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Joe And Voe: Episode 6

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Joseph’s POV




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(Harris High School)




At lunch after the lesson we just had, I and my new friends, Zach, Liam and Simon we went to the cafeteria to have lunch.




As we are discussing about today’s practice Nancy and her friends came to our table.


” hey joseph” she said.




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hy Nancy, how you doing?” I asked.


great actually, I can see you’ve made friends already” she said.




yeah” I said then I noticed her friends whispering to her.


yes Joseph, meet my friends” she said.




meet Laura, Betty and Sidney……..friends meet the Hero Joseph” Nancy said.


hi girls” I said shaking them one after the other.




nice meeting you Joseph” the girl Sydney said and I realise she seems to be openly eyeing me but I ignored it.




hope you are getting along well?” Nancy asked.




yeah I am, thanks for asking anyways” I said.


anytime, let’s go girls” she said then they left.




wait dude, are you like related to that girl?” Liam asked.




No, but She’s more like my sister…….she’s cool” I said and as I turn my head my eyes met with the same weird girl staring at me which is so disturbing then I decided to get more info about her.




hey guys, who’s that girl?” I said pointing to her.


you mean the cute gentle looking girl?” Simon asked.


yeah her?” I said.




oh boy, that’s a no go area” Simon said as they laughed.


what happen?……who is she?” I asked.




she’s just weird, she didn’t have friends, not even a boyfriend she’s always alone” Liam said.




She’s one of the hottest girls in this school but she’s never seen with anyone” Simon said.




some boy tried their chances with her but she reject them, even Zach ask her out but he got the same response” Simon said and I turned to Zach and laughed.


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really?” I asked.


yeah, imagine her beauty who wouldn’t ask her out” Zach said.




why are you asking of her? ” Simon asked.


Actually she has been staring at me since my first day here, and she even made it obvious” I said.




are you sure you are the one she’s staring at?” Zach asked.


of course I am” I said.




could it be that she likes you?” Liam asked.


absolutely not” I said.


have you approach her?” Zach asked.




why would I do that?” I said back.


maybe you can know the reason she’s staring at you ” Zach said.




Nah, I’m not doing that” I said then after a while the bell ring and we all went back to class.






(After school)




After the school ended for the day me and the guys went the field for training.




We went to the dressing room to change into a training wear them went back out.


I met with Luke on the field and we exchange greetings then I went back to training .




Our training took a step forward as we are taught the basic lesson concerning Rugby.




now guys, let me tell you about the point, when a player places the ball down in their opponent’s dead ball area behind the goal, 5 point will be awarded, it’s called a try” the assistant coach said.




He also explains to us about free kick which is 2 bonus point and a penalty kick which is three point.




But the most important part in the game is to score more points than your opponent.




He also explains the rules and regulations of the game and also for us to be calculative.




Thirty minutes later we got it and the coach pair us together with the rest so we could catch up quickly.




We are paired in two group, Liam, Simon and I are paired together with the juniors which is Luke’s group.


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While Zach, Tyler and Derek are paired with the seniors and some juniors and Luke being the captain give us our position.




Simon you are the hooker, Joe you are flanker” he said and gave the others their position as well then the coach signaled for us to be ready.



As we started the game and our group started passing the ball to each other and I being the forward ran up ahead then Luke throw the ball to me.


As I was ready to catch the ball then out of nowhere push me down and I miss the ball but that doesn’t matter cause it’s part of the game.




hey calm down man, he’s still catching up” Luke said to the boy.


you okay?” he asked.




yeah it’s nothing” I said then we start again and the same thing keeps happening over and over again.




what’s your problem man?” Luke said to the senior but they just laugh it off.


it’s okay man,….cool off” I said.




Greg……take it easy” the coach warned.


yes coach” he said then we started again with them taking the lead then I also decided to play back.




We passed the ball and they keep passing and I also position myself then Luke throw the ball to me and I caught it and keep running.




