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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 20

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Episode 20




I was still in bed when I heard a honk outside. My alarm rang about three hours still in bed hissing.


I came out from my room and walked to the balcony to see who came in but surprisingly, there was a knock at the gate. Maybe it was a cab. The gateman opened the gate and Rose cat walked into the house. My blood started boiling and I knew she would get another dose from me before leaving the house.



She didn’t look up. She just walked past the other houses and walked in to Ken’s apartment.


I went back to my room and brushed up, took my bath and wore my usual bum pant and top, making sure to wear a tight fitting bra just in case another beating tournament was going to happen.


I stepped out just as Gospel was about driving out. He honked for me and I went to say hi.

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Me: Morning.


Gospel: Beautiful morning my dear. How was your night?


Me: Grateful for life.


Gospel: Thank God. I wanna go sort some things out in the office. I’ll come back before lunch.


Me: Yes please, we won’t eat out. I’ll cook for us.


Gospel: Interesting. Can’t wait.


Me: Okay. See you then


Gospel: Take care.

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He drove out and I smiled. Today is Monday and since Thursday, Gospel had done more than enough. He bought me a Tecno w4. Not like I needed it since I still had my BB passport, but I loved it all the same, along with the clothes, handbags, jewelries and a make up kit. He never went beyond his limit. Eh! Still doesn’t mean I’m taking him back.


I remembered my mission and turned, ready to make someone shiver. I stepped into Ken’s apartment and there they were, she had her head on his laps and they were both laughing at something I didn’t get. WOMEN.


I cleared my throat and walked in further to the sitting room. An innocent Rose would remain in her position and yab me for trying to disturb them but today, she sprang up immediately and sat properly.


Ken: Hey sis. Sit down.


Me: Of course I won’t stand.



This was the first time I’m in the house since the other incident. Ken and I haven’t spoken to each other except on Facebook where he’ll comment my pictures and I’ll reply. Surprisingly, he didn’t look like anything was between us.


He laughed at my dry joke and watched me sit.


Me: Rose, you didn’t tell me you were coming. I wonder where our relationship is heading this days.


Rose: I….uhm…I….I wanted to…I tried…


Ken: What’s that? When did it start?


I smiled.


Me: You don’t know Rose always gets tensed whenever she’s caught in the act.


Rose gave me a pleading look but I wasn’t stopping.


Ken: What act? What?


Me: Romance. Weren’t you two getting all intimate before I walked in?


Ken: Silly girl. Thought you were talking of something else.


Me: Like?


Ken: Let’s forget it.


Me: I didn’t come down for breakfast. What do you have?


Ken: Provisions. Make yourself comfortable with them.


Me: Thanks.


I stood up and walked to the dinning, leaving Rose with a wicked glance.


I made a mixture of cornflakes and golden morn with a good quantity of milk and groundnuts. I sat down to enjoy my meal,staying as close as possible to hear whatever Rose would say and just two spoons into my big bowl, it happened.


Rose: She should excuse us.


She spoke more in a whisper but I heard right. I dumped my plate and went straight to her.


Me: Hello? What did you just say?



Ken: Amy calm down. Are you girls having a feud or something?


Me: Bros wait. I want to be sure I heard clearly.


I squatted just in front of Rose and cupped her chin with my hand.


Me: pliz repeat.


Rose: See, I didn’t mean it as an insult, don’t misunderstand me. I just wanted to have a private discussion with him.


Me: Private. Indeed.


I stood up and dragged her up as well. Ken followed suit.


Ken: Amanda you’re embarrassing my girlfriend. If you two have issues, you can sort it out in a much better way than this


This angered me even more.


Me: Ask her. When she was sleeping with Lary, did it occur to her that he was my boyfriend? Did it occur to her that you were her boyfriend? And because I kept quiet, she’s asking that I excuse you both. For what?


Ken: What did you just say?


Me: You heard right.


Ken walked closer to Rose who was now shedding tears.


Ken: Tell me, is it true?


His voice was calm and loving but the veins appearing in his neck and arm was clear evidence of his anger.


Ken; Rose?


Instead of answering,she picked her handbag and ran out of the house. Ken turned to me.


Ken: How did you know?


Me: I saw them. I’m sorry but…


Ken: And why didn’t you tell me?


Me: I was ashamed. I had no face to tell you that Hillary has repeated what Gospel did. I couldn’t.



Ken: And you let me still be with her? Just to hide your sorrow?


Me: I’m sorry Ken. I didn’t mean to keep it a secret for long. And I thought she will tell you when you ask about the wounds she got.


Ken: Oh! You did that?


I nodded.


Ken: She told me she was in an accident.


I chuckled and stopped immediately.


Me: I’m….


Ken: That Hillary needs to be taught a lesson for doing what he did. Look at you, nursing another heart break. Come here.


And I went into his arms and he held me tight, promising not to let anyone hurt me again.


So I let myself cry,to wash away my sorrows and open my heart for a new life.





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