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Joe And Voe: Episode 4

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උɦคpt㉫® 4










Joseph’s POV




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After having my bath and got prepared for school, Luke said here in America they don’t wear school uniform which is still surprising to me so I put on a nice T-shirt and a brown schinos trouser.




I went to the kitchen to make something for my self to eat.




Some minutes later I was waiting for Mr Edward to take me to the school he talked about.


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Then I heard a car horned right outside and I know it’s him, I locked my door and went to him.




Good morning sir” I greeted as I got to the car.


morning joseph, hop in let’s go” he said and I entered.





” hi Joseph” both Luke and Nancy said as I got into the car.


Hi” I replied then the driver ignited the car and drove off.




(Harris High school)




As we got to the school the driver find a spot and Parked the car. We got down and I looked at how school are coming down from the school bus.




Everyone is greeting themselves as they see each other, so it is true they don’t wear uniform in this place cause these students don’t wear uniform.


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okay dad, we will see later” Nancy said then ran to meet her friends.




Dad, I will meet you at the principal’s office……I’m coming Joe” Luke said then ran to meet his friends as well.




that’s how they do when they meet after the long holiday” Mr Edward said.




alright Joseph, let’s get you registered” Mr Edward said then we went inside the school.




I keep looking around as we walked through the school hallway and I see how much difference between this school and the one in Nigeria.




We walked for a while until we reached an office with a note that says principal’s office.




Good morning Mr Edwards” the principal greeted as they shook hands.


Morning principal” Mr Edward said then turned to me.




this is Joseph Edwards, the boy on….”


of course I know who he is……I’ve seen him on TV……the Nigeria Superhero” the principal said and I smiled warmly.




Hi Joseph” he said offering his hand for a handshake.


good morning sir” I said as I shook his hand.




my name is principal Henry Snow, and I’m so glad for you to join our school” the principal said.




thank you sir” I said and I was wondering if he actually said his name is snow, I mean like actual snow.




you said Edward…..are you two like related?” the principal asked and Mr Edward flinch.




No…..we just have the same surname” I answered.




oh I see, alright then let’s get you sign up” the principal said then bring out a form for me fill.




I filled it one after the other and handed the paper back to the principal.




okay, all set…..according to your previous school report you will be put in junior grade class” the principal said.




Noo, I’m already done with junior high school, I should be in senior class, I should be in ss1″ I said and they laughed.




I understand what you mean Joseph……but here in the States it’s not like that” Mr Edward said then turned to the principal.




principal snow, can you please explain to him” he said to the principal.


of course, listen joseph” he stopped then continue.




Just like in Nigeria we also spend 6 years in high school but our formal President, Barack Obama changed it to four years” the principal said then continue.




high school consists of four grade levels; 9th grade which is the freshman which originally means newcomer, 10th grade which is the sophomore, 11th grade which is the junior class, 12th grade which is the senior and also the final year” the principal explained then I understand.




do you understand now?” he asked.


yes sir, thank you” I said.




“America has turned everything for here ooo, so na four years instead of six year we are using in Nigeria” I thought.




so now I only have two years for me to go to university” I thought then Luke came in.


I’m here now, hi principal snow” Luke said waving at him and I was like.




can’t he prostrate or something……just like that Hi, not even good morning and the man didn’t even get angry”




welcome back Luke, happy to be back in school?” the principal said.


yes principal Snow” he said.




do you perhaps like to join any sport?” the principal asked.


which one?” I asked as I don’t know the one to go for.




you can join the Rugby team, I’ll look out for you” Luke said.


you play rugby?” I asked him.




yeah….and you will love it” luke said.


fine, I will join Rugby” I said.




okay then give this to the coach when it’s time, luke will show you ” the principal said giving me a note.




and also take this that’s for your locker, luke will show you” the principal said.




Let’s go Joe, the first lesson will start soon, bye dad” Luke said as I followed him out of the office.


Bye sir” I said.


have fun ” Mr Edward replied.




We should be going to class” I said I keep following him.


yeah but first you need to see your locker” he said.




what locker?, what for?” I asked.


every student have their locker, and it’s for keeping your things in school, things like your books and some other things” he said then we reached a place with lots of locker.




what’s the number on the key with you?” he asked and I checked the key.




it’s 288″ I said then we find the locker with number 288 then unlock it with the key.




Since I don’t want to be carrying bag all day I decided to out my bag in the locker then take only few books with me.




alright, let me show you your class” he said.


which class are you?” I asked.


sophomore class but you are in Junior class” he said.




I noticed some people staring at us smiling as we went to our class.


seems like you are very popular in this school, everyone is staring at you” I said to Luke.




Oh not me……it’s you” Luke said and I was confused.


Me?…..why?” I asked.




they saw your heroic video” he said and I was shocked.


how? ” I asked.


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“My sister of course, you seriously don’t know the power behind women and their gossip, it’s faster than 4G network” luke said.




lots of them have heard about you never seen you, but just right this morning my sister couldn’t zip her small lips” he said.




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I’m sorry about that…..dude” he said.


it’s okay man….. It’s cool” I said then we heard a loud bell ring and everyone started rushing.




what’s happening?” I asked.


class is about to start” Luke said then we got to the class.


I need to go now, find an empty spot and sit okay” he said.




it’s okay, you can go” I said then he left and I turned to my class then entered.




By now all eyes are on me then I noticed an empty seat at the end of the class then I made my way there.




” Hi everyone” I said as I move over to the seat.


I really hate this kind of situation, first is in Nigeria and now here again, they stop staring at me as a teacher walk in.



welcome back to school everyone” the teacher said then went immediately to teaching without wasting any time.




