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Living With Him – Episode 4

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Elizabeth’s POV:








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I really enjoyed my sleep.




The bed was really comfortable and sleeping on the bed of my crush makes it even better.




I wonder where he slept.




Well the house is big, there are many rooms.




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I stood up and went to the bathroom took my bath and quickly dressed before Raymond comes in, today I will start my mission at least even if he doesn’t love me am going to make sure he change his mind set about ladies.




A knock came in and I sat properly thinking it was Raymond.




“Breakfast is ready ma” the maid said while bowing her head.I waved at her and i followed her.




I greeted Raymond’s parent as I joined them in the dining.




“Where is your boyfriend?” Raymond’s mother asked.




“He will be down soon” I replied with a smile, and as if I was a magician, Raymond walked down to the dining looking refreshed and sat close to me.




The dining was for four people i guess he had no option.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen








I needed to act like his girlfriend.




“Honey let me feed you” I said and he gave me the ‘what tha hell are you doing?’ look which I totally ignored.




“Open up” I said and he did and i shoved the spoon of pumpkin porridge into his mouth.




“Oops! there is a little something on your lips” I brought my hand close to him and cleaned his lips.




I’ll pay a billion dollar to see the look on his face always.I kept feeding him till we were done and his parent were really happy all through.




“Let’s watch a movie” Raymond’s mother said and we all rushed to the sitting room, before Raymond could rush to the one sitter couch his father already sat down there he had on option than to sit on the two sitter couch.




His parent are really making things easy for me.


I went and sat close to him.




He kept giving me deadly glares and ‘don’t do it’ look which I also ignored.




Now we were all sitting down watching the movie.




I kept moving close to Raymond and he kept shifting till there was no space to shift anymore.




I quickly shift very very close to him and wrap my hand arround his body.




It was like he was going to puke any minute from now.




The movie reached a romance scene and the couple in it were kissing passionately.




“I think we will take a nap” Raymond’s father said and left immediately, then his wife followed him.




I quickly use my leg to pin Raymond down properly.




“What is the meaning of the nonesense you have been doing?” Raymond asked angrily.




“You paid me here to act like your girlfriend and that’s what I’m doing” I replied.




“I told you no touching. Do not get close to me no matter what, never you touch me!” he yelled angrily.




“…now get off my body. I need to take a shower, you stink badly” he added.




“Oops! sorry but you are not going anywhere” I replied.




“You know what? you are fired!” he said.


“You must be joking, I still have 13 days left so I’m not going anywhere until the 13 days is over except you want me to tell your parent and not only your parent the press too” I said and he went mute immediately.




I thought as much.




“Can you please get off my body?” he asked in disgust.




“No” I said and we faced the TV.




OK, so this couple love making have not yet ended and now they were having $£x while Raymond was already sweating.




I was shy but I don’t have to show it and I could feel Raymond was uncomfortable.




“Should we change it?” he asked quietly.




“Nopeee” i replied stressing the ‘e’




And we continued watching avoiding each other’s gaze.




I looked straight at his face, i knew he already knew i was staring at him, so he turned and looked at me also and that was how we kept staring into each other’s eyes.




I wonder what’s going on in his mind.




I moved my gaze to his lips and stared at it so plump and pink and tempting too.




I looked at him again and our face kept coming close now our nose were already touching I quickly placed the kiss on his cheecks and ran to the room.




Raymond’s POV:




I can’t believe what just happened.




First, I allowed her to feed me without slapping hell out of her.




Secondly, I allowed her to wrap her hands arround me.




We even watched a $£x scene together! and then we almost kissed but she kissed my cheeks instead.More interesting stories available






This is unbelieveable, but why did she kissed my cheeks


What happened to my lips?




OrAre my lips black?




I touch my lips they are perfect.




I can’t still believe I almost kissed this girl not just any girl but the big blue eyes long hair and ugly girl.








I need to find a way to get rid of her before things get out of hand, but one thing I’m sure of is that she must be using charm or something on me because I know this is not the real me but first I need to take a serious bath and wash off all her touches on me.




To be continue…



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