I saw the senior running after me and I knew his intentions, so as he made to push me down, I also push back at him which sent him to the ground and I keep running till I reach the dead ball area.




The coach and my group applaud and I can see the angry look on the senior then they passed the ball.




As they passed the ball to each other I ran to the person holding the ball and jerk it away from him and keep running, their defense came at me and I push them away to the ground till I reached the dead ball.




My team jubilate as they clapped for me then the coach call it a day.


you did a good job…..Joe” coach said.


thanks coach” I said.




The rest of the team also complement on our performance except the seniors, we went to the dressing room and shower then change back to our clothes.




I bade goodbye to the boys as Luke and I head home and as we are going out of the school a car crossed our path and I see that they are students.




Luke, it’s time let’s go” one of them said.


sorry man I won’t be able to go home with you today” Luke said.




you going somewhere?” I asked.


yeah, we guys are meeting going somewhere, you can come with us” he said.


nah, I’m good ” I said.




are you sure?” he said.


yeah, I’m good” I said.


okay then, see ya latr” he said then he entered the car and drove off.




I think I also need my own means of transportation…..maybe a bike” I thought then keep walking.




Author’s POV




Joseph was waiting for a taxi then he looked ahead and saw two cars from afar driving roughly and then parked right in front of him.


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Joana hide at a secluded place as he watched as eight men came down from the car.




” I told this man…..its six men not eight” she thought.




Joseph was surprised when he saw the men coming at him and their look isn’t friendly at all.


who are you people?” Joseph asked.




you don’t need to know much about who we are but the only thing you should know is that we are here to teach you a lesson” the man said and Joseph seems scared.




what did I do to you?…….i didn’t do anything wrong” Joseph said.


not to me but to your girlfriend” the man said.




girlfriend?…..what are you talking about?” Joseph asked.




I don’t know what a beautiful girl like that doing with a black boy, either way she paid us to whoop your black a**” the man said.




No…i think you’re mistaken, you took me for someone else…..I’m not the one, I just came to America few days ago, I don’t even have a girlfriend” Joseph said.




well I don’t care, I’ve been paid and your picture is given” the man said and they started beating him.




When Joana saw that things didn’t turn out as expected, she was disappointed and hate her decision.




She stood there and watched as they beat up the boy and saw him bleeding, she couldn’t take it any longer then she left.




Joseph couldn’t take the beating anymore then he decided to break his promise to his mother.


” sorry mama” he said then charge at them.




As they keep coming at him one after the other Joseph hit them very hard which cause them bleeding.




The others came at him and he broke their hand one after the other until they couldn’t get up again.


Joseph notice people are starting to show up then he ran away before anyone could see his face.




As he was running he saw a taxi then he signal for it to stop and it stop, he quickly jumped in and the man drove off.




As he got to his place he started wondering the kind of thing he got himself into.




Did I have a twin in this place or why anyone will accused me of something like” he thought.




He went to the kitchen and bring out the first aid kit to treat himself and his bleeding mouth.




He has never get hurt before except in Nigeria when he was trying to prevent people from entering the stadium.




Joana got to her place and was very angry at herself for letting such thing happened.




She realised how desperate she is that makes her do unthinkable things, she’s hated what she did.




Maybe the Lion JOE is not coming then, our people will have to endure Jayden for some more time” she thought.




She stood up and put on her hood then head out to the ghetto to make the complete payment.




As she got to the place she saw the man and his accomplice on the ground wincing in pain.


what’s going on here?” Joana asked then the man look up at her.




you are a crazy f****g little b****h, do you f*****g know that?” the man said.


what did I do?” Joana asked confusedly.




you set up a f****g trap and me and my men got hurt” the man said.


what trap?…..what are you talking about?……what happened?” she asked again.




you said he’s highly skill, you didn’t f*****g tell us he’s a f*****g machine” the man said and Joana was surprised.




you mean that boy did this to you and your men?” she asked surprisedly.




just wait for me to get better, I’m coming for both you and f*****g machine boyfriend, and f**k you up together” he said and Joana is very happy.




oh my God, he’s the one, he’s actually the one” she said excitedly.