I was really happy cause it’s not like in Nigeria that I had to introduce myself over and over again.




I made sure I listen carefully as the teacher do their teaching, and make sure I grab everything.










After the bell rang for lunch everyone troop out of the class while some came to introduce themselves most especially the ladies.




I find it surprisingly to white girls interacting with me, I never thought this could ever happened.




After they all left, I also went out of the class and look for the cafeteria by myself.




As I was walking through the hallway I saw a student, actually the most beautiful one staring at me.




I couldn’t concentrate on where I was going that I almost trip, she made to attempt to stop gazing at me.




“What a strange girl” I thought as I keep going then I see Nancy.




Nancy” I called and she came to me.


where’s the cafeteria?” I asked.




follow me, Hero…..I’m going there myself ” she said smiling as we walk together.


Nancy, did you tell everyone in school about me? ” I asked.



oopps Sorry, I didn’t know it will go that wide, I only tell my friends about you and they spread it” Nancy said.


are you angry? ” she asked.




No I’m not……I’m just surprised” I said then we entered the cafeteria.




As we entered everyone turn their gaze at me, while are smiling at me.


oh this is so weird” I muttered.




don’t worry, it will pass… only get you popularity” she said.






(After school)




After the bell rang for school closure for the day, luke came to my class.


how’s your first day?” he asked.




good, I’m catching up” I replied.


that’s good man, so are you ready for training?” Luke said and I know what he meant.




yeah, I’m ready” I said.


cool…..let’s go and meet coach” Luke said then we went out together.




We got to the field and see Students training together then Luke took me to the coach.


hey coach” Luke said.




Luke, where have you been? The coach asked.


coach this is the Boy I told you about…..joseph” Luke said pointing at me.



hey joseph, how do you do? ” the coach said then I made to prostrate to greet the coach then Luke quickly pulled me up.




heyy, stop that sh*t, you don’t do that sh*t here” Luke whispered.


but I’m only trying to greet him” I said.




that’s bullsh*t, you don’t do that dude, you’ll only embarrass yourself, see man, all that African culture of a thing don’t work here, just say hi coach, hey coach or what’s up coach, that’s all” he said.




haha, this white people are very crazy oo, shey this people no go turn me to another person like this” I thought.




Hi coach” I said to the coach.


Hey how you doing?” the coach said.


Great coach” I said.




good, now get change and join the beginners to begin training” the coach said pointing to five guys and I went to them.




okay coach” I said then Luke took me to the dressing room, and gave me a key for another locker.




I opened the locker and put my clothes in there, luke gave me a training cloth to change into.




alright man, let’s go” Luke said then we went out, luke went to train with the others while I joined the beginners.




Three among the five guys are in my class while the two I haven’t seen.


Hi guys ” I greeted.




Yo man” they replied as I shook hands with them and they introduce themselve as Zach, Tyler, Liam, Derek, Simon.




Beginner huh?” Liam asked.


yeah, so what are we supposed to do?” I asked then man showed up.




alright boys, I’m assistant coach Boyd Gunner” he said.


so for starters, let’s start with exercise” he said and we all begin exercise.




From jogging to push ups, and some other practice, as we are doing all this I saw the girl from earlier staring at me again.




what is wrong with this girl?” I thought then I ignore her and continue my training.




When we finish practice for the day we all went to the dressing room and took a shower.




“ha ha, this school na something else ooo” I thought then after shower I changed back into my clothes.




Luke and I bade goodbye to the others and we left and started going home.


what about Nancy?” I asked.




she must have gone home, since she can’t wait” Luke said.


so Joe, how do you see the school?” he asked.


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it’s so different from Nigeria” I said.


yeah I know” he said.


how do you know?……you’ve never been to nigeria” I said.




oh c’mon, I watch Nigeria movie of course” he said and we smiled then we see a taxi coming.


” let’s take taxi” he said then flag down a taxi and it stop then we entered then he told him the address.




The man drove off and after a while he reached the Edwards house then Luke wanted to pay but I stopped him.




Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered” I said.


thanks man, see ya” he said then went away.




I told the driver to take me to my house which is not too far then some minute later he reached then I payed him.




I entered my room then went to the kitchen to have something to eat.




Unknown POV




This must be him, just exactly like the Lion JOE said. This is my opportunity to get my sister out of prison.




This is the time have been waiting for and it will not pass me by.




let me call Jack” I said then scrolled through my contacts and dialled Jack’s number after a while he picked up.




Hey Jack” I said as he picked up.




heyy, how have you been?” Jack asked.




I’m doing great” I said.




so how’s your life with the humans” Jack asked.



it’s fun actually, so different from the Joeans, and also I found something interesting” I said.




I think I just found a way to get my sister out of prison” I said.




how?……what do you mean?” Jack said.




I found the next Lion JOE” I said.




whaaat, what are you talking about?….how do you know?” he said and I heard another voice from the background.




is that Jessi?” I asked.




yeah, she’s here with me” Jack said.




so tell me what do you mean you found the next Lion JOE” jack askef curiously.




remember the last JOE said a new JOE is coming and will be different from the other JOES” I said.




yes I remembered” he said.




well there’s a boy in this school, he just arrived and I saw a video of him saving hundreds of student from a bomb blast” I said.




really, but still that doesn’t mean he’s the one” Jack said.




his name is Joseph Ola-whale or something then Edward…..which mean state out JOE” I said.



still that’s not enough,…you do more confirmation if you are going to bring him to the J-fortress, you know you’ve been banished from the fortress and if you come back with something like this and it turn out to be false you will be imprisoned” Jack said and I know he’s right.




think about this very well, you know Jayden very well, he won’t take it lightly” Jack said then ended the call.




I guess I need to dig deeper.














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