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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 3

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Episode 3




Dinner was ready before 6:30. Kenneth had stepped out of the house to only God knows where. Kamsi and I dressed up with a little make up and sat down in the sitting room, chatting away with our phones. A honk outside got us rushing out of the house as an ash coloured highlander drove into the compound. Ever seen these Nollywood movies where the servants would be standing in a queue, waiting for the prince or princess to arrive or get down from the car? Lol. That was the scene



being played now. Only difference was that we weren’t servants and we looked too good to be one.


We watched as Rose got down from the car and we gushed shamelessly at her beauty. She was dressed in a short pink floral gown, wearing a gold plated heel which was about five inches. Her handbag marched her heels and she looked like a celebrity going for a photoshoot.


Rose and Kenneth had met online the year Rose had done her exams. Ken was in law school then. So many calls, chats, video and audio calls kept them going for a while but just like many other online dating, distance didn’t help them grow so they broke up in a couple of months. Now, they were back together and I prayed silently that they work out now.


We took turns to hug Rose and she was all smiles.

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Kamsi: Welcome to our house girlfriend.


Rose: Thank you. Your house is so beautiful.


Kamsi and I thanked her before we moved into the house.


We three sat down and started discussing about school and matters that concerns girls before mum came downstairs.


Perfect wife material…..She stood up immediately and waited for mum to get to




Rose: Good evening mum.


OMG! Mum already?

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Mrs k: Good evening my dear. Sit down


Rose sat down and mum took a seat beside her. They began to talk, with mother trying to know everything about Roses’ background in one night. We excused ourselves and went to make the table, silently gossiping about mum’s likeness for good girls.


Rose was from a family of four; her mother, her father, her elder brother and herself. They lived in old GG. Her father is a retired soldier while her mum is a lecturer at IMT (institute of management and technology,). Her elder brother owns a construction company in and he’s still single.



Just before we came to call them to the table, Kenneth and Gospel came in. We all went to the dinning and Kamsi served us with the favourite meal of the house;


Rice which was well garnished with smoked fishes and meats. We ate quietly (who dares to talk in the dinning while mum was around?). Gospel kept on stealing glances at me and I also fought with myself not to pour my food on him. While everyone had dessert, I excused myself and went to the sitting room with my own plate.


I know he is surprised that I’m over what he had said to me. I’m also surprised myself. But those words he spoke, everyone of them is locked somewhere deep down my heart. Like mummy had said, I had sealed the part of my mind where he existed. I would focus more on my education and once I get to the level I want to be, I’ll open up myself and unleash the same quantity of sorrow to him.


30 minutes later, we were all sitting together in the sitting room, chartering amongst ourselves.


Mrs k: Rose darling


Rose: Yes mum


Mrs k: I beg to take my leave now. I’ll be having a hectic day tomorrow.


Rose: No problem mum. It was nice meeting you and dinner was awesome.


They exchanged hugs as we watched mum go upstairs.


Ken: So, I also beg to leave with my girlfriend now.


I giggled audibly but Kamsi won’t take any of it.


Kamsi: See this man. As if she’s not our friend, we’ll just take her from you now now.


Rose: Of course. Ken, these girls have more rights to me you know?


Me: Exactly. So do the right thing Ken.


He shrugged his shoulders and opened his palm like he doesn’t have a choice.


Ken: Okay. Please girls, can I have some time with my girlfriend?


Kamsi: That’s more like it.



Ken helped Rose up and they walked upstairs. I got busy with my phone and didn’t notice when Kamsi left and which direction she went but I looked up to show her a picture but I only met Gospel, sitting just where he had being.


I stood up and made for the stairs;


Gospel: Can we talk for some minutes please?


I turned around as he was standing up.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Me: Did you talk to me now?.





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