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Joe And Voe: Episode 9

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Author’s POV




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Author’s POV




After Joseph was push down the cliff Jayden told the guard to close back the gate.




the act you committed is treason and I sentence you to 30years in prison” Jayden said.




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take her away” he added and the guard drag her away.




this should be a warning to all of you, the act of treason in the fortress is not welcome” he said then went back to his chamber.




(unknown Forest)




A girl is walking stealthily in the forest hunting for an animal, she saw an antelope the stopped.




Then she take out an arrow and set it on her bow then targeted the antelope, she set it very well then release the arrow which went straight and hit the antelope.




She quickly ran over and killed it completely, she decided to go over to the river to wash off cause she was covered in dirt.




She took the antelope and went to the river, she wash her body and as she was about to go she saw something floating in the river.




She moved closer to check it out and as she got closer she see that it’s actually a human being.




” oh my God…….it’s a human” she said as she get closer.




She touch his neck to check is vitals and was shocked to see that he still has a pulse.



He’s alive” she said surprised then took him away from the river then to the dry land . She dropped him on ground and check his wound and see how badly he was injured.



how is this possible?……how are you still alive?” she asked in astonishment.




looks like your enemies really want you dead, whoever it is that you offended really hate you” she said.




how can you suffer so much injury and still be alive?………you must be a fighter, a survivol” she said then decided to take him home and treat him.




Then she thought of how she is going to carry a wounder man and the animal she killed together.




After she thought about it for a while she decided to help the man first, then she use her strength to carry joseph to her back.




Then after she is set to go she started taking a step after another as he’s too heavy for her to carry.




She walked slowly as head towards her house, as she keep walking she staggered and fell along with the man.




” ahh, c’mon we are almost there, damn you’re heavy” the girl said.




As she made to carry him back she saw a dead body and she fell down in shock.


oh my God, A dead body” she said in fear.




oh God, it’s a dead body” she said breathing heavily then she stood up to carry him. She carried him again with her back and continue walking as she head home.



After a while she reached the place she and her mother shared, she opened the door and took him to her room.




She dropped him on the bed and went out to look for medicine to use to treat his wound.


She came back in with water and towel then set to clean his wound.


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Then she began to have several though going through her mind as she see the open wound on his head and the burns on his chest and realises that he lost alot of blood.




” what if he died?, what if he don’t make it ” but she continue anyway.




After cleaning his wound she went outside and put an iron into the fire then after the iron is hot she went back inside and put it on his wound for it not to get infected.








A while later her mother came home and saw her daughter watching cloth.


Hey baby” the woman said.




hi Mom, welcome back” the girl said.


how your day?” the woman asked then she went to her mother.




Mom, there’s something I need to show you” she said.


what?… everything alright?” the woman asked.




come with me mom” she said then took her mother to her room.




Her mother was shocked and surprised to see a wounded man in her daughter’s room.


Josephine, what is this?, who is this?” the woman asked pointing to Joseph.




mom, I found in the river when I was hunting” Josephine said.


you found him in the river?” the woman asked.




yes mom, he was badly injured and I realise that he’s still alive so I brought him here” Josephine said.




why do you have to bring him here?……you don’t know who he is” the woman said.




sorry mom, I see that he needed help so I brought him here” she said then her mother move closer to Joseph.




There’s something about him that remind her of her late husband which his dreadlock hair.


ughh…..this is rough” the mother said.




yeah…’s a miracle that he’s even alive” Josephine said.


I just hope we are not inviting trouble to our house” the woman said then went out.




Unknown to Josephine the body she referred to as dead body earlier in the forest is a long time desiccated vampire.




As Joseph fell ontop of the vampire his blood entered the vampires system which revive it whole organ and it’s body came back to normal.




The vampire stood up and was surprised that he didn’t burn under the sun.


how is this possible?” he said looking around.




the only way to walk in daylight is only by the blood of the……” he said then smiled.




The JOE is here” he said then he heard some footstep coming from afar then he quickly hide.




Four hunters are coming into the woods and discussing as they walk then the vampire appear before them and they were shocked.




who are you?” one of them asked.


My name is Vladimir…….and I am hungry” he said.




we don’t have any food here, we are just going hunting” one of the men said.


that’s not what I want but before I eat I need an army”he said.




are you drunk?…….i think he’s drunk” one of the men said and made to leave him alone.




Then he ran towards them with vampire speed and beat them up without them seeing him.




