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Joe And Voe: Episode 8

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Author’s POV




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My brain didn’t first recognize what he just said, it’s like my brain went dead before it could register what he just said.




sorry, you said what?” I asked again.

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listen son, it’s actually not his fault but my fault and I’m so sorry about that, but you just have to know that he’s your father” granny said.
 father?” I asked.


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yes Joseph, I am your father” Mr Edward said.


” how do you know that?……is it because we share the same surname?” I asked then he explained how


he saw my mother on the news and how he did a DNA test to confirm.




I was still processing what he said and how everything connect together but why do I care.


” you’re not saying anything” he said.




” what am I supposed to say?……you showed up then said you’re my father” I said then continue.




” fine agreed…’re my father, soooooo? ” I asked.


I mean I expect you to be angry at me for what happened and say some things” he said.




angry?….why should I do that?…..everything happened for a reason, need I remind you that if you had been there I wouldn’t be here or the person that I am today” I said.




so you’re not angry?” he asked.


” of course not, infact I’m happy you did…… if you don’t mind I have a party to attend” I said standing up.




” so you’ve forgiven me?” he asked.


” I told you….you didn’t offend me buy rather did me a favour” I said.




” please don’t say it like that……I’m finding it hard to believe that you’re not angry, it’s more like you’re faking it” he said.




” of course not……I’m happy am I not… dear father” I said smiling.




so how about we go out together and talk more?…..we should have a father-son bond” he said and I scoffed.



oh no that’s not gonna happen, you wanna know the reason I’m not angry?…….well it’s because you mean nothing, and all this father-son bond you’re talking is about ain’t gonna happen……i don’t need you in my life and as you can see I’m doing great without you” I said.




please son…..we are very sorry” the granny said.




please mama, with all due respect I wouldn’t want to disrespect you cause my mother didn’t teach that way…so please don’t push it…….it’s fruitless” I said to her.




And if you don’t mind, I’m going out for a party……please do me a favor and step outside” I said.




Joseph, try and understand I…….”


fine, you don’t want to go out……great I will go just please lock my door on your way out” I said then went out.




I was starting to get angry but I controlled myself cause it’s pointless, I flagged down a taxi to and told him the address where the party will take place.








After a while the driver stopped at the address given to him then I payed him then get down.




They really fouled my mood but I tried to get it past me and not think much about, then decided to enjoy the rest of the evening.




” let’s just pretend I didn’t know about all they said” I said to myself.




I can hear music blazing out of the house right in front of me and I need no one to tell me I’m in the right place.




I keep wondering if the parent is aware of this party and allowed it in their own house or they aren’t around and the kid took the opportunity.




You will not dare try this in Nigeria, even if any of your friends tell the parent.




The nosy neighbors will definitely will and luckily for this place parent don’t beat their kid but for naija they will spell your name at your back couple with a lot of beating.




I can see people dancing everywhere and since the door is open I just let myself in.




As I entered I keep looking around for someone I know then I heard a familiar voice called my name.




I look the direction then see Zach and the rest at a corner then I went to meet them.


hey guys” I said.




hey man……what took you so long?” Liam asked.


sorry I got held up with something” I said.




cause all the girls are asking of you” Simon said grinning.


you’re crazy Simon” I said smiling.




I’m serious……including the weird hot girl” he said.


who?…..Joana?” I asked.




yeah……i still can’t believe she came” Liam said.


maybe she’s not as bad as you think” I said.




let me go get us a drink buddy” Zach said then left.


After Zach left I was looking the place then Simon noticed my dull spirit.




” what’s up man?… alright?” he asked.


yeah I’m good, something just foul my mood on my way here” I answered.




you sure you will be okay? ” Liam asked.


yeah…..i will fine” I said.


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then you’re going to need this” Simon said as Zach returned with the drink handling one to me.


Is it alcohol? ” I asked.


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not too much,……it’s nothing you can’t handle” Zach said then a drank a little.




yeah, it’s not that bad” I said smiling as I drank more then I see the host coming towards us.