Go f**k yourself, b****h” he said then Joana dropped the cash as she promised.




that’s your balance, it’s nice doing business with you” Joana said then left the place.




As she got home she scrolled through her contact then dialled Jack’s number which he picked after few rings.




” hello Jack” she said.




hey Joana, how is it going?” Jack asked.




I told you he’s the one” Joana said.




calm down Joana, what are you talking about? ” Jack asked.




Lion JOE, I found him….he’s the same guy” Joana said.




really?…..are you sure about this?…..have you confirm?” Jack asked.




yes I did, I’m telling you….. He’s exactly the one” she said.




wow, the day we’ve been waiting for has come” Jack said.




yes, it’s time the Joeans know their leader” Joana said.




just tell me what you need and how I can be of help” Jack said.




I need a safe passage into the fortress without being stopped by the guard” Joana said.




I will take care of that…..just tell me when you’re ready” Jack said.




thank so much” Joana said.




you’re welcome” he replied then ended the call.




Now I should work on how to get him to the fortress” she thought.




Joseph’s POV




I woke up this early morning then remember the dream I had during the night.




I had one of those dream and I saw a girl being jammed by a car at the school, the only problem is I don’t know when or time not even the person.




I guess I can’t save everyone then” I thought then went to take my bath, as I was watching up I noticed that I felt no pain in my body.


I checked my bleeding mouth but felt no more pain and it was as if nothing happened.




I came out and get ready for school and I really hoped such thing that happened yesterday didn’t repeat itself.




Author’s POV




(Edwards residence)




The family are having their breakfast together then Mr Edward decided to ask about Joseph.




Luke, how’s Joseph catching up?” Mr Edward asked.


Dad, he’s getting along real good, the guy is just great dad, he’s cool” Luke answered.




I should have check on him but I’ve been very busy lately” Mr Edward said.


Hope he’s not too lonely?” granny asked.




oh he’s not grandma, he actually have three friends now, the guy is charismatic” Nancy said.




that’s good, I’m happy for that” granny asked.




I take him as a brother cause he’s so cool, even with us having the same name they call us brothers” Luke said and they smiled.




that’s good to know” Mr Edward said.


Mom, Dad…….is it okay if I have a boyfriend?” Nancy asked.




whaaat…….Boyfriend?….you’re too young to be concerned about having a boyfriend” her Mom said.


but all my friends have one, so why shouldn’t I?” she said.


c’mon Sis, you have any boy taking your breathe away?” luke said and she blushed.




Maybe but he’s actually someone we all know and I was thinking of asking him to be my boyfriend” Nancy said.




and who would that be?” Mr Edward asked.


uhm…it’s Joseph” she said and everyone was shocked.




Mr Edwards nearly bit his tongue when he heard that, even his wife was shocked.


No you can’t and definitely not him?” Mrs Edward said.




Yes your mother is right you can’t” Mr Edward said.




why mom?…’ve got to give me a reason cause if not I’m going to do it anyway” Nancy said.




That’s it……I can’t let this happen anymore,…..they have to know” Mrs Edward said.




Calm down honey, not yet” Mr Edward said.




we have to, what if something go way beyond our expectation, what if she went ahead anyway without telling us……they have the right to know…..including Joseph as well” Mrs Edward said.




Mom, dad…..what’s going on here?” Luke asked.




Mom, we are still here what are you talking about?……what is it that we have to know?” Nancy asked as well.




are you going to tell them or should I?” Mrs Edwards said then Mr Edward sighed.


Dad, what’s happening?….. Just tell us already” Luke said.




Luke, Nancy…..Joseph is your Brother……your half brother” he said.


whaaaaaaat” they both shouted.




























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