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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 27

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Episode 27




A week and three days after I was discharged, Chine regained consciousness. I was the happiest person on earth that day. I had gone to school and was about boarding a cab home when Kamsi called,asking me to rush to the hospital. I got there and everyone was there;Ted,Ken,Mum,Gospel, Kamsi and hmmm,Hillary.


Chine looked so happy. I embraced her in a warm hug that lasted for eternity. The atmosphere was peaceful and everyone had smiles on their faces.

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Immediately I got the chance,I pulled Kamsi out of the room and began interrogating her;


Me: What is that cheat doing here?


Kamsi: Calm down . He’s here to see your sister.

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Me: Who asked him to come?


Kamsi: The same person who brought him to see you while you were unconscious last two weeks.


Me: He came here?


Kamsi: Yes.


Me: And who is that person? I’m sure it’s Gospel.


Kamsi: Nope. Ken.


Me: Ken?


Kamsi: See babe, this guy is really sorry. While you were here,he’s magically worked himself back into our lives. He really regrets what happened. You know we women can be devils sometimes. Rose wanted him and he couldn’t resist her because he’s being without a woman for long. Try to understand how this thing works.

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Me: You’re preaching me now,for him?


Kamsi: It’s not preaching. It’s the fact. I know how much you love this guy,I saw it in your eyes when you came in here. Don’t let a single mistake ruin your chance to a perfect relationship.


Me: It wasn’t a single mistake Kammy. He did it twice.


Kamsi: Don’t be this difficult Amy,don’t loose this guy.


She walked out and left me to think about it. I heaved a sigh and sat down on a chair in the corridor. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App. Ken came immediately and joined me.


Ken: How was school today?


Me: Was fine. Though there was nothing serious done today.


Ken: Okay. You look so different. Any problem?



I looked at him,how will I tell him that he’s my problem since he’s the one who brought Hillary to the hospital.


Me: I’m fine.


Ken: So now that your sister is fine,you’ll have time to spend with me right?


Me: Of course.


Ken: Thanks. How about dinner in my apartment tonight? I want to make a special delicacy that I learnt from YouTube. You in?


Me: Why not? I love tasting new and interesting delicacies. Hope it’ll be worth my coming?


Ken: You should trust me.


Me: And do I come with Kamsi?


Ken: I mentioned it to her,but she said she’s going out with Ted.


Me: Okay then. I’ll be there. And hey,better finish up before I come cause I won’t help with anything.


He threw his head back and laughed.


Ken; Okay. I knew you were a lazy girl. I’ll be through before seven.


Me: Good for you.


Ken: Let’s get back to the room. Mum was saying something before I came out.


And it happened that mum was saying that she already had a flight scheduled for five. She had a fashion show to attend in Dubai and from there,she’ll leave for London to get more supplies. Gospel drove her home to pick her bags and head for the airport while we all remained at the hospital,cracking jokes and yapping each other.





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