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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 23

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Episode 23




We had just came out from a class that lasted three hours. Trust lecturers, upon we were not up to 100 out of three hundred and something radiography students. He gave us a quiz. Kamsi and I stepped out of the class three hours later and proceeded to the cafe which was always our consoler after such lectures.



We were almost there when we saw Rose leaving the cafe. Kamsi quickly ran up to her while I followed in quick steps. I knew Kammy was good at embarrassing people but I just wanted her to let things end the way it had.


Kamsi: Hey!


Rose turned and her smile disappeared.


Kamsi: Have your tongue fallen into your throat?

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Rose swallowed hard as I came in to view.


Rose: Hi.


Kamsi: Better. So I heard you now sleep around right?


Rose: I…


Kamsi: Don’t. Better don’t stammer before me because I’m ready to tear you into pieces.


Kamsi had come prepared for a war. She was dressed casually in a jean short and t-shirt, unlike Kamsi who wouldn’t look at a t-shirt on ordinary days.


A small crowd had gathered, eager to know why people who were friends during their first year had now turned enemies.


Rose: Kamsi please, you’re embarrassing me.

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A slap landed on Roses’ face and the crowd was filled with ‘”ohs” and “ouchs”.


Kamsi: When you were sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend, did you think twice before doing it? Did you think up the consequences?


Rose was rubbing her face now, with tears dropping from her eyes. Rose: I…


Kamsi: Shut up. You had my brother, why would you go to Hillary? How shameless and disgusting.


Rose: But I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry.


Kamsi: You’re still talking eh? You’re still opening that gutter you call mouth?



Kamsi went for an attack but I was just in time to come between them with one other guy who received the slap meant for Rose. I looked up at his face and it was Hillary.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


What insolence? So he came to defend her?


Kamsi: Clap for yourselves you shameless animals. You came to fight for her. You should be grateful that it was just a slap. And I’m sure you’re also here to take her home to compl…..


Hillary: Kammy stop. Why are you doing this? We’re sorry. We shouldn’t be fighting and disgracing ourselves in public.


Kamsi walked up to him with scorn and hatred written on her face.


Kamsi: But that’s the plan. To help you wash your dirty linen in public. To warn people to be careful of you two backstabbers.


She pushed past Hillary and went to Rose.


Kamsi: Listen whore,you should be thankful today, not because this woman eater came on time, but because my sister also came between you and I, which shows she’s forgiven you. But I hope the slaps are enough to redesign your brains and get them back to default mode. Shameless things.


She walked away leaving me behind. I went to Rose as she looked at me innocently.


Rose: I’m sorry.


Me: Save it. You’ve gotten what you deserve. Just know how to treat friends next time.


I followed Kamsi’s trail and walked out, hearing people murmur and say things I couldn’t hear. But one thing was clear, anyone who has Kamsi, has a fighter and an adventurer.


Did we go to the cafe? Nope. Instead, I met Kamsi at the school gate where we boarded a cab and drove home. Throughout the ride, we remained silent, not sure of what to say to each other. But I’m not angry with her. She’s just looking out for me.








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