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Just After I Said I Do – Episode 2

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I walked back to join Amaka in the sitting room after gulping a cup of cold water, and I continued softly… ” bro Raph was known by all for his dedication in the church and to the things of God. And I on the other hand, I was a normal christian sister that can boldly say my life as an undergraduate was on the right track with God, I have a deep understanding about what it means to be in a relationship and so I never had any until I was in my part three as a pharmacy student…


My first relationship was the one I had with a guy called Joshua ibitoye who happens to be my course and level mate. Joshua was a normal guy, who I can say his life is balanced but not the churchy type. That doesn’t mean he was not born again, sure he was, but should I just say he is not this spirikoko brother. My relationship with him was perfect, we were both doing fine academically, physically and spiritually even though he was not a member of my student fellowship. Joshua never seize to show me series of affections even though some of them left me doubting if he was actually a believer or not… And that was because of this general orientation about showing affections in relationships as a sin, so I felt Joshua was canal sometimes, not knowing that affections in relationships can never be avoided but the important thing is how well can you manage it as a Christian.



Yes, I was so convinced about Joshua, I know it vividly that he’s the right man for me, but what I was confused about is the fact that he won’t stop acting canal sometimes, I never knew God was actually showing me those canal part of him so I could know the major part of his life where I’ll intensify my prayer the more in the relationship. And sooner than I expected, my relationship with Joshua began to shake and I began to perceive him as one canal guy who can’t even manage his feelings and emotions… We both struggled to make things work but the more we struggle the more we see each others differences and we finally Settle down for a break up.




Hhhmm… It took me no time before I got over Joshua because I felt he was not just the right man for me, and I felt I was only being deceived by the devil those times that I said I was convinced about him.

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And so I started afresh as a single lady in my part four. I was praying and watching out for the normal “right Christian brother” that every lady prays about. …


Well, let me say Raph was my favorite brother in the church, he was been loved by all, his genuine love and dedication to the things of God got me attracted to him the more, talking about a brother who has an extraordinary balanced life, it’s Raph. He’s always available and ever ready for anything that has to do with the church and so nobody was surprised when he was made the president of the fellowship… We were friends on the church level, coupled with the fact that I am an easy going lady, dressing and living her life moderately in the right way.




I paused for a while and I looked directly at Amaka with a faint smile… ” hey Sweerie, your pie is cold already, and you’ve not even taken more than a bite ever since you came around”… She took a glance at the tray of pie and I could see it so clearly that she lost her appetite already… ” let’s leave chicken pie out of this, I can always eat that later”… She said so softly looking at me with in a mood that is so visible enough for me to know she’s actually sorry for my situation more than ever before… I tried to hide my tears and pain and I gently place my head on one of the arms of the couch as I continued softly…



…” Towards the end of my part four, bro Raph walked up to me one evening after our normal workers fellowship and broke the news of him been led to me.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Wawwu… My heart skipped, and I felt I was actually dreaming… Fine I know I have actually been crushing on him and I have always wished my future husband will have all his attributes, but I never for once thought about the fact that the bro Raph of all ladies could be led to me… Heyhey Heyhey… So I’m actually going to be the Fiance of a whole respected president of the fellowship. My joy knew no bounds that evening even though I never showed my shock and happiness about what he just said.


Me sef manage gather little courage to form one kyn spirikoko sister as my response to him was “I’ll pray about it sir, I need to get confirmation before saying anything”… But deep down within me, I knew I was not going to confirm anything, my answer is yes already, abi what else am I confirming about bro Raph of all people… He smiled and nodded in satisfaction telling me that he expected that response from me anyway…


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My dear, the truth to be told, I never prayed or bothered to ask God about him. I was just satisfied and convinced about bro Raph’s personality in church. I mean, I need no other conviction that bro Raph is a husband material, not just any material sef, but a spiritual one for that matter. Abi what else am I looking for in a guy that he doesn’t have, to cap it up, he was a handsome guy with so much fear of God at heart and I couldn’t stop thanking God for making me hit such a big jackpot.




…” hey, omolola, I’m still not comfortable with this bro Raphael of yours ooo, I could remember your conviction about Joshua so clearly. Babe what happened to those convictions now “… That was Efe’s response when I told her about my step of saying yes to Raph very soon. Efe was my best and closest friend while I was in school, the relationship we share was so intimate to the extent that there’s hardly anything we do not know about each other, we were not room mates but you can hardly see us walking or doing things separately.



“look madam, I am not even understanding your stress over this whole issue again, you should be happy for me that God brought a God fearing guy like Raph my way after the devil tried to truncate my destiny with Joshua”… I said this out of frustration to Efe one day after her usual pressure and warning against Raph. I felt Efe was only trying to make way for Joshua into my life because she likes him and they were both friends. She has gone out of her way several times to pray for me personally concerning the issue and each time we meet to talk, she’ll always ask if I have actually prayed seriously about Raph. And trust me, my response was always “yes I have “… And then she’ll press further to ask





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