She dressed in a very beautiful and quite an exposing gown.




heyy Joseph, you finally made it” Olivia said hugging me and I see my friends giggling.




yeah, can’t reject such an invite, you look amazing by the way” I said then she smiled.




thanks………what took you so long, I’ve been waiting for you for like forever” she said.


I got held up with something” I said.




no worries” she said then turned to my friends.


hope you don’t mind me stealing him from you?” she asked.




of course not……..he’s all yours” Zach said.


come let’s dance” she said smiling then drag me away.


I saw people paired together as they dance to what I’ll call nothing but a beat.




I tried to hear if there’s a song they listened to as they danced but I didn’t hear anything just instrumental beat.




c’mon dance with me” she said pulling me closer to her then I tried to move along with the beat.




you see, you’re not doing bad yourself” she said.




Then the song changed to a very slow beat and people started hugging and moving slowly to the song just like they did in movies.




Olivia then move closer to me then wrapped her hands around my neck.




your hands should be here” she said then put my hands on her waist as we move slowly to the song.




you’re a very cool guy and I like you, everyone in school just keep talking about” she said.


really?” I said.




yeah, I’m very sure all the girl in here want a chance with you but don’t have the gut to come to you” Olivia said.




ooh” that was all I could muttered then she move her head closer to kiss me.


Olivia” someone said beside us and I turn to see a girl.




What Amber?” Olivia asked.


your Mom is calling” Amber said.


oh Mom, sorry I’m coming” Olivia said then left.



I went back to my friends and see them dancing with some girls and I smiled, I looked around see some people started smooching and kissing.




” America na free world oo” I thought.


Then a see a figure cat walking towards me, I look closely then realise that it’s Joana.




hey Joseph” she said smiling.


woww……i hardly recognize you” I said.


you look fantastic” I complimented.




thanks, you are not looking bad yourself” she said.


thanks ” i said.








Some hours later everyone started leaving the party one after the other, two of my friends went home with girls and I also decided to leave.




let me drop you at your place” Joana offered.


drop me? ” I asked.




yeah…..i came with my car” she said.


really?… have a car?” I asked surprised.


yeah, c’mon ” she said then I followed her outside.




She went to a very beautiful car and opened it.


” are you coming or what? ” she asked as I went to her.





” woww, so beautiful” I said as I admire the car then entered.


cool” I muttered.




so your House?” she asked then I think maybe my sudden father might still be in the house.




nah…..Hotel” I said and she was surprised.


why Hotel?……trouble with parents” she asked.




yeah, more like it” I said then she started driving.


“do you know who the Joeans are?” she asked.




Joeans?…….should I?” I asked.


let me tell you a story” she said.


what’s it all about” I asked.




it’s about a particular warrior clan that protect the world from any supernatural threat and they called themselves the Joeans” she said.




woww….that sound interesting” I said.




they live in a sacred place called the J-fortress, they age slowly, they are strong and powerful and some of them possess powers, they separated themselves from humans and cloaked from humans knowledge” she said then continue.




their leader is called Lion JOE, and only a Lion JOE can lead the people and no one else” she said.


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what is a Lion JOE?” I asked.


not what, who……..Lion JOE is the name they called their leader, cause he’s like a king and the most powerful of them all” she said.





” what a great story……i like it” I said.


don’t worry… will understand soon enough” she said.




what more to understand” I said then noticed that she has been driving for a while now.




how come you haven’t reached a hotel yet?” I asked.


I’m not taking you to a Hotel” she said and I was confused.




if not a hotel then where?” I asked.


My place… will like it there” she said smiling.




stop the car” I said as I don’t have a good feeling about this.


why we are almost there?” she said.




I SAID STOP THE CAR” I shouted but instead speed up the car.




WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?……..ARE YOU CRAZY? ” I shouted but she didn’t stop.




I’m sorry Joe, I can’t back down now” she said as she put more speed then bring out her phone to call someone.




