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Living With Him – Episode 10

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Episode 10


(Had Fun, confessed and kissed )




( Raymond’s POV )




I woke up and found myself cuddled by Elizabeth; that was when I remembered last night.




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I had the nightmare but Elizabeth had made me to sleep.




I looked at her as she slept peacefully.




How she does that still remains a mystery to me.




I wanted to ask her and found out but of course I can’t do that.




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( Elizabeth’s POV )




I woke up when I heard noise in the bathroom, so the nightmare is the problem that Raymond is having but why is it the first time since I came into this house.




No wonder he sleeps alone.

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Minutes later, Raymond came out of the bathroom dripping wet.




He looked extremely handsome and water was dripping from his wet hair as he rushed his hand throught it making him even more handsome.




“Uhm Lizzy, if you don’t stop looking at me that way I might disappear” Raymond said snapping me out of my thoughts that was when I realized i have been starring at him all this while i quickly turned my face so he won’t see me blush.




“I was thinking if you don’t have plans for tonight so I can show you something” I said and he stared at me for a while.




“Lizzy, what do you want to show me?” he asked.




“It’s a surprise” I replied.




He nodded and left the room.




I will take that as a ‘Yes.’




It was evening already and I was getting ready for the outing with Raymond.




Rejoice have been trying her best to get his attention but it is not working and am sure she will be planning another thing for him.




I dressed in a short skirt and simple top.


I applied simple make up and head out.




Raymond was already prepared in a texudo.




“Where are you guys going?” Rejoice asked.




“I’m going out with my girlfriend” Raymond replied and held my hand as we walked out.




“I can drive” I said to him and he handed me the car keys.




The guards made to follow us but Raymond signaled them to stop.




I had already told him that no guard should follow us.




“Fasten your seat belt” I said to Raymond who sat beside me.




I wasn’t a good driver; I was a rough driver.




So, the seat belt was the best option for him.




I drove out of the house and Raymond use his face mask to cover his face.




I increased the speed as we hit the express as i began driving roughly.




“Lizzy! slow down or we are going to die!” Raymond yelled.




I kept driving and taking turns while Raymond kept yelling.




Soon, we arrived at the park and I stopped the car.




“Are we dead?” Raymond asked quietly and opening his eyes.




“No, we are not” I replied and chuckled.




We both came down.




I know that Raymond have shut himself from the world and it’s being long he had fun so this is the perfect place.




I held his hand and we ran to the roller coaster.




“Oh! no way I’m riding that stuff!” Raymond said.




“C’mon it’s going to be fun…” i said.




“…except you are—”




“I’m not scared!” he quickly cut me off.




“We’d see about that!”



It was our turn and I quickly climbed while Raymond hesitate before joining me and we buckled up.




Soon the roller began moving fast and people were screaming including Raymond while I yelled happily.




“The ride was fun” I said to Raymond while I saw his face changed, he quickly ran to the other side and threw up, while I kept laughing at him and he gave me a deadly stare; this guy is such a baby!




“Can we have two cups of ice cream” I said to the man selling them and paid before Raymond could.




We kept playing different games and I kept winning I could tell Raymond was having fun.




He was really happy.




“Extreme water slide!” I yelled and Raymond and I ran there immediately.




Two people go in at a time, So I quickly pulled my clothes remaining my p*nt and br* while Raymond pulled his remaining his boxers.




“Ready?Go!” we heard and quickly went down the water slide yelling happily.




“I love you Lizzy!” Raymond yelled and my eyes almost popped out.





I’m sure he has no idea he said that.




Soon we were done.




We put on our clothes and played the last game which is a shooting game i still won and was given a big teddy bear.




“I had a wonderful time” Raymond said staring at me his eyes landed on my lips and he removed his face mask and kissed me deeply.




People stopped and began taking video and pictures and cheering that was when we realised that his has no face mask and he crazy fans recognised him.




He held my hand and started running while crazy fans were yelling and running after us.




Soon we arrived at were we packed our car and drove home!




To be continue…



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