He then move to them one after the other and fed three of them his blood then after doing so he sucked them dry leaving the fourth one alive.




why are you doing this?” the last one said.


I need an army, and I’m starting with them” Vladimir said.




Army for what?” the man said.


we need to go after the Lion JOE and with his blood we can free my people from bondage” Vladimir said.




how can you make an army when you sucked them to death” the man said.




they are not dead-ish, I’m making them strong and fast just like me” Vladimir said.


what are you?” the man asked.




I’m a vampire, and your friends here are becoming one, to become a vampire you need to have a vampire blood in your system before you die” Vladimir said.




This is crazy” the man said.


” trust me it’s fantastic” Vladimir said.




A while later the three hunters woke up and started feeling strange all over their body.


oh…..what’s happening to me?” one of them asked.




don’t worry mate, you will be fine in no time” Vladimir said standing up then went to the fourth hunter.




what’s happening to them?” he asked.




they are fledgling, they are in transition and to complete that they need a human blood, which is the reason you’re still alive” Vladimir explained the pull out a knife.




No……you can’t do this……please don’t do this” the man said.




don’t worry you will understand soon” Vladimir said then cut his wrist and blood came out which draw the three hunters to come towards him.




let me collect some for you of course” Vladimir said then collect some blood in a plate then fed him his blood.




okay boys……have fun” Vladimir said then the three hunters jumped on the fourth one and suck his blood until they suck him dead.




Yes feed, then we can go save our people then we can dominate the world” Vladimir said.






(Next Day)




After Josephine and her mother woke up they begin their daily chores, then Josephine went to check on Joseph.




She entered the room and see him still sleeping, she went to check his wound and was surprised to what she saw then she ran out to inform her mother.




Mom…” she called as she ran.


what is it?” her mother asked.




Mom, come check this out” she said as she drag her mother.


just tell me what it is,…..young lady” her mother said.




come see for yourself” she said then they went to where Joseph is.




mum, see his wound…’s all healed up” she said and her mother was surprised as well.




he’s just like right……he healed just like I do” Josephine said and Ashley knew immediately that the man lying there is a Joean just like her late husband.




let’s hope he wakes on time……so we can know the kind of person he is” Ashley said then went out.




Mom, Is everything alright?” Josephine asked as she left the room.


Nothing…..everything is fine” she said.




how come it seems there’s something you’re not telling me” Josephine said.


don’t worry okay, continue with what you’re doing” Ashley said to her then left.




Joseph’s POV




I opened my eyes and close it again then open again and look around the place and realised that I’m not in my room.



” How did I got here? Where am i” I thought.




Then I remember fighting that evil man then as he pushed me off the cliff then I quickly checked myself and realised that I’m all healed.




how am I still alive?” I asked myself then I see a girl entered.


you’re awake” the girl said excitedly.


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who are you?” I asked as I tried to get down from the bed then realise I’m only in my boxer then I quickly cover up.




where’s my clothes?” I asked.


they are ruined so I throw them away, don’t worry I will get you one to wear” she said.




you haven’t answered my question, who are you?” I asked.


My name is Josephine and I saved you” she answered.




how did you find me?” I asked.


I was hunting in the forest then I found you in the river, so I brought you home and treat you” she said.




you saved me?…….is this how you save everyone you see and bring them home?” I asked.




calm down….big boy, I see you needed help so I help” she said.


well thanks for saving my life…..i really appreciate it” I said.




you’re welcome” she said.


please you don’t mind can you get me that cloth you talked about earlier, I really need to be on my way” I said.





” oh so soon? ” she asked.


” yeah…..thanks” I said then she went out.




I’m so happy to God for saving me, I can’t even imagine what my mother would do if she heard that I’m dead.




I saw the girl coming back with the clothes and someone else behind her and she looks the mother.




welcome back to the land of the living, young man” the woman said.


thanks for saving me” I said.




don’t thank me…..i didn’t do anything” she said then the daughter hand me the clothes.


I heard you will be leaving soon” the woman said.




yes, I need to go” I said.


I see, you need to go back to the people that sent you to find us…..right?” she said and I was surprised.




find you?” I asked.


mom, what are you talking about?” the daughter asked then the woman walked to the side of room and bring out a gun.




Heeyyyyyy…….aaahhh motiku( I’m dead)” I shouted as she pointed it at me.




what kind of thing is this now?……why is everyone wants me dead?” I thought.




c’mon answer me” the woman shouted.