Let me out, Let me out” I shouted.




hello Jack” she said.




yes, we are on our way” she said.




Hey who’s we?…….i said I don’t want to go to your house” I shouted but she ignored me.



yes Jack, will be there soon” she said then turn the car sideways then head towards a huge fence then the next thing I saw is that we are in a different place.




I was more than confused when I looked around and see that we are in a strange place.




I must confess the place is like heaven cause it’s really beautiful but all that isn’t my concern, I need to know how I got here.




where are we?…..where is this place?……it was just night a while ago but now it’s morning what’s happening?” I asked her and she stopped the car.




welcome to J-fortress” she said.


what is a J…….wait you mean like the one in the story you told me?” I asked.




actually it’s not a story, all I tell you is true, I am a Joeans” she said and I smiled.




you’re crazy….now I know why my friends said you are weird girl, now I get it….you are nuts” I said then I saw a boy running towards us.




Jack” she said then went to embrace him.


ahh….i miss you” the boy said then looked at me and they disengage.




is this who I thought it is? ” he asked looking at Joana and she nodded.




oh……welcome the Mighty Lion JOE” he said kneeling with one knee before me and I was surprised.




Lion what?…….please stop this stupidity and tell me what the hell am doing here, Lion ko, Rabbit ni” I said then turn to Joana.





” Joana, what’s the meaning of this craziness?” I asked.




please follow us and you will know more” she said and they started leaving.




I’m not going anywhere with you until I understand what’s happening here” I said then turn around and didn’t see where we came in from.


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what the hell have I gotten myself into?” I said to myself then went with them to the place build with crystal.




As we entered the place I saw people everywhere and when they saw us theu started staring at us.




I keep following Joana and we enter another place and see some more people and they also started staring at us.




The weirdest thing is that all of whom I’m seeing there’s no old people there, all of them are young.




The oldest among them should be in their Early thirty which is make all this creepier.




They all keep following us till we reach somewhere, the place is very big and more people came in to see what’s going.




hope this people are not here to use me as sacrifice?” I said to myself.


Joana, what are we doing here?” I asked her.




don’t worry, joseph…..i will explain everything to you” she said then a man came and signaled for everyone to keep quiet and they did.




this must be their king” I thought.




Joana, it seems you don’t understand the meaning of banishment, it means you should no longer come here and if you did you will be punished” the man said.




She was banished” I thought.




I came with a good news and an opportunity to save my sister” she said.




her sister?…..what’s going on here? Where exactly is this place?” I thought.




and what is that? ” the man asked then she turned to the people.




Joeans, after so many years of waiting I finally brought to you Lion JOE” she said pointing at me then everyone gasped looking at me.




No no no, people you’ve took me for the wrong guy, I’m not Lion whatever she just said, I haven’t even seen a Lion before……..this girl is crazy” I said.




I’m tired of all this rubbish Joana, get me outta here” I said but she snubbed me.




How did you know he’s the one?” the man asked.


I did my findings” she said.




what findings I can assure you that you’re wrong, you don’t know anything about me” I said to her.




what’s his name?” he asked.


Joseph” she said.




every JOE has a Joe in their name, he’s even a human not a Joeans” the man said.




remember the last JOE said that a new JOE is coming and is going to be different from the other JOES” she said.


so?” he asked.


His name is Joseph Olawale Edwards, which abbreviate as JOE” she said.


that’s not enough” the man said.




see as they are discussing about me as if I’m not there” I thought.




he has dreadlocks just like every other JOE” she said.




wait, my hair?” I thought touching my head.




and so what, there are many Joseph out there with dreadlocks on their head that doesn’t make them a JOE ” the man said.




you just have to let him go through terrigenesis to confirm” she said.


wait…. What’s a terrigenesis?” I asked but she didn’t answer.




Never, I will never entertain this stupidity” he said.




Then how else are you going to confirm?” she said to him and he smiled and I noticed an evil grin behind that smiled.




you know the late JOE also said that the next JOE will be stronger, mightier and the most powerful of all the other JOES” he said.




yes……and I’ve seen him beaten 8 huge guys all alone” she and I was surprised she knows.




wait… did you know that?” I asked.


