Hillary and Gospel’s view on it.


Ken: He’s just jealous. It’s normal for him to feel that way.


Kamsi: Does he now expect Amy not to move on when he’s busy having the fun of his life?


Ken: Okay. I’ll talk to him later. For now, let me talk to Amanda.


I raised my head up and looked at him.


Ken: Are you comfortable with that guy?


Me: Yes


Ken: And you’re not with him to get back at Gospel?



Kamsi: Even if……


Ken: Kamsi I’m not talking to you. Amanda?


Me: Gospel didn’t even come to my mind the moment I agreed to be with him.


He’s just understanding and calm and I like him a lot.


Ken: You know you shouldn’t take decisions like this in a hurry, just be careful till you’re sure of his intentions. Let’s not get too excited for now okay?


Me: Thanks Ken.


Ken: Its nothing. Now you two should allow me to eat. I’m late for the office.





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