I don’t know what you’re talking about?…….why did everyone keep taking me for someone else…….i swear I don’t know anything” I said out of frustration.





” Mom, what’s going on here?” the daughter asked again.


I’ll explain later baby” she said to her then face me.




how about you explain how you get those wounds and this morning it’s all healed up” she said.




look I don’t know how the wound healed but I can tell you what happened” I said.


then what are you waiting for?” she said.




I explained to them how I was tricked by a girl more like kidnapped cause she took me there without my consent and how she took me to the fortress.




I also told them how their leader wanted to fight me all in the name of confirming whether I’m the Lion JOE or not.




Also how he pushed me down the cliff which is how I ended up injured, after saying all this she put down her gun.




please, I’m innocent…..i just want to go home, I’ve had enough” I said to them.


I believe you” the woman said then I sighed.




Mom seriously, now tell me what’s going on” the daughter asked.




the people this boy is talking about are your people” she said to her and she was surprised including me.


what?…” Josephine asked.




they are people with special ability, strength and power, they protect the world from supernatural threat, and they made their existence hidden to the humans” the woman said and I wondered how she knows about them.




Mom, you still haven’t answer to how I got related to them, are you also one of them?” she asked.


No I’m not…….but your father was and also their leader then” the woman said.


Dad?” she said.




they called their leader Lion JOE just like this boy here said” she said.




but if that’s the case what about me, I’m not like them, I’m from Africa both my parents are humans, then why did they pick me” I asked.




probably because of your hair” she said.


but lots of people have this kind of hair” I said.




you’re right, what’s your name?” she asked.


Joseph” I answered.




woww….strange, my daughter here is Josephine but still that doesn’t prove you are a Lion JOE” she said.




Exactly……they nearly killed me, they are crazy people” I said.


Mom, you keep all this from me?…..why?” Josephine asked.




listen dear, they forbid for a human to know about them but because your father was their leader they can’t do anything but after he died I had to run or else they will kill us both” the woman explained.




they are crazy people, be glad you mother didn’t tell you anything about them” I said.




I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier, so sorry” the woman apologized.




oh it’s okay……i understand completely, if I were you I’d do the exact same thing” I said.


thanks, get dress quickly and have breakfast” she said then they went out.



I put on the trouser and shirt they gave me and then went out and was wondering where I am cause there’s forest everywhere.




” why would anyone have a house in a place like this?……is it because they are hiding” I thought.


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I saw them sitting on a chair and I went to meet them sat with them.


thanks for everything” I said.




you’re welcome” the woman said then served me some weird food the only thing I recognize is the meat.




I watched as Josephine eat hers then I did as well and after a while we ate finish.




it will be hard for you to get a bus to the nearest city this morning, so maybe later this afternoon I take you there” the woman said.




thanks so much, where exactly are we?” I asked.


Arizona, what about you where did you come from?” Josephine said.




California” I answered.


that’s a long way from home” the mother asked.




Did you see my wallet? And my phone?” I asked then Josephine stood up and take something on the table.




this right?” she said showing me the wallet.


yeah that’s it……what about my phone?” I asked.




phone?…..i didn’t see that” she said.


it must’ve fall when I fell down but it’s okay” I said.




A while later I was sitting at the balcony then Josephine came to sit beside me.


how’s life out there?” she asked.




out there?……you sound as if you’ve never been to the city” I said.




yes, I spent all my life in this place just me and my mom, I don’t have any friends, My Mom homeschooling me…….the only thing I do to keep myself busy is hunting” she said.




sorry to hear that, well life in the city is great I could show you some pictures but my phone is not with me” I said.




I don’t even know how to use a phone?” she said.




really, I could buy one for you if there’s anywhere they sell it around here” I said.


really?” she said.




it’s the little I can do for what you did for me” I said then she smiled.




As we are talking I noticed some movement in the woods, I first ignored it then I saw something ran fast.




did you see that?” I asked.


what?” Josephine asked.




I saw something in the woods” I said then I saw some men coming out of the woods.


who are they?… you know them?” I asked then Josephine stood up.




I’ve seen some of them before” she said and she the men coming closer, I counted them and they are ten(10) in number.


is that blood on their shirt?” I asked.


Mom, you have visitors” Josephine shouted and after a while She came out.




When her mother saw them it’s like she recognized them immediately.




Vampires, get back inside both of you” she said.


Lion JOE”












. . JOE VOE .

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