I’m sorry Joseph” she said.





” you’re sorry?…….for what?” I asked then it occurred to me that she might have plan all that.




wait did you tell those men to beat me up? ” I asked.


I’m sorry, I just want to save my sister and my people” she said.




you’re desperate enough to hurt an innocent boy all in the name of saving your sister, I can’t believe this…… You are a devil incarnate” I said angrily then turned to leave but the guard stopped me.




where do you think you are going?……we are not done yet” the man said as he come closer to me.




I don’t want any part in all this, I need to go back home” I said.




sorry boy, we can’t let you leave……we need to be sure you are who she says you are” the man said.




well I’m not obviously, can’t you see she’s crazy……I’m not any JOE or whatever you call it” I said.




well there’s only one way to find out……..Bring me the JOE scepter” he said then one of the guard went to bring it.




what are you going to do?” I asked.


you and I are going to fight” he said.




wait what?……I’m not fighting anybody” I said.




well you won’t have a choice…….it’s either you fight or I’ll kill you right here” he said and I got shocked.




whaaat?….k.k.kill mme” I said frightened then the guard came back then give the scepter to the man.




here take this” he said handling it me.


what am I supposed to do with this?” I asked.




in the hand of a JOE, it is a mighty weapon but in anyone’s hand it’s just an ordinary scepter, the scepter can only be controlled by a JOE, it can magically turn to any weapon the JOE wants it to be” the man explained.




please I don’t want to do this” I pleaded.

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sorry boy you’re in this already, give us space everyone ” he said then people clear out to give us enough space and I turned to Joana.




This is what you brought into” I said to her.


I’m sorry Joseph but you have to do this, concentrate on the weapon in your hand…….you can do……”




SHUT THE F**K UP” I shouted angrily.


you ready” the man said then pull out his sword and my heart sank.




please no” I said then he charged at me swinging his sword at me.




It didn’t even take long before he gave me my first cut on my arm which bleed immediately.


Joseph please concentrate” Joana said.




SHUT UP” I shouted.


it seems you don’t know how to use the scepter,….. Why don’t I make it easy for you….. Let’s fight with our bare hands” he said then put back his sword in it sheath.




Then he charged towards me and started punching me everywhere and it didn’t take long for my nose to start bleeding.




Then I decided to fight back if he’s gonna kill me I should at least make an effort.



sorry mama” I said then charge at him and we started fighting, I tried my best hit him but he’s just too strong for me.




This is not like the men I’ve been fighting, He punched me so many times that my face has swollen.




you’re not Lion JOE, so unfortunately that you have to die” he said.




No Joseph” Joana tried to run towards me then the man hit her with his hand and she fell.




Grab her” he said then the guards holds her down then I see that he’s distracted then stood up and gave him a punch on his face and he stagger back.




He was surprised then touched his mouth and see blood then got got angry and I see him create fireball with his hand.




” No no no no no no” I shouted then he send it to me which hit me and send me to the ground hard.




I am in excruciating pain and all my body hurts, my clothes burnt and I couldn’t move a muscle in my body.




He came closer to me then grabbed my neck then pull me up.




open the gate to the cliff” I heard him say then the guard this as he said.




Nooo, Jayden…… Noooooooo……please don’t do this” Joana shouted.


you should have thought about it very well before bringing him” he said to her.




it’s not your fault boy, it’s hers, it is forbidden for human to know about us if not I’d let you go” he said as he dragged me to the cliff.


the only way to make sure our existence is safe is to kill you” he said then pull out his sword.




please don’t” Joana shouted and I couldn’t even move a muscle to free myself.




How I wished all of this was a dream but I will be deceiving myself cause I know very well this is reality…’s happening for real.




Bye Bye” he said then thrust his sword through me.




uuuhghhhh” I growled in pain as I felt the sword through me then he kicked me down the cliff.















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